Mitterand. M.
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Administrative officer, public relations officer, human resource offic 80 000
Job Type: Full-Time , open to relocation


From 0 to 2011
University of Wales, Aberystwyth. United Kingdom (MSc.)
From 0 to 2010
Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus (B.A ,1st Class)
From 0 to 2004
Annunciation Seminary Amaudara, Abia State
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Company Representative
Mick & Family Associates Nig Ltd
June 2012 - December 2012 (7 months)
  • Responsible for actively seeking out customers interested in roofing sheets and other types of building materials.
  • Responsible for replying to phone and email queries and inquiries regarding the nature of products, prices and dispatches
  • Responsible for post-transaction calls to customers to ensure that our business practice and product matched their expectations

Achievements: These efforts resulted to customer satisfaction and in enhancing the reputation of the company.

Postgraduate Student Ambassador
University of Wales, Aberystwyth
October 2010 - February 2011 (5 months)
  • Responsibility for ensuring all guests to the AU study-fair are carefully documented
  • Responding to inquiries made by guests, explaining the order of ceremony as well as answering certain specific questions regarding the event.
  • Working with fellow student ambassadors to set up and rearrange event hall at the end of the occasion.
  • Accompanying the Postgraduate Recruitment Officer to organize and coordinate study fairs in a number of cities in the United Kingdom.

Achievements: Postgraduate Admissions were up to 50% increase for the 2012 academic year as well as a dramatic increase in prospective student email inquiries requesting for more information on course of study and funding.

Editor of EMU Nigerian Students Monthly Bulletin
Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus
January 2010 - May 2010 (5 months)
  • Editing and proof-reading all materials received for publication
  • Attending meetings with the university authorities (e.g:. Rector, Vice-Rector, etc) to get all the relevant information they intend to get across to the Nigerian students
  • Working with Eastern Mediterranean University international center in advertizing upcoming events in the monthly bulletin
  • Working together with the University’s IT team on the format of the publication

Achievements: I was the pioneer of the first ever Bulletin for Nigerian Students studying in Eastern Mediterranean University. The Monthly bulletin became a channel of communication among fellow students (through the reporting of news stories and writing of articles) as well as a linkage between the university authorities and the students. During the June 2010 Graduation ceremony, the bulletin was given to parents of students at the graduation dinner, further highlighting the far-reaching tentacles of our efforts. This was the first time parents have had the opportunity to witness, in print, the joint effort of the Nigerian student community and the university authorities in creating a cordial and efficient means of communication.

Eastern Mediterranean University Library
July 2009 - December 2009 (5 months)
  • Responsibility for collecting used books and re-shelving them in the right sequence across the library
  • Responsible for ensuring decorum in the library at all times by making sure the library users keep their voices down to the accepted level.
  • Assisting students with the library catalog to get the various books or materials they need
  • Arranging library desk and chairs in the appropriate order before leaving

Achievements: Ensuring that the study areas remain quiet at all times, as well as contributing to the day to day running of the library.

Student Assistant
Department of International Relations, E.M.U
February 2008 - May 2008 (4 months)
  • Filing student documents into the appropriate files and file cabinets
  • Pasting departmental announcements on department’s notice boards
  • Going on errands for department instructors/professors across the campus
  • Helping students of the department with answers on certain issues pertaining lecturers office availability, or emergency changes in the lecture timetable.
  • Deputizing for department secretary when on launch breaks or meetings

Achievements: Contributed to the day to day running of the office of the department's secretary and the department's archive room, by providing support and assistance to the department secretary and dealing with student inquiries.