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Director, people & culture west africa 13 000
Job Type: Part-Time


From 0 to 2004
Lagos State University
From 0 to 2000
Delta State University Abraka
From 0 to 1997
OgunState Polytechnic Abeokuta
No added languages


Director, People & Culture West Africa
July 2008 - Present Day (9 years 1 month)

Organizational and space planning

Organization development

Employment and compliance to regulatory concerns;

Employee orientation, development, and training

Policy development and documentation

Employee relations

Company-wide committee facilitation

Employee safety, welfare, wellness and health

Social and Corporate responsibility

Employee services and counseling.

Originates and leads Human Resources practices and objectives that will provide an employee-oriented, high performance culture that emphasizes empowerment, quality, productivity and standards, goal attainment, and ongoing development of a superior workforce.

Coordinates implementation of services, policies, and programs through Human Resources staff and reports the CEO and serves on the executive management team; and assists and advises company managers about Human Resources issues.

Develop and maintain appropriate talent and leadership development strategy that addresses the business needs and aligning with regional guidelines.

Forecast and budget for the talent requirements of the Region based on business strategy and develop a talent sourcing strategy that will meet current and future requirements.

Develop and maintain retention strategies based on market trends and exit procedures to minimize the impact of regrettable losses on the business.

Participate in and prepare report on Talent Review to ensure that there is adequate Talent to meet up with Top Team Successors and future business requirement .

Ensure that appropriate key controls are in place through which talent strategy implementation and performance can be measured.

Deliver on agreed Regional projects to ensure on time and full and timely benefits delivery benefits as set out

Develop Recruitment and selection policies, tools and assessment methodologies and ensure consistent application across West Africa while developing capability within HR & other business areas.

Develop profitable network of recruitment agencies for timely capacity engagement and maintain a huge database for reference in recruitment.

Manage resourcing plans- job boards and portals, external recruitment trackers and talent dashboard to ensure delivery against strategic talent areas

Develop and manage leadership interventions to equip leaders for current and future leadership positions .

Provide Strategic and operational direction for HR process

Manage the Management Trainee Academy to ensure the availability of sufficient world-class future wave talent for the business

Setting criteria for identifying and developing key talents and benchmarking such criteria for the organizations to provide reliable and valid talent information to identify key areas of opportunity to enhance talent pool.

Responsible for the delivery of the Strategic Leadership Agenda by active involvement in the execution of the people component and driving business influence

Partner with key stakeholders inside and outside the region to ensure the talent agenda is driven as a business priority. Leverage on the regionally and Globally available resources to become a Trusted Advisor for the business.

Manage the HR budget in the most effective manner delivering on all key results areas and

possibly under budget

Champion roll out of all HR Projects across WEst Africa

Responsible for various Employee Surveys and result

Develop and manage HRIS database for West Africa


Successfully led key HR projects which resulted in the region being rated one of the bests

Rolled out the new business initiatives relevant to HR process

Spearhead the launching of extra activities that increased Staff engagement - sporting activities and

external tournament, reward and recognition

Facilitate the new HR direction across West Africa

Member of the merger and integration team to communicate the new business direction across West


Fully involved in documentation and processes of the Merger

Labor negotiation with Union Leaders during the merger- Nigeria, Senegal, Cameron Labor

representation of the Company at the Labor tribunal with success at the two cases against the


Developed policy and system documents- Health and Safety doc, Occupational Health Doc, HIV

policy, corporate culture doc etc

Oversee the Employee Engagement project

Championed the Human Resources Information System Across West Africa including data

collection and maintaining the data base

Reduced Recruitment cost through the use of personal network and URL

Initiated Mentoring and Coaching platform

Responsible for Employee Survey staff participation

Managed team of HR professionals and outsourcing vendors

Oversee the Audit Dept and introduced financial audit process

Facilitated and trained new business tools on tight time line across West Africa

Relaunch Knowledge sharing platform through the weekly in house training to boost

presentation ability and develop future leaders

Introduced Counseling and sharing time with Staff on any subject

Continuous facilitation and integration of the new business direction.

