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Document Controller 350 000
Job Type: Full-Time , open to relocation


From 0 to 2004
Federal University of Technology, Owerri
From 0 to 2014
Angelia Ruskin, UK
From 0 to 2013
Nzi Corporation, Boston
From 0 to 2013
Capable People, UK


Document Controller/Person In-Charge (PIC), ID Card & Barging Unit (Contract, Security Department)/Senior Document Controller/Desktop Support Analyst
Prime Service, FZE
October 2012 - Present Day (4 years 9 months)
  • Documentation and information management procedures
  • Document control system design
  • Engineering and technical document review/approval workflows
  • Document control in-house support training
  • Performs routine document control functions
  • Corporate and projects document management
  • Develop training materials for company document control and engineering teams
  • Conduct training in-house as needed
  • Develop interactive and automotive MDR / Vendor Document Registers (VDR) by creating Interactive Functions (using Visual Basic)
  • Create programmable formulae’s & OLE into the MDR / VDR
  • Versatile with different EDMS to mention but a few include ProDom, Documentum, LiveLink / Assai, e‐Room, e‐Quest, GeD & DMZs, HyperOffice and TeamBinder and recently Aconex
  • Write and issue project specific document control procedure, templates
  • Work with the project manager and discipline engineers to populate the MDR with deliverables
  • Work with project manager to generate and issues document numbers to deliverables
  • Prepare and issue minute of meeting (MoM) according to distribution matrix
  • Update MDR with incoming and outgoing project documents.
  • Ensure that deliverables received from DE and RP are properly numbered
  • Ensure accurate and timely transmission of deliverables with the aid of a distribution matrix
  • Ensure that approved documents and drawings to be transmitted are of standard
  • Adhere strictly to clients’ projects documentation control and numbering specification
  • Expedite and maintain acknowledgements to transmittals
  • Expedite responses to transmittals sent for review/comment.
  • Respond to queries regarding revision status of issued drawings / documents from engineering / drafting personnel.
  • Follow procedures and update document control procedures when necessary
  • Manage the electronic and hard copy filing of project related technical documentation
  • Coordinate all activities related to the Document Control procedure, including technical documents, drawings, and commercial correspondence.
  • Input document data into the standard registers ensuring that the information is accurate and up to date.
  • Generate the various document control reports as required.
  • Makes sure that controlled copies of latest approved documents and drawings are given to the appropriate staff, subcontractors and suppliers as applicable
  • Maintain updated records of all approved documents and drawings and their distribution clearly
  • Maintain the files and control logs as required by the project.
  • Preparation / documentation of packages - invitation to tender (ITT), Technical Bid Tabulations (TBTs), recommendation to award Documentation, unpriced offers, unpriced purchase orders (POs) from IFR to AFC to Awards of Contract POs
  • Attend various meetings (Bid clarification meetings, Pre-Award meetings) with Vendors on site and also via Video Conferences
  • Develop interactive and automotive MDR / Vendor Document Registers (VDR) by creating programmable Functions (using Visual Basic) and inserting interactive formulas & OLE into MDR / VDR to manage each vendor packages
  • Create, manage and update supplier document distribution matrix (SDDM) for each package and vendors
  • Follow strictly on supplier scope of supply (SR) and determine which document goes to subcontractor & CPY for review and or for Information
  • Send document control template, procedures and others relevant document to vendor on award of contract to enable vendor populate and submit supplier document register (SDS) for review
  • Liaise with vendors and expediter for timely submission of all documents as mentioned in the VDR
  • Receive vendor documents from the quality control engineers and duly stamp the approval status
  • Obtain the vendor recommendations for spare parts for the next three years operation and maintain a record of the interchangeable parts. Follow up with the vendors to submit the same. Distribute this spare part interchangeability record to the concerned discipline and to the client for approval
  • Notify package engineers of return comment from company; notify vendor of Return comment from CPY & Package Engineers for incorporation and Consolidated comments, TQs, and purchase specifications etc. to Vendors
  • Interface with the vendor and obtain the descriptions necessary to be provided in the vendor document register. (e.g. date of submittal, vendor document number, number of vendor revisions. Also maintain file for the attached purchase orders from the vendor on receipt of the vendor documents along with the reference of the transmittals distribute to the respective engineers and quality engineers for review
  • Maintain records of shipping notifications and follow up with the vendor to submit the final document of the purchase order
