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Emamuzou Jephtah
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Control system technician
Job Type: Full-Time


From 0 to 2009
Petroleum Training Institute
From 0 to 2005
Petroleum Training Institute
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Instrumentation and Control Supervisor
Daewoo Nigeria Ltd
March 2011 - Present Day (6 years 4 months)
  • Currently working with commissioning engineers, equipment vendors and supervising commissioning technician:

 Function testing and running of pumps’ motors, heaters, fin fans and local control panels, steam turbine/Induction motor driven compressors with their skid/lube oil systems and their instrumentation.

 Implement Cause and Effect (Dynamic function test) test for level control loops, flow control loops, temperature control loops, pressure control loops, machine monitoring system(MMS) loops, process fluid analytical loop, split range control loops, transmitters median and two out of three voting alarm/trip control loops.

 Troubleshooting and configuration of instruments and control loops; tuning of PLCs and digital control valves, validation and testing of set points, alarm & trip points.

 Supervise, analyze the task and ensure project work permit/safety procedures are followed, inspect/solve technical problems, work with/interact and over see the activities of commissioning technicians.

 Review design and modification of P&IDs, instrumentation and control systems, make mark-up/as-built drawing and documentation (RFI and SCR) to Project engineering for corrections and approval.

 Report to Commissioning Manager.

  • Led a team of loop check team performing static function test, calibration, troubleshooting, configuration and validation of alarm and trip points:

 Loop check (static function test) and calibration of Foundation Fieldbus and HART Protocol field control and SIS instruments; process variable transmitters, control valves with Digital Valve Controllers (DVC), MOVs, ON-OFF valves with position transmitters/Limit switches, solenoid valves, transmitters median or two out of three voting alarm/trip points safety control loops.

 Loop check and calibration of process fluid analyzers; Hydrocarbon gas (CH4) analyzers, Flue gases (CO, CO2, O2, H2, H2S, NOx SO2) analyzers, Microwave absorption (oil in water) analyzer, Chromatograph gas analyzers, Water purity and PH analyzers using various buffers and calibrating/span gases.

 Loop check and calibration of Machine Monitoring System (MMS) instruments; temperature elements, vibration switches/transmitters.

 Loop check of Power Management System (PMS); pumps’ motors and fin fans.

 Loop check for safety/ fault alarms; oil mist generator alarm, cathodic alarm, analyzer alarm and safety shower/eye wash alarms.

 Loop check and calibration of Fire and gas detector instruments; manual call points, flame detectors, gas detectors, audio and visual annunciators.

 Loop check and calibration; pressure switches, temperature switches, I/P converters/transducers, switches of local control panels,

 Perform Foundation fieldbus segment fault diagnosis test.

 Plan, organize, follow up, supervise, explain required drawings/documents and discuss task safety procedures with technicians.

 Process and obtains permit to work.

 Report to Pre-commissioning Engineer.

 Documentation and submission of completed loop folders to Pre-Commissioning Engineer.

  • Led an HMI (Yokogawa Centum CS3000 DCS) operator team for Loop check and dynamic function test:

 Validate alarm and trip points.

 Correct face plates configuration and service description.

 Request for correction of DCS graphics according to project specifications.

 Perform trending and tuning.

 Test PRM and AMS software (remote diagnostic systems in the control room) communication with field instruments.

 Test run, monitor and control field instruments including SIS, PMS and MMS instruments.

 Prepare documents for SCR and RFI, and report to project SIS/DCS engineer, DCS/SIS/PMS vendors to effect changes.

  • Worked with completion engineers team performing site inspection:

 Checking process lines, instruments, equipment and panel status.

 Punch clearing.

 Factory acceptance test.

 Assist vendors for punch clearing: troubleshoot, configure, corrective and preventive maintenance.

 Make mark-up drawings for modified systems.

 Report to E&I Manager

Instruments Supervisor
Broad Global Investment Ltd
April 2010 - January 2005 (5 years 1 month)
  • Led and work with a team of Instrument calibration Technicians.

 Bench calibration and configuration of process variable (pressure, level, flow and temperature) transmitters, control valves, position transmitters, proximity switches, pressure switches, temperature switches, level switches, digital plum, On-Off valves, gauges, recorders, pressure transducers,

 In-line calibration of flame detectors and gas (CH4, CO, CO2, O2, H2S, SO2, H2) detectors.

 Assist vendors for In-line calibration of process fluid analyzers; chromatograph gas analyzers, hydrocarbon and flue gas analyzers, oxygen and hydrogen analyzers, microwave absorption analyzers, water purity (conductivity) and PH analyzers.

 Test, configure, and check flow meters/elements against their data sheet; vortex flow meters, turbine flow meters, magnetic flow meters, positive displacement flow meters, orifice plates, thermal mass flow meters.

 Test and adjust the set pressure of pressure relief and safety valves.

 Test for valves’ seats and body leakages.

 Troubleshoot instruments’ electronic boards and replace damaged parts of instruments.

 Proficiently use diagnostic computerised equipment and software; Emerson 375&475 and Beamax MC5 communicators, AMS, Fieldmate, computerized test bench, electrical/pneumatic/hydraulic test and maintenance equipment using low and very high pressure.

 Recommend test, measurement and calibration tools and equipment.

 Plan/organize and analyze test/maintenance and safety procedures for team.

 Document and prepare calibration reports and certificates for calibrated instruments.

 Report to Instrument Engineer.

  • Worked closely with the QA/QC to inspect and supervise different instrument installation teams;

 Installation of instrument and JB stanchions, JBs, cable trays, cables, cable gland, cable termination, instrument impulse lines and air lines, steam trace tubing, public address systems, transmitters, manual call points and horns, insulation resistance test.

 Show teams how to read and interpret plot plans, loop diagram, P&IDs, detail installation drawing and project specifications.

 Ensures safe work practices and project required safety tools and documents are effectively utilized.

 Report to Instrument Engineer.

Calibration Technician (Foreman)
JB Servicing Ent.
February 2006 - January 2010 (4 years 1 month)


 Calibration and certification of test and measuring equipment.

 Corrective maintenance and servicing of test and measuring equipment: multimeters, dead weight tester, hand pumps, regulators, mini compressors,

 Repairs and calibration of instruments: transmitters, temperature elements, gauges, I/P converters/transducers, control valves, pneumatic position transmitters, pressure and temperature recorders, analog multimeters, pressure switches, heaters, motors, controllers.

 Perform leakage tests of tubing

 Set the set pressure of safety and relief valves.

 Perform seat and body leakage tests of valves.

 Service and repair hydraulic/pneumatic test equipments and their control panels and interlocks.

 Purchase and supply of instruments and instruments installation materials to clients.

 Support in training calibration technicians.

 Support in recommending required test, measurement and calibration equipment to clients.

 Support to conduct test and select calibration and loop check technicians for clients.

National Electric Power Authority
October 2004 - January 2005 (4 months)

Power distribution and maintenance;

 Maintenance of low and medium voltage power supply lines, step-down transformers and bus bar. Change fuses, broken cables and electric poles, install transformers and trace fault lines from distribution sub stations to transmission stations.