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Document Controller
Job Type: Full-Time


From 0 to 2009
University of Ibadan
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Document Controller
Asset Management Group
January 2013 - Present Day (4 years 7 months)

 Daily routine activities of Document Control, including distribution of documents, maintaining electronic folders and directories, tracking and retrieval of documents and drawings.

 Maintain registers of all receipts and issues or submissions of documents and correspondence.

 Expedite the return of documents and approvals or comments within the required time period from internal and external parties to whom they have been issued or distributed.

 Ensure the effective running of the day-to-day operations of the document center.

 Hands on experience in identifying, sorting of Documents and drawings (data sheets, standards, isometrics, manuals etc.) as per ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, EDMS & QMS.

 Ability to plan, organize, lead and coordinate the Document Control function within our multidisciplinary group, in order to meet the needs of the projects, proposals and Company’s quality requirements and timely deadlines (milestones).

 Register, log, distribute, track, issue, maintain and control office and site project documents and drawings.

 Coordinate the activities of Document Control, including distribution of documents, tracking and reporting on document review progress.

 Assist with the implementation, management and administration of the electronic document management system.

 Perform document control & Quality management activities.

 Maintain procedures for maintaining documents and manage change control of documents.

 Reporting on the performance of the document control system for review and as a basis for improvement of the documents control system.

 Ensure that Project Team and contractors comply with the document management system process and procedures.

 Work closely and liaise with contractors’ document control group in all matters relating to document control.

 Maintain document logs for correspondence, material approval submittals, shop drawing, RFI (incoming & outgoing).

 Receiving and distributing all documents. Preparation transmittal sheets for Inspection Requests, Material & Shop drawing submittals and Filing etc.

 To ensure compliance with quality assurance requirements at all time.


 Receive and distribute project documents and drawings based on the Document Distribution Matrix to the right department and right person (action parties) as per agreed procedure after Project Manager’s Review.

 Receive, record, log, scan and distribute all project documents, shop drawings and other submittals.

 Ensure the correct stamping all documents or drawings in accordance with the prevailing document control procedures.


 Maintain records of documents and drawings in hard copies and electronic files and monitor the revisions and approval status thereof.

 To maintain the record of all controlled documentation – issue, status and location.

 Record of Drawings , Method Statement , Material Submittals , Sample Submittals , RFIs , RRFIs , NCRs , Contracts, LOIs , Payment Certificates, Documents of Civil , Mechanical , Instrumentation, Electrical, Piping, Structural Documents, Drawings, Specifications, Calculation Sheets and Data Sheets, Progress Reports, Survey Reports, Soil Investigation Reports etc.


 Scan and store the approved shop drawings in the database so that the project team can access.

 Keep current hard copies and file supersede version.


 Document distribution by Transmittal System as per Document distribution Matrix for Hard copy and Electronic Document Transfer.

File / Store

 To file all project documents : project wise, date wise, subject wise, sender wise with sequence.

 Maintain, record and control the library of relevant procedures, codes & standards, specifications and reference documents, contract documents, within the secure document control area.

 Maintains and controls filing system, Construction documents, Requisitions, Purchase orders, Invoices, etc.


 Ensure that all documents are issued with the transmittal system.

 To maintain accurate record of the receipt and issue of transmittals.

Archives & Retrieve

 Manage archive activities for controlled documents and validation of files.

Document Audit

 Standard Document Control function, i.e. Track the creation, update, approval and versions of documents of all types, ensure compliance with Quality Management Systems, become the focal point with regard to document tracking and distribution.

 Tracking of documents and drawings in accordance with the approved procedures.

Project Support

 Review and proofread documents for consistency of document format and system concerns.

Prepare reproduction of documents if needed.

 Prepare reports & Memorandum.

 Provides assistance to the Contract Advisor and Procurement Specialist for the distribution of contracts, procurement bid packages, and subsequent clarifications and analyses, both within the design team and with contractors.

 To organize copies of hard & softcopy documents, incoming and outgoing.

 Assists with tracking, quality control, and filing of project deliverables

 Implement contingency plan and disaster recovery measures

 General archive administration(shelving, filling, and retrievals of records/documents, weeding & disposition of records)

 Work with clients to manage their vital records and recommend/ implement proper procedure for their protection

 Coordinate and supervise temporary staff

 Oversee the administration of the company