  • Sequentially file all the incoming documents and enclosures from the client according to the transmittal number. On request send vendor documents to the client for review. All comments received from client are communicated immediately to the vendor
  • Update supplier document requirement List (SDRL) for each Package / Vendor
  • Interfacing with lead package Engineers for package documentation and also follow up document control issues with client and vendors
  • Handle electronic transmittal to company & Vendors via DMZ and HyperOffice and update SDS for each packages
  • Upload Deliverable and Return comments to TeamBinder
  • Training of Subcontractor document controller on project specific procedures to be able to be in line with project document control requirement
  • Assisting in preparation, assembly, transmission and upload of construction / Engineering Work Packs (CEWP) and Engineering document control
  • Setup, operates and managed a functional Site Engineering Library and Site document control centre
  • Preparations, distribution, upload of Construction / Engineering Workpack & workshop drawings
  • Establish and coordinate schedule for creating databases for tracking all technical and non-technical documents and provide status update on a regular basis. Receive technical drawings from various discipline engineers and accurately fill the technical document register reflecting details of the documents to be submitted to the client. Transmittals are prepared as per instructions by the client and may vary from client to client. Assign transmittals to each document and sequentially file all incoming and outgoing transmittals.
  • Prepare, issue, implement answers and close-out technical interface sheets and technical queries, comment sheets
  • Responsible for proper upkeep of all documents pertaining to project correspondences between the clients and the vendors including all technical, non-technical, vendor, construction and final project dossiers. Archive on both paper and electronic copies for formal transmittal to client and vendors
  • Distribute internally the copy of the transmittals and the project quality plan according to the distribution matrix assigned. Receive reviewed documents from the client and make respective log entries and assign the approval codes for the commented drawings in TDR (Technical Document Register). Also transfer these approvals internally and externally as per the project distribution matrix
  • Revise all documents and the allotted transmittal numbers for each stage of the vendor drawings. Ensure the vendor documents are duly filled and sent to reflect the latest updates
  • Assist the planning engineer in preparing the progress of the document reports. Log all incoming correspondences like faxes, emails and reference numbers
  • Ongoing requirement of the role requires assigning transmittals for all specific instructions received from the client. Also internally distribute to the discipline engineers the exception report when clients don’t review the documents
  • Scanning and conversion of project deliverables into PDF and other formats and Ensures that deliverables received from disciplines are properly numbered
  • Ensure that approved documents and drawings to be transmitted are of standard
  • Adhere strictly to clients’ projects documentation control and numbering specification
  • Develop an e-document center with hyperlinks for a easy point-and click-access to documents
  • Map the e-document center to each work station to eliminate download and storage of document individually by users.
  • Prepare, populate and update Site Technical Interface Register weekly.
  • Prepare and distribute Weekly Minute of Meeting (MoM), monthly reports, memos and letters.
  • Update MDR Weekly / Case by Case
  • Registering of internal and external documents
  • Maintain document control registers / documents for incoming and outgoing project documents
  • Ensure that the latest revision and approval status of drawings is kept updated continuously
  • Maintain stick files in an orderly manner
  • Production of status reports for weekly / monthly meetings
  • Ensure all hard and electronic copy distribution of controlled documents to focal point
  • Maintain documents for transmittal process for project documents
  • Expedite and maintain acknowledgements to transmittals
  • Expedite responses to transmittals sent for review/comment
  • Respond to queries regarding revision status of issued drawings / documents from engineering / drafting personnel
  • Follow procedures and update document control procedures when necessary
  • Manage the electronic and hard copy filing of project related technical documentation
  • Scanning, creations of CD’s and file manipulation
  • Assure document quality to include completeness, accuracy and compliance with established procedures and updates
  • Filing and archiving of documentation to facilitate easy retrieval at a later date
  • Auditing
  • Sending of drawing transmittals and submittals
  • Ensuring that drawing transmittals are acknowledged in case there is a dispute on whether the drawings were transmitted
  • Manage the document/drawing review process, Internal and External
  • Archiving data for historical purposes

