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Momoh Gideon Adabara Musa
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Analyst, business intelligence
Job Type: Full-Time


From 0 to 1999
The Federal Polytechnic P.M.B. 420, Offa, Kwara State, Nigeria.
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MIS Administrator
MARA-ISON Technologies Solutions Limited
February 2012 - Present Day (5 years 5 months)


  • Coordinate, conduct, schedule and record MIS team meetings.
  • Assist in coordinating, planning, facilitating and communicating project milestones and activities for major MIS projects.
  • Monitor and track project progress against goals, objectives, timelines, and budgets.
  • Develop and generate project status reports to management.
  • Maintain MIS tools and weekly MIS reports.
  • Writing codes (queries) for report generation
  • Assist in generating reports for management
  • Provide support for team in other OPCOs in generating MIS reports.
  • Directs and supports the project teams in the use of the selected tools and architectures, providing continuity and consistency across projects.
  • Develop and maintain BI strategy.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with top business and technical executives.
  • Review existing business processes.
  • Analyze impact of business intelligence on business processes.
  • Assess readiness for business intelligence.
  • Facilitate the prioritization of projects in consideration of competing business interests.


1. MIS Migration


 ETL process

 Data Aggregation

 Data Integrity Check

 MIS Report Generation

 Code or script writing

 System Documentation

 Process Automation

Specialist (OSSBSS)
Multi-Links Telecommunication Limited
May 2009 - February 2012 (2 years 10 months)


Inventory Provisioning

  • Inventory Provisioning – RUIM and Phones
  • Activation
  • Bulk Provisioning of ESN for swap
  • Activation of Dormant lines
  • ESN swap
  • Pending Order issue resolution
  • Phone Coupling issue resolution



Post-Paid Billing Management

  • CDR processing
  • Check, analyze and correct files in error bucket
  • Bill Generation
  • Performs pre- and post bill run checks
  • Generate Invoice and Call Detail Record (CDR) on demand
  • Reports



Customer Care Support Functions:

  • Retention analysis
  • Customer related issues such as failed Order on ESN swap and COS migration, Balance reconciliation and update, Fraud lockout, Stolen Phone, Stolen Cards, Over scratching of Recharge Card PINs, Inability to make call – International calls, Roaming, EVDO not connecting, EVDO not browsing, CDR analysis and reconciliation, etc.
  • Helping CCU staff in resolving other technical billing issues.

Recharge card Provisioning

  • Loading and Activation of Recharge Cards
  • Card loading and activation related issues
  • Loading, Activating, Encrypting and Transferring of Virtual PINs to Dealers (Wholesale & Retail)

USSD-Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (VAS) Administration

  • Administering the servers
  • Administering customers’ related issue – Credit Transfer, Balance Enquiries, Recharge, PIN Management, Tariff Migration, etc.
  • Reporting – system performance, application utilization, customers’ behaviour, etc.
  • Database management – partitioning of tables, backup and archiving, etc.

SIM Registration Administrator

  • Administering SIM Registration Application
  • Generate SIM Registration Operations Management Reports Weekly and monthly KPI
  • Ensuring sync between registration points and server
  • Ensuring accounts are lifted up once customers are registered

Interconnect: Concilia

 Rate/tariff configuration

 Band/destination configuration

 Element/code configuration

 Daily operational processes

 Auto Loader/ Import Stream

 File Reconciliation

 CDR Rating, Rerating and Error Rating

 Stopping and Starting Concilia

 Monthly Bill Generation

 Report Generation

 House Keeping

Interconnect: Data Mediation

  • Stopping and Starting Data Mediation
  • Number/Element Configuration
  • Trunk Configuration on Huawei and Nortel
  • Logic and Format from Data Mediation (View)
  • Daily operational processes
  • CDR Processing
  • Report Generation
  • House Keeping


  • Upgrade/load approved patches and fixes
  • Produce test documents
  • Perform integration and acceptance tests
  • Implement change request/planned work on platforms using established Change Management procedures
  • Monitor systems and applications on site and remotely
  • Resolution of subscriber problems.
  • Log, analyze, resolve and escalate faults on the platforms


Implementation of RUIM Card and MEID Technologies on Multi-Links Network

Application Support Engineer
MTN Nigeria
August 2008 - May 2009 (10 months)



  • End to end number fulfillment process
  • Installation, Implementation and testing of fixes and Core patches on the test environment
  • Using SQL and PL/SQL of Oracle9 to resolve subscribers’ issues.
  • Support monthly bill run generation
  • Bulk creation of subscribers, Sims Loading (MNI Files) and creation of MSISDNs
  • Monitoring of all orders (Activation, Suspension, Deactivation, SIM SWAP, MAIDS SWAP etc) and making sure they are well provisioned on the network
  • Bulk Migration of subscriber( Prepaid to Postpaid)

Incident Management:

  • Analyzing and resolution of fault within MTN/IS standard faults resolution metrics
  • Manage effective customer relations in respect to customer issues and revenue to the MTN organization.
  • Monitor fault analysis reports from application areas on a weekly basis and act on deviations.
  • Perform trend and root cause analysis on recurring faults, ensure deliverable and enforcement of IS polices.

