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From 0 to 2012
Manchester Business School
From 0 to 2010
University of Lagos
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Treasury Officer
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China - ICBC London
June 2012 - November 2012 (5 months)

1. Enhanced my reporting skill through the daily report of currency exposures of the bank to senior management.

2. Communicated on a regular basis with clients by selling and buying money market instruments and recording margins for the bank.

3. Maintaining adequate liquidity for the bank by placing and sourcing for funds from clients. This also exhibited my communication skills with the markets.

4. Trading derivatives including Interest Rate Swaps and Futures aimed at managing volatility associated with interest rates and foreign exchange.

5. Monitoring gains or losses from the execution of these hedging derivatives.

6. Developed my analytical skill through the use of Bloomberg terminal to monitor the bond portfolio of the bank daily.

7. Further improvement of my analytical skill by analyzing bond yields and running credit checks on sovereign and corporate bond issuers. Making recommendations to Head of Treasury.

8. Developed a Value at Risk model on Excel that helps the bank monitor and manage the impact of FX rate fluctuations on its FX portfolio.

Commercial (Sales)
Nigeria LNG Limited
July 2010 - August 2011 (1 year 2 months)

1. Monthly and weekly financial reporting through regular interface with members of the Commercial and Finance Divisions.

2. Managing the Sales and Purchase Agreement and executing Delivered Ex Ship (DES) and Free on Board (FOB) cargo sales with buyers.

3. Developed my professional communication skill through regular Interface with LNG buyers during periods of ‘Force Majeure’.

4. Further improvement of my communication skill through periodic communication of Specific Delivery Schedule with LNG buyers.

5. Liaising with cargo inspectors and reconciling quantities of LNG delivery made to buyer’s discharge terminal.

6. Development of my analytical skill through the use of Thomson Reuters to monitor changes in price of gas in the global gas market. This informed the daily market research report.

7. Responsible for processing invoices for buyers of Liquefied Natural Gas and Liquefied Petroleum Gas.

8. Improvement of my proficiency in the use of MS Excel through regular update of Cargo Revenue Assurance sheets. The success of team members was dependent on inputs from this sheet.

9. Use of my analytical skill to reconcile accounts with cargo inspectors which led to savings in excess of $2000.

10. Reconciliation of over 50 cargoes traded with a Portuguese buyer between April 2010 and April 2011.