Network Management:

  • Setting up & managing local area network / wide area network to maintain maximum network uptime

System Administration:

  • Installing, administration, maintaining various software and hardware devices in networked environment

Technical Support:

  • Troubleshooting problems pertaining to performance tuning, network administration, application conflicts and system bugs
  • Providing technical support to every department, taking part in weekly meetings with management & users to discuss the status for peacefully workflow the system
  • Addressing queries regarding the Information System / Software & extending onsite support to the clients including maintenance of hardware / software
  • Maintaining, upgrading software/hardware, adding/ deleting users, monitoring network security, monitoring network performance, preventive maintenance hardware, etc
  • Responsible to coordinate documentation within Project Management Team and EPIC Contractors in order to ensure all project technical and non-technical documents are kept in the right place for easy access to authorized personnel
  • Develop, updates and maintain the Master Document Register for project documentations
  • Coordinate transfer of Document for Operations, Early Deliverable and Final Deliverable information packages to Operations in line with the agreed milestone delivery dates
  • Identify and advise the Project Management Team any issues that could potentially impact final documentation quality, cost or schedule
  • Receive and distribute project documents among the Project Management Team; and submitting documents to appropriate project engineers for review / comments / approval
  • Ensure all transmitted (outgoing/incoming) project related documents carry the right transmittal number
  • Ensure all outgoing / incoming project technical documents are well checked and log into the Electronic Documentation Management System (EDMS) for easy tracking and future references
  • Establish and maintain project filing index system for technical engineering documents; e.g. drawings, procedures and specifications, method statements, technical queries, operations and maintenance manuals, training manuals, manufacturing data books, plant certification packages, periodic reports, variation orders, letters, memos, faxes and others
  • Perform regular audit on project technical documents in order to ensure that all documents are properly submitted to responsible project engineers for review / comments / approval
  • Ensure revision control is accurately maintained for project technical documentation
  • Work with EPIC Contractor Document Controllers and VENDORS to ensure in all sites where there is Project Management Team (PMT), the document control process is being managed and operated in accordance with Project Procedures
  • Prepare project DCC weekly report
  • Ensure all documents and drawings are provided with transmittals are provided to client(s) where appropriate.
  • To also update the Late Document Register and forward a copy to the Planner engineer and other senior personnel and issue transmittal.
  • Ensure that changes and current revision status of document are identified.
  • Ensure that relevant versions of applicable documents are available at the point of use
  • Ensure that documents of external origin determined by organization to be necessary for planning and operation of the quality management system are identified and their distribution controlled
  • Completeness of company Filing and Archiving system (hard copies and soft copies)
  • Receiving, copying, distributing, registering, filing and archiving incoming documents, drawings, CD-ROMS etc
  • Preparing, packing, registering, copying, filing, sending, and archiving outgoing letters, packages, transmittals, documents, drawings, CD-ROMS etc
  • Spelling, grammar, lay-out (CPY in-house template) and compliance to company standards of outgoing correspondence and documents.
  • Development, control and improvement of lay-out (in-house template, MS Word templates) of company documents
  • Assistance of tender preparation
  • Co-ordination of print and check print documents
  • Coordination of document numbering
  • Ensure that documents remain legible and readily identifiable
  • Follow up on project discipline Engineers on response to client's comments procedure as per IDC (Inter-discipline Check) dates in the MDR
  • Maintaining accurate records of all technical documentation produced by vendors and company
  • Maintain an electronic document management system
  • Centralize document storage for easy document retrieval. This reduced the number of lost documents and duplicate versions while maintaining efficiency
  • Manage access to documents and prevent the creation of conflicting versions of a single document and other problems.
  • Allow multiple parties access to the same documents at the same time.
  • Create a log for document users.
  • Develop a standard for you edit / revise a document and create versions of documents that provide a history of document changes.
  • Create editorial standards which cover all aspects of the appearance and set guidelines to make the documents appear uniform and neat.
  • Create a Manuals / Procedures with rules for easy reference by all employees specifying the use of fonts, spacing, colors, grammar, and other editorial issues.
  • Maintain a complete register of all procedures and associated documentation as a master file copy for system continual improvement and compliance.
  • Generate document numbering system to be followed by discipline engineers. In conjunction with discipline engineers create a title block for drawing and got approval from Maintenance Planning Manager
  • Write and implement Project Document Control Procedures
  • Create master document register (MDR) for each package
  • Form, generate and assign number to documents in the MDR
  • Manage / update MDR on a case-by-case basis
  • Receive weekly progress report from contractor
  • Distribute weekly report according to distribution matrix
  • Distribute monthly report according to matrix
  • Follow-up overdue document from subcontractor
  • Follow up overdue document from discipline engineer
  • Set function / programmed managed automotive & interactive MDRs
  • Generate weekly in-house DC reports
  • Create & Maintain Project Master Document Register
  • Maintain control of electronic and hard-copy documents pertaining to business activities that achieves compliant and up-to-date documentation system
  • Provide administrative support for Quality Management Team activities to achieve objectives and key performance indicators
  • Administer and control required documentation within the selected document management system of the company according to standard operating procedures
  • Maintain specification/Procedural/Form administration within the Quality Management system of the business
  • Work in conjunction with training facilitators/providers to ensure all amendments to policies, procedures and standard documentation are captured accordingly
  • Ensure all documentation records are correctly filed and stored as per archive procedures
  • Maintain a complete register of all procedures and associated documentation as a master file copy for system continual improvement and compliance
  • Ensure compliant document approval system to maintain document integrity at all times
  • Actively participate in work group, consultative committee, safety and other meetings as appropriate
  • Presentation of weekly safety talks
  • Perform other duties as specified by the quality management systems manager
  • Designing and production of various categories of ID Badges used within MPN
  • Production of Integrated Security Systems (ISS) ID Badges for access doors
  • Documentation of all ID Badges issuance
  • Provide expert assistance to Unit Heads in perfecting computer-related duties
  • In-house Computer/Applications instructor on Lotus Notes, Internet/Intranet, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access
  • Assist Security Executives in preparing Presentations using MS PowerPoint, Spreadsheet using MS Excel, and other related duties as assigned
  • Provide Technical Support in computer applications to the following units (Issues Management unit, Operations unit, Finance unit and Technical Security unit) in Security Department

