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Architectural design & construction management
Job Type: Full-Time


From 0 to 1981
Institute of Architecture & Planning "ION MINCU", Bucharest, Romania
From 0 to 1975
University of Timisoara, Romania
From 0 to 1972
FREDERICK High School, Nicosia, Cyprus
From 0 to 1969
Technical School of Nicosia
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Head of Project Management Dept.
THRASSOU BROS & ASSOCIATES, Architects - Civil Engineers - Project Managers
October 2010 - Present Day (6 years 9 months)

The purpose of the role is to contribute to the achievement of:

>Positive identification of the Client’s objectives in terms of Utility, function, quality, time and cost.

>Proper planning, control and coordination of the Project from inception to completion, through integration, monitoring and control of all parties involved.

More specifically, duties include preparation, monitoring and consultation regarding:

>Land-use analysis – potentiality and constrains, in the context of local laws, regulations and realities.

>Communication and contacts with government / ministries, central and local authorities.

>Consultations regarding the production of schedules of accommodation, strategic and preliminary designs, concept designs and outline master plan proposals.

>Coordination of the various parties at site meetings and preparation of site meetings’ minutes.

The main current Project in full progress is the organization and coordination of the Architectural Competition (with over 150 registered participants from Cyprus, England and Greece) for the “HEADQUARTERS OF THE COOPERATIVE CENTRAL BANK OF CYPRUS” In Nicosia. A building of approximately 10,000 m2 plus parking, with a pre-estimated cost of around 30 million Euros.

Projects which are in the strategic concept design phase include:

>“THEME PARK OF CYPRUS” – Voroklini Village, Cyprus

A (family oriented) Water Park and Leisure Complex in Larnaca District.

>“HEALTH FARM HOTEL AND RESORT” – Limassol District.

A complex of facilities dedicated to Treatment and the promotion of Wellness and Lifestyle enhancement (Medical – Healthcare & Beauty Clinic, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Centre, Spa, Hotel, Ambient Assisted Living Complex etc).

Lead Architect
MULTIPLAN CENTRE, Architects - Civil Engineers - Interior Designers
April 2006 - October 2010 (4 years 7 months)

The purpose of the role was the elaboration of concept designs and the implementation of projects, mainly of tourist & housing developments in Ayia Napa and Protaras Area. This Includes:

>Organization and coordination of the Design Team

(In-house personnel and external consultants) of each project.

>Production of Preliminary and Final Designs and Specifications.

>Dialog with the civil engineering dept. for the establishment of the basic baring structures prior the structural designs of the buildings.

>Coordination with the In-house Interior Design dept. for the elaboration of Interior and Furniture Design.

>Consultation in document preparation, tendering procedures and evaluation and final choice of contractors, subcontractors and suppliers.

>Site supervision and monitoring the implementation of contracts.

Projects Include:




Re-Design and full Reconstruction of an old (1978) Hotel Apartments building of 192 bed. A total of 103 Flats of 1 & 2 Bedrooms were allocated after the redesign, in 6500 sq.m with external Swimming Pool. In addition, common facilities such as Spa, Gym etc of about 1000 sq.m were placed in the Basement.

The Development consists of two Blocks with separate external Swimming Pools and Parking Places.



Ayia Napa tourist Area, Cyprus.


A Housing Development consisted of 50 Duplex type and Bungalow Houses of an outstanding Mediterranean architecture in a total of 5700 sq.m external area plus covered and uncovered verandahs.

Senior Architect
ANDREAS VLITTIS & ASSOCIATES, Archtects - Civil Engineers
May 2000 - April 2006 (6 years )

Typical Duties and Responsibilities.

Here is a selection of Projects:


Pernera Tourist Area,

Protaras - Paralimni –Cyprus.


A 4* Hotel of 172 Double Rooms, in 10900sq.m. External built area (for rooms & facilities) and 5000 sq.m. for basement auxiliary spaces in Pernera tourist Area.

(Project Director)

Effectively led a team of one architect and two Cad technicians engaged in providing full concept through delivery architectural design. Collaborated with senior client decision-makers to develop requirements. Researched codes and obtained required permits.

>”ARTEMIS”, “MYLOS”, “ANATOLI”, “APANEMA” - HOUSING ESTATES, Protaras.(2003, 2004, 2005)

Four outstanding Housing Estate Complexes of a Mediterranean Architecture (the first three) and the forth which is a modern approach, designed for

Giovanni Developers Co. Ltd (Cyprus).

(Project Architect)

Collaborated closely with the client and his representatives to articulate client vision and meet rigorous objectives. Provided after-sales services where there was a need to tweak the design to individual requirements.


Levadia Local Branch,

Larnaca District, Cyprus. (2002)

(Site Architect)

Appointed to fully undertake the organization and coordination of the construction of this relatively small, but of a demanding design building.


Famagusta District, Cyprus. (2001)

Addition of one floor on the main building and functional improvements on the external amphitheatre.

