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Accountant 200 000
Job Type: Full-Time


From 0 to 1998
University of Ilorin, Nigeria
From 0 to 1991
Alara Commercial Educational Institute
From 0 to 1990
University of Ilorin Continuing Education Centre
From 0 to 1989
Community Secondary School, Lagunna, Oyo, Oyo State
From 0 to 1984
Baptist Primary School, Okedoyin,Oyo
No added languages


Equator Construction & Engineering Co. Limited
June 2011 - Present Day (6 years 2 months)


Manage accounts and all the tax affairs of the company and its Sister Companies

Maintenance of cash books

Prepare monthly quarterly and annual reports

Keep records and safeguard companies assets

Liaise with statotory bodies for remittances,etc

Accounts Officer/Accountant 1
News Engineering (Nig.) Limited
May 2007 - June 2011 (4 years 2 months)

Responsibilities - Payroll

Computation of approved overtime/production wages

Updating the monthly payroll with new appointments, disengagements and surcharges

Maintenance of staff loans ledger with loans disbursement and monthly deductions from payroll, Preparation of monthly payroll journals for posting in the final accounts

Preparation and distribution of monthly pay slips to staff

Maintenance of Assets Register,etc

Responsibilities - Treasury

Mainteance of cash books for the Company and her sister Companies

Collection and reconciliation of bank statements from various banks

Initiating the process of querying unclear entries in the bank accounts

Arranging forex for payment of offshore salaries and other foreign currencies denominated payment

Raising bank reconciliation journals for incorporation of bank charges into the computerised accounting system

Confirmation of cheques issued, etc

Account Officer
Dan Sarki Farms (Nig) Limited
August 2001 - May 2006 (4 years 10 months)


Maintenance of cash books

Preparation of payroll

In-house sale of the Farms products

Maintenance of creditors/debtors ledgers

Stock taking on monthly basis and as and when the needs arose, etc

Audit Assistant
Oye Durosawo & Co (Chartered Accountants)
September 1999 - December 1999 (4 months)


To ensure transactions are executed in accordance with proper general/specific authorization

To ensure all transactions are promptly recorded at the correct amount in the appropriate accounts and in the proper accounting period so as to ensure that the financial statements being prepared are in accordance with relevant legislation and accounting standards

To ensure access to assets is permitted only in accordance with proper authorization

To ensure recorded assets are compared with the existing assets and appropriate action(s) is/are taken with regard to any differences

Checking the arithmetical accuracy of records, the maintenance and checking of totals, reconciliations, control accounts, trial balances

Accounting for documents – sequence checks/continuity checks