Continuous implementation of new direction, policies, approaches, tools, systems across the


Group HR Head
February 2008 - July 2008 (6 months)

Establish a virile and enduring system

Conflict management

Oversee the IT unit

Handle the trainee ship program to bridge the talent gap that exist in the industry

Constant review of operations and policies to comply with best practice

Set and harmonize target across the subsidiaries

Manage the Human capital of eight companies

Conduct training needs analysis

Writing, interpreting and executing policies

Vendor management

Strategic HR Planning

Develop the organizational human resources strategy in compliance with corporate group strategy

Design the group human resources department structure, positions and process system in

compliance to its strategic mandate

Review, amend and draft job description and qualifications required for the staff of the group

human resources department

Administer all HR Process

Prepare HR budget and ensure the activities within budget.

Provide technical & Professional Advice for Legal Representative for legal proceedings related to


Organize meetings with Management, plans for manpower as per requirements.

Set up the working methodology for succession planning analysis, implementation and monitoring Develop the recruitment and selection process to include: Appointment /Confirmation / Termination / Resignation

Decide recruitment channels.

Review and analyze the group subsidiaries: Jobs / roles Salaries, ranking and benefit system

Formulate effective Performance Appraisal Policy, Procedures and ensure its compliance. Set up policies and procedures for the treatment of employees horizontal and vertical inter-organizational conflicts

Enhance Organization communications

Ensure proper management of Staff amenities and occupational and health safety Training and staff Development -Identify the areas for development Explore the new skills to enhance productivity Set up Human Resources Management Information Systems

Event planning

All administrative processes


Realign the compensation and benefits to match the industry standard

Reposition the HR Department by confirming employment, conduct Employee Audit

Develop the condition of service

Developed new performance management system

Company had challenge with retention, with new HR programs, Staff turnover reduced

Introduce end of week town hall activities that engender greater bonding and engagements

Develop a formularised spread sheet for computing and analyzing Compensation and benefits

Set up the ERP for HR administration

Set up the health insurance plan for Staff

Oversee Staff welfare package by constituting a committee to review the process

Manage the team of eight HR Representatives from the seven subsidiaries in the group office

Set up the Pension Fund Account in accordance with labor requirement

Head of HR & Admin
June 2006 - December 2007 (1 year 7 months)

Foster and coach others to build an environment to encourage continuous learning and growth

allowing for sustaining levels of high productivity.

Develop systems and provide leadership to supervisors and employees in programs that support

good performance, including annual appraisals, discipline and discharge, coaching, and all related


Conduct exit interviews, analyze data and make recommendations for continuous improvement

Support activities to build and sustain a desired workplace culture

Investigate employee related issues in a timely and sensitive manner

Coordinate HR activities and support employees in multiple sites.

Assist with employee recognition events, annual picnics or holiday parties as necessary

Work with managers to forecast future skill needs and staffing plan

Responsible for designing and implementing recruiting and hiring processes.

Job design and description and role determination

Develop internal programs and coordinate attendance at external programs for employee training

and development.

Provide leadership in the development of training needs assessment, curriculum content and new

hire orientation programs.

Risk Management and Compliance

Coordinate claim activities directly or with third party providers.

Actively participate on Safety compliance and makes appropriate recommendations.

Plan and Budget for HR and Administrative related cost centers.

Define procedures and process

Monitor and evaluate for compliance

Talent attraction and assimilation

HR Information system

Oversee IT related Unit

Preparation of High level correspondence

Member of debt recovery Team

Other Functions

Reports directly to the CEO

Performs a variety of human resources generalist tasks, including administrative duties and

supervision of administrative activities

Recommend new approaches, policies, and procedures to effect continual improvements in

efficiency of HR department and services performed

Cost management.

Conflict and crisis management.

Interaction with high net worth clients.

Document control supervision develop and maintain a standard filling and record filling system

Supervises operational procedure / project management.