(Project Architect)

Extensive Detail Architectural Design for the Steel Structure components. Major challenge; Successfully incorporate and assimilate the new steel structures on the existing fare-faced concrete building.

Construction (Site) Manager
May 1998 - May 2000 (2 years 1 month)

The purpose of the role was to manage a part of the company’s construction contracts – 2 or 3 projects simultaneously, according to their size and contract amount. The role included:

>Site organization and Staffing.

>Participation on monitoring and control of construction “critical path” analysis.

>Planning of the construction works on site and monitoring of the construction processes and the activities of the site engineers, quantity surveyors and other senior site personnel.

>Coordination with Architects, Consultants, Subcontractors and Suppliers– Implementation of site meetings’ decisions.

>Implement the Architect’s instructions and monitoring of the Contract(s) with regards to amendments and alterations.

>Monitoring and control of construction scheduling and program as well as the program revisions according to current situation.

>Assessment of progress of works and assistance in the Interim Valuations.

>Assistance in the preparation of assessments of anticipated, current and final cost and participation in the examination of Final Accounts.

Projects Include:


Idi Araba, Lagos, Nigeria


For UNIVEST Insurance,

Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria


Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria



Cameroon Rd, Lagos, Nigeria



Abuja, Nigeria

“Sickle-Cell”, “Univest” and the “Block of Flats” were undertaken from the beginning to the end while at “Ikeja” the concrete structural framing was already complete. For three months in Abuja, the Finishes stage of the “Siemens” Project including fixed furniture and wooden structures was supervised, monitored and coordinated.

Practice Principal
P&M SAMATAS, Architects, Consultants, Civil Engineers
March 1985 - May 1998 (13 years 3 months)

A thirteen years Architects & Civil Engineers Association of intensive work on design and execution of a large variety of buildings such as:



Famagusta District, Cyprus (1997-1998)

A 5* Hotel built in a Plot of 29000 sq.m.

Adjacent to one of the most outstanding white-sand beaches in Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean.

A total of 314 Rooms were allocated to the Hotel in a built up area of about 27000 sq.m.

(Project Director)

Besides the addition of 135 double rooms, The most distinguishing architectural features designed in this expansion were the Wellness – SPA - Gym areas and the Indoor (heated) Swimming Pool as well as the external combined S. Pools.


Eleftheriades Family, Nicosia. (1996)

Large Mansion in urban environment.

The main functions cover about 1100 sq.m. in the Ground Floor, the Upper Floor and the Semi-basement while

Parking Spaces and other Auxiliary Areas were located in the Basement and the Attic covering about 535 sq.m.

(Project Director)

More than 100 A2-Size Dwgs of all disciplines where produced for the implementation of this project. Special attention was given to the Architectural Details and the Furniture and Interior design Dwgs. Intense liaison with the Civil Engineer, the E/M and all the other consultants in order to ensure compliance of services installations with the architectural needs.


Paphos District, Cyprus. (1994)

The Project included the allocation of various buildings of different functions such as Soldiers’ Barracks, Offices, Unit’s Headquarters, Ammunition & Equipment Stores, Hangars, Convalescent Home and Radar and Telecommunications Centre.

(Design Architect)

The Architectural challenge in this project was the development in a most efficient solution of the internal Road Network and its detailed design, due to the difficult data of the Plot, the special functional requirements of the accommodation schedule and the strict limits of the budget.


Paphos – Cyprus. (1991)

A 5* Plus Hotel with 325 Double Rooms, Family Rooms and Suites, situated in a large Plot of 89000 sq.m at the north-west coast of the island of Cyprus between Paphos Town and Coral Bay.

(Project Director)

Produced and Reviewed the Architectural Design from concept to completion. Worked closely with consultants through various phases of the project to ensure it was within the clients requirements.


Protaras Tourist Area, Paralimni,

Famagusta District, Cyprus. (1990)

A 3* Hotel with 165 Rooms and 9500 sq.m external area built in a Plot of about 9000sq.m adjacent to Protaras central sandy beach.

(Site Architect)

Liaising with the clients, contractors and builders and ensuring the smooth running of every day operations. Providing feedback to management. Management of onsite staff, Subcontractor’s delivery and OH&S compliance. Assessment of progress of works and assistance in the Interim Valuations & examination of final accounts.

In-House Architect
ZENIOS CONSTRUCTIONS LTD, Housing Estate & Development Company
September 1981 - March 1985 (3 years 7 months)

The purpose of the Role included:

>Design, mainly of Blocks of Flats and Housing Estates.

>Monitoring, design and control the revisions according to clients’ requirements and demands.

>Site Supervision.

>Interior & Furniture Design for the Company’s clients.

>Organization and monitoring of re-construction and/or corrections.

>Participation on the consultancy regarding the securing of “Final Approvals” and any other post-construction works/processes.