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Computer warehouse Group (CWG) Plc. was founded on February 1, 2005 to provide coordinating functions and shared services for 3 divisions-CWL Systems, DCC Networks and ExpertEdge Software. DCC Networks began operations in August 1991 as providers of VSAT, Metropolitan, Wide Area Area Network (VSAT), Metropolitan Area Network (Micro Wave Radio) and Local Area Networks (Structure Cabling) to corporate organizations. In September of the same year, CWL Systems was incorporated to undertake hardware projects. Based on existing demands in the area of software solutions, systems and training, another company, ExpertEdge software was acquired and later incorporated in October 1993. Today, these three divisions function under the umbrella of the Computer Warehouse Group Plc. The group has evolved into an IT Powerhouse with a focus on enabling businesses through strategic partnerships with world class organizations. CWG has indeed grown over the years, establishing regional offices in West, East and Central Africa. CWG Ghana Limited (2003), CWG Uganda Limited (2010) and CWG Cameroon Limited (2012) respectively are handling the business interest of these regions. CWG is on a pan African drive to establish additional offices across major cities in sub Saharan Africa.