Represents in high level functions speech delivery

Secretary to the Management meeting

High level negotiation on behalf of the Company

Policy formulation, execution and continuity

Handling queries from high net worth clients

Goal setting Monitoring and evaluation


Set up the HR Department

Write and Develop the Condition of service

Develop the performance appraisal management

Initiate the automation of HR process

Set up the Pension Fund Account for Staff in accordance with labor requirement

Set up disciplinary and grievance procedure for the Organization

Involve in sales activities and Client sourcing

Attend to Client and answer queries regarding the products of the Organization and other queries


Reduce cost on administrative expenses- by introducing due diligence in all purchases with

vendors and also by direct purchase from manufacturer or distributors with after sales service


Monitor legal requirement and compliance

Successfully deliver all project under budget

Design the performance Appraisal document

Introduce attendance and punctuality monitoring system

July 2000 - July 2006 (6 years 1 month)

All HR Routine functions

Set up of HR Information system

Updating staff database

Computation of Benefits and compensation

Preparation of staff payroll

Determinant of compensation and benefits issue

Handles promotion, succession plan and ensure good working relationship

Recruitment and Staffing

Advert placement in the media

Short listing of candidate.

Determining requirements and competences

Coordinates Staff and supervises office activities.

Relationship management

Conflict resolution internal and industrial

Negotiation as per condition of service

Traveling for situation assessment on outside fields

Community relationship management- maintaining cordial coexistence with host community

Maintains relationship with relevant agencies

Organize of programs Organizes quarterly seminars, workshops and write comprehensive report on


Putting logistics in place

Receiving of guests, lodging, and welfare

Traveling arrangements

Plan, budget for end of the year activities e.g. parties, gifts etc

Training and facilitation

Speaking to small groups

Speech delivery in representation capacity and by invitation

Traveling on tour to speak to people in remote and urban areas

Preparation of training plan and budget and analyzing the impact of training(s)

Policy development and execution and review where necessary

Talent recognition and retention

Change management – reorganization , relocation managem ent, Office arrangement etc

Record management from entry to exit

Facility Management –maintains, supervises usage of com pany's properties

Project Management

Supervise construction, disbursement of fund and screening of vendors

Accounting Responsibilities

Prepare income and expense account Report

Prepare loan and advances

Prepare salaries and wages

Prepare monthly income and expense report

Post into ledger all income and expenses

Generate cash flow analysis when needed

Maintain the data base

Prepare financial report for Board meeting


Set up and launch the implementation of the accounting package

Automate some Processes

Administer the Office in the absence of the Vice President

tract Staff on condition of serviceField trips for project monitoring and presence

Evaluate progress of fund released for vocation or trade and community projects

Conduct community project/ Social Corporate Responsibility in the host environment in the city

Plan seminars, workshops and end of year event including budget and reporting Other general top level administrative duties

Field work Achievements

Introduced and emphasize Education for the female child

Help source for surrogate families to adopt the female child for opportunity to be educated

Enlarge the operation of the Organization by inviting more Affiliates and Volunteers to get

involve in Charity operation of the Organization

Collaborate successfully with Affiliates and Volunteers

Source for funds, grants, aids and medical aids locally to;

Build Schools, about Ten schools in every locations visited

Provide medic aid- Drugs, source for doctors who performed surgeries on those who need it and

free medical attention

Provide Empowerment through vocational training

Provide educational materials

Source for teachers and vocational trainers to empower the unreached people group especially the

female gender to create jobs

Provide amenities- bore hole water, bikes for transportation

Work and live among the people for few times for encouragement and influence

Introduced Health talk on the ravaging scourge of HIV/AIDS ,process for protect or report when


Travel to the locations for visit and evaluation

Introduce effective and better way of getting work done

Acted as the Lagos zonal head for other Affiliates outside the Word Alive Int'l

May 1998 - September 1999 (1 year 5 months)
  • Customer care­improving patronage. •Administration – enhance efficiency.
  • Handles correspondence write report, answers customers queries •Handles telephone related –face inquiries
  • Ensure Customers satisfaction
  • Process their entitlement(s) on the policy


Ensure backlog of Client inquiries are completely treated

Receive commendation from Clients