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Control field offshore suprvisor 300 000
Job Type: Full-Time


From 0 to 2008
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February 2011 - Present Day (6 years 5 months)


  • Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Survey equipment on Company’s vessel
  • Making use of the Survey Systems, particularly the positioning and data acquisition suite
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control of Survey data
  • Daily Operation and maintenance of gyrocompass,Digital Global Positioning System(DGPS) and data acquisition system such as Sub-Bottom Profiler(SBP),Side Scan Sonar(SSS),Magnetometer
  • Interpretation and Implementation of relevant QA/QC procedures(Pre-mobilization and Post-mobilization Procedures)
  • Liasing with Party Chief/Project Manager, obtaining project details and ensuring that all resources required for project is mobilized in goodline prior to mobilization
  • Recording of Survey data
  • Updating of Survey equipment inventory on a regular basis and provide pertinent information and feedback to party chief and Project Manager.
  • Employed offshore as part of a survey team to undertake oil and gas engineering and site surveys onboard Brone Explorer. Also involved in analogue pipeline route and inspection surveys and debris surveys
  • As Field Engineer responsible for provision of seismic data acquisition services in the Nigeria
  • Responsible for the acquisition of borehole seismic services (VSP) and maintenance of the equipment
  • maintenance and compiling comprehensive client reports and for the supervision and

development of field engineers. Services provided internationally with main area of operations in



  • Survey Engineer, Onboard Brone Explorer, Nigeria Port Authority.Wreck&Route Survey (March- April 2011)
  • Seismic Engineer-Mobilization of Survey Systems Equipment for Chevron Funiwa 2D Hires Survey .(May 2011)
  • Calibration,Operation and Maintenance of GeoEel High Resolution 2D Seismic Acquisition System for use with up to a 24,64.96 Streamer Sections Array respectively
  • Calibrated, Operated and Maintained a variety of Analogue Acquisition Systems including various Sub-Bottom Profilers and Side-Scan Sonar’s
  • Deployment and recovery of all Seismic, Geophysical, Geotechnical and Environmental data acquisition equipment
  • Calibrated, operated and maintained a variety of Analogue Acquisition Systems including various Sub-Bottom Profilers and Side-Scan Sonar’s, for use in conjunction with CODA Acquisition/Processing System
  • Installed and Operated Digital High Resolution System
  • Survey Engineer-Mobilization of the Brone Explorer Vessel for Tom Shot Bank Survey.( June 2011)
  • Survey Engineer, Addax Transocean Adriatic-X Rig Move (June ,2011)
  • Seismic Observer, -Total Obongawan Geophysical site Survey (23rd August – 11th September 2011)
  • Survey Engineer, Mobil Ubit Pipeline Route Survey(12th -14th September 2011)
  • Seismic Engineer, Agip 2D Hires Survey and Analogue Survey.(16th September – 19th September 2011)
  • Surveyor/Survey Engineer,Ed-Noble Rig move-Exxon Mobil to Usari FC.(Sept.2011)
  • Surveyor/Survey Engineer,Transocean GSF Baltic Rig move from UNAM to MFEM DA on ExxonMobil oil field
  • Surveyor,AWML Fate and Effect Sampling Study at WFB and FSO on Afren oil field.(Oct.2011)
  • Surveyor/Survey Engineer, Noble Lloyd Noble Rig move to Ubit GJ on Exxon.(Nov.2011)
  • Surveyor Okoro-4 Borehole VSP with Read well Services, Afren Energy Resources (April 2011)
  • Surveyor Okoro-5 Borehole VSP with Read well Services, Afren Energy Resources (March 2011)
  • Navigator Etisong-1 Borehole VSP Positioning with Read well Services, Total Nig. (September 2011)
  • Party Chief/Survey Engineer, Transocean GSF BALTIC1 Rig move to Funiwa Chevron Nigeria Limited oil Field.(Jan.2012)
  • Party Chief/Surveyor, Noble Percy Johns Rig move on Exxon Mobil oil field.(Nov.2011)
  • Party Chief/Navigator,Ed-Noble Rig move to INIM A - ExxonMobil Field.(Dec.2011)
  • Party Chief/Survey Engineer, Transocean GSF Magellan Rig move to UBIT GI on Exxon Mobil Field.(Feb.2012)
  • Party Chief/Surveyor,Positioning Services,Transocean GSF Baltic Rig on Chevron Nigeria Limited oil field,Funiwa.(Feb.2012)
  • Surveyor/Survey Engineer, Onboard Jacscon24 ,Addax Seabed Scan Survey on Addax oil field.(Apr.2012)
  • Surveyor/Survey Engineer, Onboard Jascon24,Addax Route Bathymetric Survey on Addax oil field(Apr.2012)
  • Party Chief/Survey Engineer, Addax GSF Highlsland 7 Rig move to INAGHA 3A in Addax oil field.(May,2012)
  • Seismic Engineer, Onboard Brone Explorer, Chevron 2D High Resolution, Funiwa, Chevron oil field.
  • Positioning Engineer/Surveyor, Noble Percy Johns Rig move to Usari FC on Mobil field.(June,2012)
  • Positioning Engineer/Party Chief,GSF Magellan rig Anchor Handling/Tug Management Systems Rig Positioning from Adua A to East Pin down.(August 2012)
  • Survey Engineer/Surveyor-Noble Ed Noble Rig move on Ubit C on the Mobil oil Field.(August,2012)

  • Positioning Engineer/Surveyor.GSF Magellan Anchor Handling/Tug Management Systems Rig Positioning from Utue to Oyot (26 th July – 17th September,2012)