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Assistant direct sales manager
Job Type: Full-Time


From 0 to 2002
From 0 to 1996
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RayZed Production
March 2012 - January 2013 (11 months)


  • Oversee the entire productions of “Yanayin Zamani & Trends & Rachel”
  • Manage the Production staff and crew.
  • Critically analyze and create scripts/programs from research findings.
  • Work within time and budget to achieve success.
  • Source and audition personnel for the programs; “Yanayin Zamani & Trends & Rachel”

Key achievements:

  • Was able to successfully produce two quarters of the programs.
  • Due to the success of the two quarters, the program has been accepted and is been aired by more TV stations.
Samsung Mobile, Nigeria
January 2012 - February 2012 (2 months)


  • Coordinated and managed the Road-show for Samsung Chief Phones in

Northern part of Nigeria.

  • Supervised Canvassers/Comperes in the Road-show.

Key achievements:

  • Created and generated more awareness for Samsung Chief Phones in the North.
  • Liaised with major dealers to generate more market for the Chief Phones.
  • Managed twenty five (25) staffs to achieve target within stipulated time.
British Council, Abuja, Nigeria
June 2010 - December 2011 (1 year 7 months)


  • Supervise and invigilate examination under the Council
  • Collate and submit all given examination materials to the Council.
  • Represent the Council in any given examinations under the Council.

Key achievements:

  • Successfully invigilated the following exams; IELT, CIE, ACCA and other

university exams in the UK.

  • Managed and made sure all exams invigilated and supervised by me were

carried out with great expertise.

SQRYPT Media Ltd. Abuja.
April 2008 - January 2010 (1 year 10 months)


  • Head and oversee the efficient running of activities in the Administrative and Marketing Department, ensuring her maximum functionality.
  • Coordinates all sales, research and marketing efforts of the company.
  • Responsible for setting, approval and achievement of monthly goals. Also keeping records of sales and market analysis report.
  • Maintain, communicate, and manage the team against operational metrics.
  • Drive performance management/marketing processes that improve business performance.
  • Takes the responsibility of the Managing Director in his absence.

Key achievements:

  • Was able to build a formidable Marketing team through trainings and


  • Got new clients for the Company.
  • Boost sales with the implementation of new products and services.
  • Gained contacts and partnership with other Media companies within and

outside Abuja.

  • Coordinated and managed the team to achieve set targets with less or minimal


Marketing and Promotion Concepts, Abuja.
May 2005 - February 2008 (2 years 10 months)


  • Coordinate the entire affairs of the company in the Northern part of Nigeria.
  • Coordinated the HIV/AIDS awareness campaign in Nigeria in conjunction with Society for Family Health.
  • Managed the Guinness 1759 promotion.
  • Oversee the entire projects to its successful completion.
  • Mediate between Clients and company to see to the effective implementation of projects.
  • Organized and implement training/workshop for new recruits in the company-speeding profitability.

Key achievements:

Successfully managed from scratch to finish the following projects;

  • Cowbell Choco Summer Camp; Chocoacademy (Abuja)

1. Gathered over two thousand (2,000) pupils from various primary schools in Abuja for the camp.

2. Within one week, the pupils were educated, enlightened and entertained on various aspects of life e.g. Career talks, sports, cooking competitions, dancing and singing competitions, quiz, spelling Bee. Etc

  • Milo Loyalty Promo (15grm Sachet)

1. Recruited and trained twenty (20) Promo staff to cover Twenty (20) secondary schools within Abuja.

2. Was able to make and motivate each school to achieve above the stipulated target of forty thousand (40,000) sachets within twelve (12) weeks.

3. One of the schools came out first nationwide with over seventy five thousand (75,000) sachets and won the prize of a brand new 18 seater bus.

  • 1759 Guinness Promotion

1. Recruited, trained and managed over Two Hundred (200) contract staff for the promo in select Northern states.

2. At the end of the promo, the purpose of the promo was well achieved; which is to reward faithful consumers and appreciate them for being loyal.

  • Society for Family Health HIV/AIDS Road show campaign

1. Built a vibrant team of researchers, script writers and complete actors for the road show.

2. Activated over a thousand shows within the north.

3. Created more awareness of HIV/AIDS using social media like Interactive Drama amongst select audiences like; Uniform Service Personnel, Commercial Sex Workers, Youths out of school, Youths in school and the general public.

4. This was well achieved using stories and language they are familiar with.