Muktalib Olusegun
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Commercial & sales manager
Job Type: Full-Time


From 0 to 2004
Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos.
From 0 to 1996
Lagos State Polytechnic, Isolo, Lagos.
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General Manager
Sam & Sara Ventures Limited
July 2012 - Present Day (5 years 1 month)

 Responds to all organizational issues and problems, including the factory and liaison offices/agents in China and United States of America to ensure that the factory runs smoothly each day and Orders from China and United States of America are attended to and supplied timeously.

 Oversees the departments and all employees.

 Handles all issues in conformity with the Company’s standards and guidelines.

 Handles all employee issues and disputes; deals with accounting issues and invoices and supervises all employees’ hiring and layoffs.

 Creates a continuous improving environment, encourages teamwork and total dedication to execute the right things at the right time.

 Assists Human Resources Department in tasks such as recruiting, training, business development and so on, whenever necessary.

 Enforces commercial skills in order to meet costs and sales budgets.

 Interacts with employees and assists customers in response to their concerns, questions and/or complaints.

 Assists the Managing Director/CEO in managing the budgets and achieving stand-alone productivity for business.

 Designs and builds a service and sales capability and any other expectations in line with Organizational goals.


  • As the General Manager of the Company, I have endeavoured to ensure that proper Structure, which had eluded the Company in over fourteen (14) years of operations, is in place and duties are discharged as professionals in line with international standards within a space of three (3) months.
  • I have also taken steps to ensure that the Company exploits the opportunities abound in AGOA, which has led to various exportations of locally made products of about $1million to the United States of America. This eventually led to the nomination of the Company and receipt of a Special Award in New Market Development at the 3rd Nigerian Non-Oil Export Conference, Exhibition & Award (NNECEA 2012) by Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) held on 6th November, 2012 in Abuja, Nigeria.
  • The Company, now with over 3,000 staff across Lagos and Osun States, is also being managed by myself with contract from Osun State Government to make and deliver 750,000 uniforms all the public schools in the State.
Head, Loan Recovery & Credit Control
Intercontinental Bank Plc
October 2005 - January 2012 (6 years 4 months)
  • Analyzing and assessing credit requests before recommendation for Management approval.
  • Monitoring of accounts by disseminating business information to different units of the Bank with a view to ensuring optimal performance of the facilities availed different Customers.
  • Preparation of Credit Control Reports to the Divisional Head for presentation to Executive Management.
  • Restructuring of non-performing accounts via collection of concrete and realistic repayment proposals.
  • Designing of financial strategies for the Division, which supports the broader corporate aims of the Bank.
  • Management of change in accounts status and improvement in cost controls.


  • As the Head, Loan Recovery in Risk Management Division, Lagos Mainland South Region of the Bank (Apapa), I initiated the investigation of the Bank into Oil & Gas accounts, having realized the rate at which the accounts within the Sector were becoming non-performing. The investigation led to the discovery of diversion of Bank's funds by promoters of these Companies, who usually lied that products were being delayed on the sea, when in actual fact, products had arrived and sold and larger chunk of the funds diverted to personal uses. This exercise led to the recovery of almost 73% of the Bank’s funds that had already been diverted in the Region.
  • At the discovery of global crisis in the Capital market industry, I was part of the inaugural team that looked into the causes of loss of the Bank's funds vis-a-vis the detection of the whereabouts of the shares, the reason(s) for their not yet being dematerialized and transferred to CSCS for easy retrieval and their disposal. As a result, a larger percentage of these shares were immediately dematerialized and disposed off while the proceeds hit the bottom line of the Bank.
  • As a Credit Control Specialist, I also met with various major customers of the Bank, particularly those having facilities of N1billion and above and successfully resolved most of them through restructuring of their accounts and receipt of concrete and realistic repayments proposals from them.
  • With the emergence of AMCON (Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria), I was part of the inaugural team that negotiated the initial bond of about N149billion in December, 2010 up until now when the Corporation issued the sum of N500billion bond to kick-start the business combination of the Bank with Access Bank Plc
  • I was also an active member of the AMCON team of the Bank that relates with the Corporation on all the accounts sold to it by the Bank.
Marketing Executive
Gatewaybank Plc
May 2004 - September 2005 (1 year 5 months)
  • Sourcing of credible customers for the bank.

* Marketing of the bank’s products.

* Deposit mobilization.

* Relationship management.

* Preparation of credit appraisal memorandum.

* Account and credit management.

* Preparation of Head office returns.

* Business advisory services.

* Manual computation and comparison of charges

payable by customers to prevent leakages.

Head, Individual Life Assurance (Sales and Marketing)et
Elmac Assurance Nigeria Limited
September 1999 - May 2004 (4 years 9 months)
  • Sourcing of assurable and reasonable life assurance and non-life insurance clients for the Company to reduce volatile exposures and allow for prompt payment of claims, should same arise.
  • Supervision of Individual Life Underwriting.
  • Provision of prompt responses to Life assurance clients.
  • Training of new Individual Life Unit members and those from other departments.
  • Provision of professional and suitable information to existing and potential Life policy holders.
  • Responsible for renewal and vetting of new and existing Life policy holders and
  • Ensuring that Individual Life policies are sought for the company.


  • Success in sourcing of reasonable life assurance and non-life insurance clients for the Company, particularly notable dignitaries in the Society, who, though supposedly knew about "life assurance", did not really know that the benefits embedded in same were/are far more than the "death" aspects and eventually embraced same and picked various life assurance policies.