CDRSTORE Management:

  • Complete FTP of files from BGW
  • Rating of CDRs without backlog check
  • Maintenance of file system table space usage
  • Log files monitoring and clean up

ENDAN Application management:

  • Administering System and Users on ENDAN Application
  • Bill Run Generation
  • Daily check of AMA files and the rating monitor
  • Generate reports for revenue assurance for management decision and for audit purposes
  • Data Mediation and CDR Reconciliation
  • Data migration


  • Daily Snapshot Report
  • Daily Provident Report
  • IS Application Weekly Report
  • Remedy Call Analysis Report
  • NWG-IS SLA Report
  • IS-CR SLA Report
  • IS-SD SLA Report
  • IS Application Weekly Report
  • IFS Payment via Single View Report
EDW Developer
MTN Nigeria
December 2007 - August 2008 (8 months)


  • Develop and manage database system while insuring high levels of data integrity and availability.
  • Manage the processes of Enterprise Data Warehouse using tools such as Oracle Warehouse Builder Runtime Audit Browser, Oracle Warehouse Builder Client, Oracle Workflow and Toad
  • Development, deployment and management of processes to meet users’ needs and generate reports for management decision making
  • Data Modeling
  • Manage MANCON/WECA (Executive) Dashboard
  • Build up of CDR Summary and Small Dimensions
  • CDR Process management:

i. Check audit_cdr_partitions table to identify the affected CDR partitions.

ii. Stop CDR Fact Load

iii. also stop CDR update

iv. Make all the bitmap indexes unusable for the partitions identified above

v. Start CDR fact

vi. Rebuild indexes for all the affected bitmap partition indexes.

vii. Table Partition Analysis

  • Manage Force bucket processing
  • Manage CDR lookup processing
  • Manage ‘Month_End’ Processes and making report available for Business use
  • RGS Process management


MTN Nigeria CIO’s Service Excellence Award (Group Award)

An Award given to EDW Team, Information Systems (IS) for showing innovation in overcoming major issues encountered in delivery of Key Business Reports - Q1FY08

Business Intelligence Analyst
Celtel Nigeria
March 2007 - November 2007 (9 months)


 Pilot Deployment - Oracle Business Intelligence (Team Player)

 Provide first level support to Local Dynamic Validity system

 Business Analysis

 Data Modeling

 Software development lifecycles

 Run audit queries on live data obtained from network operations and compare with corresponding business reports

 TTFILE loading status reconciliation between the billing gateway and downstream systems

 Ensuring optimal performance of the Dynamic Validity system, which is critical to maintaining subscribers on the network.

 Perform maintenance duty on partitioned tables

 Disk Utilization Check on Production Servers – (Calldata, FTP, Callhistory)

 Check Scheduled tasks as to view if the task’s ran as of when due

 Write Documentation Reports of the Local Dynamic Validity (LDV) Sub – Systems

Billing Engineer
October 2005 - February 2007 (1 year 5 months)


 Collection of Data and Provision, Extraction of CDR and CSV from the Switch, Data analysis and integrity checking

 Business Analysis

 Perform CDR Normalization

 Identification of prepaid rating inconsistencies against the business rules through data analysis

 Reconciliation of bills generated to CDR data to ensure that all calls are billed accurately

 Review and analyze billing data, rate plans, and billing system table to determine areas of revenue leakage

 Monitor the compliance to the credit policy

 Document, quantify, and develop root cause analysis and suggest fixes for issues identified

 Provide interconnect billing information for calls being carried on behalf of other operators

 Verify bills received from other operators

 Provide MIS information on wholesale products, services, customers and network usage

 Support the development of the company's strategy in the interconnect market

 To support specific interconnect billing mechanisms.

 Pricing and Tariff Research and Analysis

 Generate Interconnect Bill/Invoice based on the payment scheme in place

 Reconciliation of Interconnect and Retail Bills among Telecom Operators

 Backup and disaster recovery of systems


Interconnect Indebtedness among Telecommunication Operators in Nigeria – Awarded by Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC)

Role: Business Intelligence Analyst


 Design the Project Plan – team player

 Data/Information Gathering - Billing and Switching Information

 Site and Infrastructures Inspection

 Data collection

 Identification of Disputed Bill and CDR

 Data Analysis - CDR Analysis - Data Mining, Data Validation Error Checking, CDR Matching, CDR Reconciliation

 Reporting: Generate Reports on the Findings, Recommendation and the Executive Summary

Medallion Communications Limited Billing System Design and Implementation


 Hardware sizing: Hardware Specification Requirement

 Software sizing: Software Specification Requirement – Operating System, Database Type

 Volume of projected CDR to be processed

 Sizing Volume Data

 Billing Fields Layout

 Business Rules Definitions

 Data - format Validation Specification and Techniques

Billing Manager
March 2002 - October 2005 (3 years 7 months)


 Maintenance and Operations of Business Support Systems in Client –Server

 The Billing System and Outside Plant Management

 Fraud/Error Detection and Interconnect Activities

 Pricing and Tariff research and analysis

 Extraction of CDR, CDR Analysis and Data Integrity checking for auditing

 Collection of PTO Partners’ CDR for Analysis and Reconciliation Purposes

 Process CDR Calls from DMS – 100, 300 and the Gate Way Switches.

 Mining of Data from various streams

 Generate reports for Management Decision Making

 Supporting the system to enhance better performance

 Writing SQL Statement that will query the Database

 Generation of Monthly and Daily Call Analysis reports

 Analysis of other PTOs’/Subscribers’ CDR for Bill Reconciliation

 Generate Debtors’ list for line tossing of Subscribers who exceed their credit limit

 Handle and manage E1s and T1s subscribers

 Pricing and Tariff Research and Analysis

 Generate Bills and Invoices for E1 and Retail