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About Company
Century 21 Systems Communications, the preferred and leading provider of media and communication consulting solution for public and private sector is a wholly Nigerian multi-disciplinary firm and sister company of Century 21 Systems Limited, based in Lagos and Abuja. Tapping into the experience of its founders and with key international partners, Century 21 Systems Communications Limited operates a diverse portfolio of consulting solutions for investors, government and commercial organisations with interest in Publishing/Printing, Television Content Provision and Documentary, Organisation and Management of Conferences and Exhibitions,Media and Corporate Affairs Relations, Publicist, Marketing, Joint Venture,Training and Workshop, Location Branding, Matchmaking, Free Trade and Special Economic Zones and Industrial Parks, as well as specialised operations, including construction, engineering, oil and gas and related environment. In addition, Century 21 Systems Communications Limited conducts investment integrity and due dilligence, prepares feasibility and viability on new investment or business idea.