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Chief security officer, CSO
Job Type: Full-Time , open to relocation


From 0 to 2011
Ondo State University, Akungba Akoko
From 0 to 1999
The Chartered Institute Ofd Administration, CIA
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Chief Security Officer, CSO
Things Remembered Nig Ltd, Inflight Catering
April 2012 - Present Day (5 years 3 months)
  • Developing and reviewing security policies for ASL and overseeing there implementation.
  • Identifying, quantifying security threats/vulnerabilities and formulating/reviewing security standards and procedures to counter the threats.
  • Formulating loss prevention programs and direct investigation of criminal and other security related incidents.
  • Developing emergency response plans; directing/coordinating the activities of security officers on immediate and effective response to emergencies which may affect ASL facilities or be detrimental to company interests.
  • Regularly conducting officials of United States’ Transport Security Administration, TSA, International Civil Aviation Organisation, ICAO, Airport Security Committee, ASC, Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, FAAN, Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA and various airline officials round the company’s facilities in Lagos and Abuja airports, explaining security procedures and programmes in place.
  • Ensuring that requirements of government and other regulatory bodies and industry standards are met during regular inspection visits which are either routine or for verification of standards, level of compliance, preparatory to accreditation, certification and or recertification of airports or Country.
  • Representing ASL in meetings with above named organisations and others.
  • Establishing and maintaining close liaison at interdepartmental level between security and other departments on security matters and liaison with external law enforcement and security agencies in criminal and other matters involving ASL.
  • Advising and guiding management on security awareness, policy, procedure and practice.
  • Supervising the performance of third party security service provider, ensuring that security services are provided to meet ASL quality standards and expectations.
  • Initiating security surveys, policies and the review of procedures as well as technological upgrades to ensure best practices in line with ASL profile and quality standards.
  • Planning for and managing the security of public events and promotions organized by ASL.
  • Directing and coordinating escort duties for transit/visiting expatriates and top management staff of the company. (close protection)
  • Assisting in the negotiation of contracts for security services provision for the approval of the MD/CEO.
  • Producing and maintaining Site specific Standard Operating Procedures, SOPs for all security operations and operatives.
  • Ensuring effective guarding and protection of lives and property at all ASL’s locations.
  • Development of an Annual Security Training Plan for company workforce, including producing Power Point lesson plans.
  • Ensuring continuous training of security personnel to upgrade their professional skills.
  • Maintaining the professional guarding skills in order to meet the Client quality standards.
  • Overseeing the Site Guard Force and ensuring it is up to date in terms of appearance, performance of its duties and attendance (manning and rotations).


Develop, review and maintain HSE policies and ensure their compliance.

Plan, direct and administer risk assessment and control programmes designed to ensure continual improvement consistent with established local and international HSE standards.

  • To account for frequency, severity and costs of all accidents and losses sustained in ASL operations and projects.
  • To be responsible to ASL for all safety matters as regards all operations and projects for which he is responsible.
  • To give necessary guidance and instructions concerning the nature of work and the purpose/use of safety equipment and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and provision of adequate supplies.
  • To inspect the safety and health measures and ensure that procedures are followed.
  • To check that clear clauses referring to safety and insurance are inserted in contracts with the suppliers and sub-contractors.
  • To inform clients and management in case of accident and state the measures taken to prevent re-occurrence.
  • To take full responsibility and authority to implement safety procedures in all operations.
  • To take responsibility for initiating corrective action to improve safety deficiencies.
  • To conduct the periodic safety meetings whenever required.
  • To ensure that all supervisors and other employees meet their responsibilities with regards to safety procedures.
  • To conduct the weekly safety meeting.
  • To conduct the weekly safety audit.
  • To follow up on deficiencies within strict time line.

I am a security professional with over 21 years experience having worked with the following national and multinational organizations: the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, resigned after 11 years of meritorious service as a Superintendent of Narcotics. MTN - Security Coordinator (C and I Leasing) for 5 years, Schlumberger Oilfield Services - Security Manager ( Control Risks WA Ltd), Airline Services and Logistics Ltd as Chief Security and Safety Officer, CSSO overseeing their national operations...

Gifted with leadership, communication, problem solving, analytical and organizational skills, I have ability to prioritize, meet multiple deadlines and simplify complex situations.

