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Analyst - IT support 300 000
Job Type: Full-Time , open to relocation


From 0 to 1997
Institute Of Management and Technology,(IMT),Enugu.
From 0 to 1993
Federal Polytechnic Nekede,Owerri.
No added languages


Transmission/Microwave Engineer
ZOOMmobile Nigeria
July 2008 - Present Day (9 years 1 month)
  • Proactive in Installation , Configuration , Maintenance and Monitoring of the

microwave backhaul (stratex, eclipse super PDH radios).

* Transmission of other network traffics using Codan 8800 microwave radios.

* Planning and Execution of all interconnectivity programmes between network elements,

Other networks and all transmission issues.

* Planning and implementation of new networks, links and network expansion. etc

Network planning/Transmission Engineer
Rainbownet Nigeria
May 2003 - July 2008 (5 years 3 months)
  • Installation/Mantenance of PrimeWave 2000 1x Ds-CDMA RBU (Radio base unit) in

3.5Ghz frequency band.

  • Supporting the Functionality of the Max Lucent VOIP and Data gate way, and Cisco


  • Supporting the Functionality of the Outdoor Vsat Earth Station and Satellite modems.
  • Administration of E2000/Prime Manager and Element Management System (EMS)

Software programs for the management of the Network Interface Unit (NIU). And RBU.

  • Installation and Provisioning of customer premise Equipments on the Administrations

terminal (AT) with the Intelligent Boresight and Alignment tool(IBAT).

  • The use of Primecell Planning Tool and GPS for network Planning and Analysis.
  • The Installation ,Provisioning ,mornitoring and maintenance of STRATEX Latest

Microwave radios and antennas (ECLIPSE super-PDH),DX R-700 Stratex microwave

radios and antennas, Sagem ,ceragon (fiber air 15281), codan 8800 and Harris

microwave radios and antennas.

  • The provisioning, monitoring and maintenance of the RAC(radio access controller)

,LE (Local exchange and CC08) and BTS (Airbridge 3606) of Huawei technology,(The

Huawei switch).This is done through the provisioning.

of the client severs and work stations.

  • Configuration and activation of mobile stations(desktop and handheld Phones) MS on

the RAC client sever BAM.

  • The linking of BTSs to the RAC,LE to LE,RAC to RAC etc via microwave

transmissions to the DDF(digital distribution frame) and data traffic across PDSN.

  • Proactive in the interconnectivity between other networks (MTN, starcomms, Reltel,

Celtel, glo etc),Using microwave radios and Physical tributary cable connections.

System Engineer
Bourdex Telecom Nigeria
January 2002 - April 2003 (1 year 4 months)
  • Operation and Maintenance of the HARRIS CRCS ( cellular radio communication

system),a TDMA BTS with the MSC( master switching center).

  • Operation and maintenance of the Harris Micro Star and Quadralink microwave

backhaul radios and antennas. This includes the use of craft Interface Terminal

(CIT) and the Farscan Software in Link monitoring and maintenance.

  • Configuration of R2 MFC and SS7 signalling protocol on the Eagle Switch (billing).
  • Installation and programming of Fixed Wireless phones , mobile phones, with Yagi