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About Us DELMAS NIG Ltd became operational in 2014. Plastic injection molding manufacturer Protoplast Inc. develops a new manufacturing technology that combines injection molding and blow molding in one process. One of Protoplast’s key automotive customers had a problem. The automotive supplier needed a new type of air duct made, but the part couldn’t be manufactured using conventional injection molding systems or with standard blow molding techniques. Inspired by the challenge, Protoplast’s research and development organization came up with a solution: a process that could manufacture the part by combining both injection and blow molding. Called Injection Transfer Blow, the new manufacturing technology combines the accuracy of injection molding with the flexible variability of blow molding in one process. Not only did the new technology satisfy the needs of the automotive customer, it has enabled Protoplast to identify many new applications, including air induction ducts, constant velocity joint boots, protection for suspension components, and other under-the-hood applications. Moreover, since the success of the initial automotive project, which began in 2000, the company has made 12 different variations of injection blow air ducts. By the end of 2013, Protoplast was working on a version of Injection Transfer Blow for hightemperature environments. The breakthrough represented by Injection Transfer Blow has resulted in a number of business process improvements within the company, including: Improved cycle times in comparison to other molding techniques; Greater control of part diameters; Less risk of debris entering an air flow part; Improved customer comfort through sound insulation and reduction; Creation of lighter-weight parts; and Use of recyclable thermoplastic materials.