I am reputed to be the only Security Officer in the history of ASL who has been able to achieve the highest compliance level with security procedures as it affects top level management staff, Expatriates, Customs officers, NEPZA officials. My administration in ASL ensured the best loss event profile as security incidents like theft was reduced to its barest minimum. This and many more, contributed in the certification and or re-certification of MMIA as an airport and Nigeria as a country.

My security alerts and briefs have always steered my company away from danger especially during periods of movement restrictions like in the last elections and protests by Labour and Civil Society groups. I also carry out detailed pre-employment vetting of incoming staff, background checks on existing staff. I have done residence, hotels and work locations security survey.

My present company employed me because they failed a security audit last year. Today the story is different - NCAA rates Things Remembered Nig Ltd high in the overall implementation of security policies, procedures and attainment of minimum standards required by the regulatory body. A feat I was able to achieve in 3 months...

I am a trainer of note, a team player and a self starter who will hit the ground running. You will not regret hiring me as I am sure to exceed your expectations.

Onyenakie CN (Ex NDLEA & Control Risk Ltd)

0818 601 4070, 0703 198 2288.

Security Manager
Schlumberger Oilfield Services, Via Control Risks
January 2007 - December 2008 (2 years 1 month)

 Develop, maintain, and review (auditing) policy regarding security and integrity issues, to ensure compliance with Company Policy, Procedures and International standards for both Projects and Operations.

 Evaluation of local threats, vulnerabilities, exposures and consequent risks to client’s assets in all operating areas including the production of company security brief.

 Guidance to management in the preparation of contingency plans and resources to counteract the effects of security incidents, emergencies, and crises to include exercises to test effectiveness of company procedures.

 Providing tactical and strategic security safeguards, advice and communicating management briefs to personnel on threat developments, and appropriate mitigating actions, whilst maintaining an ongoing interface with all clients’ directorates and departments.

 Co-ordination of local Close Protection (CP) Team for expatriate escort and close protection.

 Coaching and developing national staff members to advance their capabilities in protecting operations and projects, and extending their knowledge and understanding of management systems and risk methodologies.

 Promoting the understanding & integration of Corporate Global Security initiatives and ‘recommended practices’ within the business unit.

 Development of an Annual Security Training Plan for company workforce, including producing Power Point lesson plans.

 Co-ordinator for Security Department Vehicle fleet, encompassing a large vehicle fleet.

 Liaison with external agencies and general day-to-day tasks and administration of the security Dept.

 Preparation of short and long term plans to determine the security objectives of the client.

 Creating and checking on all RIRs (Risk Identification Reports), reporting to managements on prompt, preventive and or corrective actions.

 Establishing safe working procedures with the QHSE Dept.

 Establishing and maintaining overall ERPs (Emergency Response Procedures) in my locations in liaison with the QHSE Dept.

 Ensuring continuous training of security personnel to upgrade their professional skills.

 Maintaining the professional guarding skills in order to meet the Client quality standards.

 Overseeing the Site Guard Force and ensuring it is up to date in terms of appearance, performance of its duties and attendance (manning and rotations).

 Ensuring compliance by all staff with the procedural Security measures.

 Producing and maintaining Site specific Standard Operating Procedures, SOPs for guards.

 Producing Guard Assessment/ incentive scheme

 Produce a weekly Security report every Sunday which is sent to the Control Risks Training Advisor.

 Run Emergency Response Procedures Rehearsals/Drills at the Camps/Bases

 Deliver periodic Security briefings to Staff/residents of the Camps/Bases

 Support the Close Protection Team. Etc.

Superintendent of Narcotics
National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA
June 1991 - August 2002 (11 years 3 months)

 General and Assets Investigation. Taken part in the investigation of cases concerning drug trafficking, abuse, money laundering and other financial crimes.

 Trained in the use of firearms, radio communication equipments and general Police duties.

 Operations. Led several teams of Narcotic officers and Policemen to various parts of the country to effect arrests and carry out special assignments, which have usually been successful.

 Surveillance and undercover duties.

 Intelligence Gathering. Background Checks, Vetting, Exhibit Keeping

 Sourcing and development of informants.

 Quality and Professional Witnessing in Court. Appeared in the Miscellaneous Offences Tribunal, MOT and other courts across the country as a witness for the Federal Republic of Nigeria, where I have contributed to the conviction of many suspects.

 Report Writing and Training