Aienakho Julius
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Accountant 150 000
Job Type: Full-Time , open to relocation


From 0 to 2011
University of benin
From 0 to 2006
Federal Polytechnic Bida
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Idyllic & Fizz Consultingl Limited
August 2012 - Present Day (5 years 1 month)

[August 1, 2012. Till date]Idyllic & Fizz Consulting Limited (Consultancy)


Major Accomplishment

Set up the an accounting system (Tally ERP) for the company, its subsidiaries as well as its major clients some of which are Grandbond Integrated services Limited, Idyllic & Fizz Consulting, Legacy Private Schools this enable the real-time update of their financial records as well as generation of reports in diverse forms and groups.

Other Accounting Responsibilities

Ø Preparationoffinancialreports forspecific project(contract accounting);

Ø Prepare financial module required for each project (where necessary);

Ø Trackingtransactionsfrominitiationtocompletionandwhenchequesareultimately collectedfromclients;

Ø Preparationoffinancial statements forthe group;

Ø Training pettycashiersandaccountantsinthevarioussubsidiariesontheuseof accounting applications;

Ø Carryingoutanalysisof revenuegenerated byeachsubsidiarybysector,reoccurrence, retainership, cashandcredit basis;

Ø Determining the basis ofpricingand giving discounts (ifnecessary);

Ø Carrying out negotiations and procurements forthe group andonclients’behalf; and

Ø Any otheraccounting related duties as theneedarises.

WAREHOUSING (Peakriver Logistics Limited a subsidiary of Idyllic & Fizz Consulting Limited, it specializes in storing and distributing FMCG its major client is The LaCasera Company Plc)

Major Accomplishment

Customized quickbook accounting application to track the movement of stocks in and out of the firm’s warehouses, determine stock levels, stock due to clients and to generate daily reports required by clients.

Other Responsibilities

Ø Reviewing the operations of the groups warehousing units to ensure that all inventory areaccountedfor,properrecordsaremaintainedandpaymentforservices rendered are received asat when due;

Ø Maintain regular contact with clients and ensuring that regular reports are sent to the clients on a regular basis or an agreed timing;

Ø Ensure that the warehouses and their environment are clean and safe for storing FMCGs and other consumables;

Ø Identify key risks inherent in the storage of certain products and proffer mitigants;

Ø Keep constant monitoring of employees at the various warehouse locations to ensure excellent performance; and

Ø Other relatedwarehousing dutiesthat may arise.


Major Accomplishment

Designed a set of business forms to ensure that transactions are recorded, processed, responsibilities are taken for processes and adequate feedbacks are received and preventive measures are taken and hence corrective measures minimized.

Ø Reviewandevaluatethesoundness,adequacyandapplicationofaccounting,financial and otheroperating controls and promote the effective control at reasonable cost;

Ø Ensuringbranchcompliancewithhead officehead office policy andprocedures;

Ø Monitorandjustifythe usage ofoffice resources.


Ø Assessing client’s business and advising them on the optimum human capital requirement and the necessary qualification and cost.

Ø Designing of employees’ and safety handbooks to suite client’s need as well as meet their industry requirement

Ø Interviewing and recruiting new staff for both the firm and clients;

Ø Preparing training materials for employees;

Ø Supervising and mentoring of staff;

Ø Training ofclient and internal staff; and

Ø Performing other relatedduties assigned.

NYSC Staff
The National assembly
July 2011 - June 2012 (1 year )

[July2011 toJune2012]The NationalAssembly Abuja (NYSC)

Committee Staff (Senate Committee on Banking, Insurance and other FinancialInstitutions)

ØOrganizeandattendinteractivesessionswithSenatorsandBankExecutivesonmatters affecting thebanking sectorand the economy at large.

ØAnalyze and determine the validity of acquired non-performing loans acquired by

Development Financial Institutions(DFIs).

ØPreparingandanalyzingfeasibilitystudiesforloansacquisitionandestablishmentof various business ventures.

ØAttending preliminary sessions on matters relating to banks and other financial institutions.

ØPerforming other relatedduties assigned.

Registrar & lecturer - part-time Job
Vision associates
November 2009 - May 2012 (2 years 7 months)

[November, 2009 – May 2012] VisionAssociate Benin andAbuja(anICAN accredited tuition centre)

(Registrar and Lecturer(Part – time))

ØAssignment oftasks(courses and topics)to otherlecturers.

ØPreparingpayrollsforthepaymentoflecturersandotheradministrativeandsupport staff;

ØPreparing monthly anddiet’sincome statement;

ØReviewoflecturers performance;

ØNegotiating withstudents and otherclients;

ØLecturing of ICAN professional students: Financial Accounting at the Professional

Examination1level(Group and PublishedAccounts);



ØLecturing ofACCAstudents:PerformanceManagement(F5) at thefoundationlevel;

ØLecturing ofACCAstudent: FinancialAccounting (F3)at thefoundationlevel.

Industrial Trainee
Union Homes Savings and Loans PLC
August 2006 - September 2007 (1 year 1 month)

[August, 2006 –September, 2007]UnionHomes Savings and Loans(IndustrialTrainee)

Ø Posting ofdailybatchentries.

Ø Processing of fixed deposit transactions and investments.

Ø Creating and maintaining various classes ofsavings accounts.

Ø Responding to customers queries and escalating them (where necessary) to the appropriate section/authority.

Ø Performing other relatedduties assigned.

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Am a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ACA033197)