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Christian Chibuzo
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Communication specialist
Job Type: Full-Time , open to relocation


From 0 to 1994
University of Ibadan, Ibadan
From 0 to 1998
University of Benin, Benin City
From 0 to 1985
Federal School of Arts & Science, Ogoja
From 0 to 1982
Nnobi High School, Nnobi
No added languages


Senior Communication Officer
Prisoners' Rehabilitation & Welfare Action PRAWA
July 2012 - Present Day (5 years 1 month)

Working closely with Executive director and Senior program officers to formulate and implement external communications strategy for relevant PRAWA programs across its offices

Lead efforts in the interpretation of PRAWA’s strategic direction into a communication plan to provide corporate visibility for the organization across the various media platforms of Print, TV and social

Provide technical support in the design and implementation of project communication strategy to achieve all awareness creation, public education and advocacy campaign needs

Write and/or oversee the preparation, production and dissemination of communication materials on key project outcomes and institutional development issues (writing and editing press releases, Newsletters, factsheets, brochures, writing and editing content for PRAWA website, and print products for a varied user audience

Manage all external media relationships and seek white space to create the right visibility and association with the brand PRAWA among the public, policy makers and all relevant constituents

Undertake period evaluation of communication campaigns deployed for both project and the corporate brand, PRAWA to assess their effectiveness

Provide technical support in training to assist staff across PRAWA to improve their planning and design of communication and advocacy campaigns; project summaries for publication in journals and newspapers

Provide overall leadership in the design and production of IEC materials, project summaries, information packs, press releases and fact sheets for public education and advocacy purposes

Provide support in developing communication budgets for projects

Write workshop and conference papers, newspaper articles and representation of PRAWA in media events and exhibitions.

Establish a knowledge management system consisting of narratives on program outcomes and experience, media trends about the penal sector that will encourage development of institutional memory practice across PRAWA

Media Consultant
February 2012 - March 2011 (10 months)

Carried out research on thematic issues on the feasibility and viability of community radio stations as a tool for strengthening democracy in Nigeria focusing, in particular, on international best practices;

Made presentations at the national workshop on thematic issues related to the feasibility and viability of community radio stations as a tool for the strengthening of democracy in Nigeria focusing also on international best practices;

Facilitated discussions and deliberations at the technical sessions of the National Workshop on Building Community Radio Stations for Democracy and Development in Nigeria and;

  • Comprehensively examined issues related to improved legislative and regulatory environment for the establishment and operations of community radio in Nigeria

Delivered high quality and well researched papers on specific issues related to building community radio stations for democracy and development in Nigeria;

Made recommendations on improved policy, legislative and regulatory environment for the establishment and operations of community radio stations in Nigeria;

Submitted blueprint (roadmap) for the establishment and operations of six community radio stations in each of the geo political zones of the country

Media Consultant
Nigeria Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative NEITI
August 2011 - March 2012 (8 months)

Produced a 30 Minutes Video Documentary and 10 Minutes Featurrette for the Organization needed as Behaviour Change Communication BCC materials and public enlightenment purposes.

Communication Expert
March 2011 - April 2011 (1 month)

Worked with a team of experts to develop and ratify behaviour change strategy documents and materials for the use of professionals in the Nigerian health system as they concern infants and young children nutrition.

Media Trainer/Producer
BBC Media Action
September 2009 - September 2010 (1 year 1 month)

Identified partners and trainees and assessed partners’ training needs and worked with them to benefit from training activities under ENR, UNICEF and USAID funded projects.

Worked with partner radio and television stations to train their staff in skills necessary to create contents that contribute to the desired behaviour change as contained in relevant thematic message briefs of funding organizations and other strategic documents

Provided mixture of both formal and on the job production training to select USAID, UNICEF, ENR and other funding organizations’ partners covering radio and television production television skills, audience participation in all thematic area coverage.

Provided training in a mixture of journalism skills especially in reporting and editorial guidelines.

Provided insights into relevant content areas especially in thematic areas and trained the partners on how to produce engaging outputs on the particulars themes of projects.

Delivered USAID training activities within agreed timetables to over 130 media practitioners from 36 partner radio and television stations and over 60 CSOs in 7 focal states.

Organized Media Forum for over 500 Journalists/Broadcasters and over 120 CSOs in the USAID Project MESSAGE focal states.

Worked with USAID and other funding organization’ partners such as CSOs to create synergies between them and media practitioners so that the impact of the thematic thrusts of various projects lasted beyond projects’ durations. and budget Led the team that selected the abstracts used for the National Conference on Community Development.

Ensured that all programmes and trainings met BBC editorial and organizational standards and delivered all projects’ objectives

Mentored over 24 Presenter/Producers of Governance Issues related contents in some partner radio and television stations in the USAID Project MESSAGE focal states.

Co – Produced and Directed the following outputs for BBC World Service Trust: STORY STORY, NEBOR MY NEBOR, GATAN GATAN KU, TALK TALK, etc

Chief of Programmes Radio/TV
Confluence Cable Network Limited, Lokoja
August 2007 - September 2009 (2 years 2 months)

Designed and planned the entire programme schedule for the take off of Grace 95.5 FM Radio and Confluence Television Channel 45 UHF [local terrestrial radio and television stations] in Lokoja Kogi State.

Designed, created and supervised the production of all contents for Grace 95.5 FM Radio Lokoja. A private frequency modulated terrestrial radio station with over 20 million listeners spread over 10 North Central and Middle Belt States of Nigeria.

Designed, created and supervised the production of all contents for Confluence Television Channel 45 UHF Lokoja. A private terrestrial television broadcasting on ultra High frequency to over 5 million listeners spread over 5 North Central and Middle Belt States of Nigeria.

Ensured quality control of acquired contents from independent producers and editorial guidelines of all internally generated radio and television contents for the organization.

Supervised and stepped down media content production skills to over 60 staff that worked under me in the programme department.

Head of Station Radio/TV
MINAj Media Group
September 1994 - January 2003 (8 years 5 months)

Supervised the daily operations, editorial and administrative processes of all contents that made broadcast on MINAJ Systems 89.4 FM and MINAJ Systems Television channel 43 Obosi.

Produced programmes received wide acceptability and adjudged successful on pioneer private television station in Nigeria.

Anchored Award winning guest interview programme on MINAJ Systems Television titled: GUEST OF THE WEEK. The programme set agenda for non violence election processes and equal access to all divergent voices and views in Anambra State ever heated polity.

Produced first award winning programme on the first satellite television in Nigeria; MINAJ Broadcast International MBI. The title is “YOUTH ALIVE AND KICKING” [It was the first time the Nigerian Youths 18 – 24 years were giving opportunities to contribute to the national and global debates]


Audiovisual Associate/Visualizer
IITA Ibadan
July 1990 - July 1994 (4 years 1 month)

Created and managed an audio visual library that kept stock of over 5 million photographic slides and other materials that served as support service to research and training activities of the Institute