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Drilling engineeg 250 000
Job Type: Full-Time


From 0 to 2006
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January 2009 - Present Day (8 years 7 months)
  • Leasing ,Maintenance and Service of Mobile Air Compressors, Buster Pumps, Transfer Pumps, Chemical Injection pumps(texsteam pumps), Pressure pumps, Motor pumps and Generators together with maintenance technical assistance.
  • Coordinating the Starting, Stoppage or Load variation of machineries in accordance with approved operating and safety procedures.
  • Monitoring of Equipment efficiency level and working out of maintenance schedules.
  • Handling machinery Emergency situations and taking necessary measures to normalcy.
  • Hourly Data collection & Preparation of Machinery running hours, Speeds in percentages, including Machinery Data Statistics.
  • Routine Setting of Machineries β€˜on Load, on Stand-by, on Idle, and Schedule for maintenance.
  • Generator checks like Topping of Lub. Oil, Fault Detection, Alarm and Signal Reading and interventions.
  • Preparation of Daily/Monthly/Annual Maintenance Activities Reports to My company and Partners.
  • Oil Flow Station Revamping job, Mechanical assembles, Flow line construction and Maintenance/interventions, Elimination of leakage from Flanges, Pumps, and Valves, including Installation and flow line Clamping jobs, Replacement of bad Fittings, Manifold construction and Modification. Preparation of Piping /Instrumentation upgrades or as built proposals.
  • Recommendations to Partners on Equipment Selection, Training of Partners Personnel and Hand Over.
  • Installation and Servicing of Gas Metering Systems, like Orifice, Ventury Tubes, Pilot tubes , Crude Oil Manual Delivery Meters and Auto Samplers.
  • Making of Maintenance Material requests and Budget proposals and Defense.
  • Fields inspection visits.
  • Mechanical assembles: Replacement and repair of wellhead facilities.
  • To assist other Departments and Contractors on particular Operation jobs.
  • Quick intervention for leakage and Spillage at Wellheads and Pipeline.
  • Light maintenance of Xmas trees and valves.
  • Keeping Wellheads and Cellar pits clean from Oil.
  • Oil Location flow line construction, X-RAY and Pressure testing/Flow Line Commissioning.
  • Installation of flow line Valves, Flanges, Flow Lines River crossing, and Tie-in.
  • Operating, Supervising of Equipment performance, Shutdown and Start-up Operations in accordance with Safety Standards.
  • Overseeing other Duties handled by subordinates and

Carrying out other jobs assigned by Site Manager/Partners.