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Center4Tech is Technology Advancement Initiative with a vision to equip young Africans with digital skills needed to solve 21st Century problems Our mission at Center4Tech is to inspire Africans to become Tech Innovators who can solve local and world's problems using 21st Century Technology. At the moment, this skill is completely lacking as this is neither taught in any school in Nigeria nor in any other African countries. At Center4Tech, we believe that your child could be the next Robert Nay (a 14 year old who developed a game Bubble Ball for Android and iphone that got 16 million downloads), Nick D'Aloisio (he developed an app Summly which was sold to Yahoo for a reported 30 million US Dollars making him one of the youngest self-made millionaires! He developed his first app at 12 years of age) We strongly believe that if your child is exposed to such an opportunity early in life, he / she will be equipped with lifelong skills to innovate. Moreover, since technology is a growing field with vast economic opportunities, putting such tools in your child's hand will enable him / her to succeed thereby reducing poverty by creating jobs for himself / herself and others. IMAGINATION . CREATIVITY. INNOVATION