Additional information

About Me

Academic Qualifications:

  • Online, Angelia Ruskin University, United Kingdom
  • MBA – Project Management (March 2013 – program ongoing)
  • Federal University of Technology, Owerri. Nigeria
  • Higher National Diploma (HND), Information / Communication Technology (ICT) – 2004

Other Qualifications/Certifications:

  • ISO 9001, 30301 QMS Certified Document Controller
  • SAP – ERP BASIS, MM Functional Consultant (Certification Training, ongoing)
  • Professional Diploma, Institute of Data Processing Management (IDPM)
  • Ordinary National Diploma (OND), Business Administration, School of Accountancy and Business Studies, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. Nigeria
  • West African Examination Council (WAEC)

Professional Membership:

  • Professional Member - AIIM 2013


  • NZI Corporation & Trendnet Technologies. Systems Applications & Products – Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP-ERP) Workshop (Lagos, Nigeria)
  • Cadac Organice APAC and Fastman Consulting & Services (Port Harcourt, Nigeria). Seminar topic: Leveraging SharePoint for Engineering Document Management and Control. AIC Quality Services (in collaboration with Aconex) (Port Harcourt, Nigeria). Seminar Topic: How to Implement an Electronic Document Management System in a Construction Project
  • Microsoft / Fastman Consulting & Solutions(Port Harcourt, Nigeria). Seminar Topic: Benefits of Enterprise Content Management (ECM)to organization’s in Information Management
  • Consepsys Information Management (Lagos, Nigeria). Seminar Topic: The Role of Information Professionals in Records Management
  • SGS Inspection Services Nigeria Limited (Lagos, Nigeria). Seminar Topic: How to improve document distribution, reduce paperwork and comply with ISO standards for documentations

Software Competencies:

  • EDMS: Prodom, Assai/Live Link, TeamBinder, HyperOffice, DMZ, GeD, e-Room, Aconex
  • Day-to-Day: PDF / A, Primavera, AutoCAD (engineering drawings), Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Access, Word, FrontPage, Project, Visio, PowerPoint, Outlook), Adobe Illustrator, Visual Basic, Adobe Photoshop CS, Adobe Elements, CorelDraw, Ulead Video Studio (video editing), Lotus Notes, Macromedia Dreamweaver (for Web designing, content management).

Special Courses Attended

  • Lotus Notes Training
  • Fire Warden Training
  • Safety Passport
  • First Aid Training
  • Core Asset Incident Investigation (CAIIT) Workshops / Training
  • Integrity Core Values Training, Safety / Security Incident Trending Workshop
  • Kidnap Response Training. Evasive/Defensive Awareness Driving Techniques
  • Instructional Techniques Course

Personality Profile:

  • Pleasant / Friendly Personalities
  • Basic Knowledge of French (written & reading)
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to work under pressure, with less supervision
  • Dynamics interpersonal relationship

Hobbies/ Interests:

  • Surfing the Internet
  • Reading
  • Fitness
  • Computer Maintenance/Networking

References on request