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Accountant 400 000
Job Type: Full-Time


From 0 to 1994
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GMT Shipping Nigeria Ltd.
April 2012 - Present Day (5 years 4 months)

1. Financial Statement preparation for ACS(Africa Coastal Services) Nigeria and Container Terminal Engineering Nigeria Ltd..

2 .Assisting Financial Controller on Accpac importing template for all GMT Nigeria company using self designed Macro programs.

3. Vouchers preparation as well as the checks.

4. Bank Recon

5. Intercompany recon

6. Analysis of all transactions.

7. Weekly Cash position and cash flow.

8. Importing and encoding transactions using Accpac Accounting Systems.

9. Generating programs for easy and fast work accomplishment using Visual Basic Macro on Excel.

10. Other reasonable tasks and projects as assignedby the Financial Controller.

GMT Shipping Ghana Ltd.
January 2011 - April 2012 (1 year 4 months)

1. Financial Statement preparation for GMT Ghana and assisting for ACS(Africa Coastal Services) Ghana.

2. Vouchers preparation as well as the checks.

3. Bank Recon

4. Intercompany recon

5. Analysis of all transactions.

6. Petty cash custody.

7. Bookkeeping for GMT Shipping Ghana Ltd.

8. Encoding and exporting transactions using Accpac Accounting Systems.

9. Checking of GMT Liberia and ACS Logistics Ghana F/S using Quickbooks Accounting Systems.

10. Generating programs for easy and fast work accomplishment using Visual Basic Macro on Excel.

11. Other reasonable tasks and projects as assignedby the Financial Controller.

Accounting Supervisor
February 2008 - December 2010 (2 years 11 months)

1. Provides monthly Financial Statement of the company and ensures timely submission of local monthly/quarterly/annual tax reportorial requirements

2. Supervising Finance Department on financial budget, disbursing, assigning of bank to use for deposits and withdrawals.

3. Deals with accounting functions such as, but not limited to, general ledger accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, inter- company accounting and financial planning.

4. Monitoring of Billing and Collections as well as its reconciliation as against Agings and Cash Positions.

5. Attending Monthly operation’s meeting to answer on inquiries regarding finance matters.

6. Act as head on Finance and Benefits updates meeting for our Client based Security Personnels as well as the client’s representatives.

7. Ensures timely staff claims, reimbursement and payroll processing.

8. Assists Finance Manager to deal with external relationships with tax office, bank, auditor, consultants, etc.

9. Checking of vouchers on their proper entries.

10. Provides the training to subordinates and non-financial staffs.

11. Develops and maintains the policies that govern the Company’s reporting process and ensures compliance with generally accepted reporting standards.

12. Prepare Cash Flow Projection as well as Cash Position.

13. Bank Reconciliation.

14. Assisting Chief Finance Officer on auditing intercompany transactions as well as auditing subsidiaries account for reporting to Chairman of the Board.

15. Served as Financial Consultant to our sister companies.

16. Maintained and enhanced self program Voucher and Petty Cash Systems.

Accounting Supervisor/Project Administrator/Project Accountant
September 2002 - February 2008 (5 years 5 months)

As An Accounting Supervisor:

1 Training/supervising new Project Accountant/Administrator.

2 Providing additional accounting measures, procedures which helped in bookkeeping.

3 Assisting AVP-Comptroller during audit seasons and preparation of necessary schedules needed by External Auditors.

4 Monitoring and controlling of BIR payments and providing necessary documents on time.

5 Researching for new policies to decreased unaccountable purchases without official receipts.

6 Providing softwares that maximized the used of computers on accounting works with less time and efforts using Visual Basic Macro on Excel.

7 Auditing of projects payroll, inventory and other reports that project accountants submitted to main office.

8 Auditing of all cash requests for payroll, petty cash replenishment as well as all reimbursement.

9 SSS R-3, HDMF ML-1, Philhealth RF-1 and BIR 1604 Alphalist preparation.

10 Consolidation of Projects revenue and cost reports as well as analysis of its variances as against budget.

11 Served as Project Accountant or Administrator if no available personnel.

As A Project Administrator

1 To perform as the staff function regarding the billing collection, monitoring and other various accounts.

2 To present progress accomplishment reports both for management and clients requirements.

3 Payroll preparation and disbursement every Saturday.

4 Petty Cash Custodian.

5 To act as the information control in negotiating permits as clearances to all government trades to be specific act as liason officer.

6 To act as a counselor to all construction workers.

7 To prepare Notice or Site Memorandum if necessary.

8 In-charge on hiring key personnel and construction workers these includes proper orientation in terms of company’s rules & regulations.

9 To prepare R1-A for all new employees.

10 To proper masterlist of employee for DOLE copy & reference.

11 To prepare clearances and certification during termination of work.

As A Project Accountant:

1 Monitoring, control of expenses, general accounting for the particular project assigned.

2 Preparation of month cost vs. budget report, financial statement for the assigned projects, cost monitoring against budget, analysis of all costs incurred by the project.

3 Payroll processing and distribution to workers.

October 1995 - May 2002 (6 years 7 months)

1. Recording, summarizing analysis of all dollar transactions including bank reconciliation and preparation of its vp/cv using lotus 123 macro.

2. Monitoring, recording and analysis of all Temporary Cash Investment and loans for RFM Corporate Divisions using ICMS program.

3. Monitoring, recording and analysis of Customers deposits and placements including interest computation using Excel Macro (Self programmed).

4. Processing, recording, monitoring and charging car loan availment of all RFM employees using Excel Macro (Self programmed).

5. Preparing Statement of accounts for all subsidiaries and divisions including reconcilliation of its accounts.

6. Bank reconciliation of all peso and dollar accounts of RFM Corporate Division.

7. Recording all assigned transactions using JV Draft System.

8. Recording, summarizing analysis of all Conglomerate Securities & Finance Corporation’s transactions as well as preparation of its financial statements.

9. Programming others work on Macro Excel upon request.

10. Performs other related duties as may assigned from time to time.