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Job Type: Full-Time


From 0 to 2004
University of Ilorin
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geochemist analyst
oiltest well services
September 2007 - Present Day (9 years 11 months)
As the laboratory analyst, I have the responsibility of supervising the calibration of all the equipment used in the laboratory according to equipment calibration plan. Conduct testing of various samples in compliance with approved technical procedures and QMS standards with in the TAT with reliable results. The analyses include oil-based mud contamination, oil fingerprinting up to C40+, biomarkers, formation water analysis which includes, conductivity measurement, salinity, TDS, pH, resistivity etc. I also conduct crude characterisation and assay, by distillation, water in crude determination by dean and stack, molecular weight determination, kinematic viscosity of oils, API measurement of crude, mercury in gas determination by Sir galahad, Sulphur in gas determination by agilent 7890 PFPD, GCMS analysis of whole crudes, separation of whole crudes into SARA using MPLC ,Rock eval pyrolysis, Total organic carbon determination TOC using LECO C230, well log interpretation and reservoir continuity and co mingled wells, source rock evaluation. I also work directly with clients and update their feed back,clients needs and concerns on the job, attend technical meetings and presentations for prospective clients and external auditors. Client briefing and Job update. I prepare the work plan within the TAT and in house hands on training for junior subordinates and trainees. I also prepare clients report and report directory to the General manager.