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Drilling supervisor / company man 3 000 000
Job Type: Full-Time


From 0 to 2003
 Mechanical Engineering from NED University of Engineering Karachi.
No added languages


Drilling Supervisor
Working with Marine Driller – 1 offshore Super M2 Jack-up Cyber Base Rig-TSC2000 with Selective Marine Services as a Drilling Supervisor from Feb 2011 to till now.
February 2011 - Present Day (6 years 6 months)

 Control all Drilling Operations and other interrelated activities being

 during his shift in a safe and efficient manner.

 Ensure the Drilling Operations are carried out as defined in the approved Operators Instructions and Drilling Programmed, and the operation is executed in accordance with Stenas Drilling Operation manual and RSWMs. Report directly to the Senior Toolpusher any deviations from approved Operators Instructions or Drilling programme. Manage and monitor the execution of the Planned Maintenance System within the Drilling Department. Ensuring that all maintenance carried out on drilling equipment has been entered into the TAG system. Maintain the tubular inventory. Prepare Drilling Reports. Check instructions, programmes and calculations supplied by Operator. Provide relief for the Driller as required. Supervise the running and retrieving of all subsea equipment. Advise the Senior Toolpusher of any impending downtime. Ensure Drillers are familiar with space-out and shut-in procedure. Check the accuracy of kick sheets and monitor trip sheets.

 Actively promote the STOP system and the PTW system and ensure full participation by the Drilling Department in both.

 Ensure the contents of the Operator's Instructions and the Drilling Programme do not contradict Stena's H S &E Policies and Procedures.

 Responsible for participation in and commitment to operator Drilling's Dropped Object Procedure.

 Review and update Risk Assessments with crews on a regular basis when warranted and ensure the appropriate RA is reviewed prior to the commencement of each task. Update Risk Assessments and Rig Specific Work Methods and Procedures, following task completion where lessons learned can positively affect future similar operations

Drilling Supervisor
2.Worked with “Burgan Oil Company Well Drilling, Trading & Maintenance Kuwait as Sr. Tool Pusher and promoted as a Drilling supervisor from (31 Jan, 2009 to Feb 2011).
January 2009 - February 2011 (2 years 2 months)

 Cyber chair Amphion jack up Rig TSC.

 Cyber chair Amphion jack up Rig NOV,06th Generation

 New Friede & Goldman Super M2 Jack-up Cyber Rig-TSC2000

 AMPHION Integrated Drilling Control System, the Multi-Tool Control Cabinet

 AMPHION Touch screen HMI Features

 AMPHION Top Drive Features

 AMPHION Draw works Features

 AMPHION Mud Pump Features

 Draw works TSC Model D2330,Bare Drum 36*73”

 Top Drive Canrig 750 Ton

 Mud Pumps W.F 2000

 Simultaneous Pipe Handling system with knuckle boom Crane

 Auto Tubular Cabin

 Auto Mud Bucket

 Knuckle Boom

 HTV Horizontal To Vertical Arm & Rail machine

 Auto Cat Walk Machine

 Separate Mouse holes 02.

 Bridge Racker Crane on Derrick

 Auto Mud Solid Control system

 02 Auto Iron Rough Necks on Rig Floor Can Operate Local and Remote.

 Diesel Engine Caterpillar (CAT) 3516B.

 BOP 13 5/8 and 21 “,15k Stacks


Sr. Tool Pusher
Worked in LIBYA 15 March, 2006 to 22 Jan, 2009 with ETA STAR GROUP Drilling for Harouge/Petro Canada.
March 2006 - January 2009 (2 years 11 months)

 Over 11 years of experience in the drilling and (work over) onshore and offshore operations including Deep Exploratory/ Horizontal Multilateral/ Slim-hole wells.

 Carry out the daily drilling operations in safe manners & according to client’s requirements.

 Help in maintaining a good working relationship between Rig and Operator.

 Assist Drillers in delegating work for crew members and make sure it is carried out.

 Aware about rig and equipment and make sure it is maintained properly at all times.

 Assist Electricians and Mechanics if needed to work on equipment or perform preventive maintenance as required on Daily basis.

 Assist in making sure all paperwork is done on time and filled out properly.

 Personally responsible for crew and own safety and follow standards of HSE Policies and Procedures.

 Assist Rig Manager as needed about upcoming jobs.

 Provide Drillers and crewmembers help and guidance as needed.

 Make sure jobs being performed are carried out as safely and efficiently.

 Assist Rig Manager in the planning and preparation of upcoming jobs on rig.

 Participate and be involved in all safety meetings and drills.

 Work together with everyone on rig as a team.

 Always practice good leadership habits.

 Conducting or ensuring that monthly rig inspections are performed

 Immediate reporting of all accidents, incidents and near misses

 Ensure understanding of, and compliance with, Viking permit to work system

 Fully responsible for implementing client’s Envoirmental Policy relating to Safe handling of chemicals , Segregation & disposal of industrial & hazardous waste, Discharge of Fluids.

 Always keep an updated inventory of drilling spares to avoid down time on rig.

 Co-ordinate with client regarding operations.

 Material consumption monitoring and cost control without compromising required quality.

 Record Keeping Proper, prompt and complete reporting of operations.

 Positive attitude and readiness to change with changing priorities of the business.

 Daily updated the IADC, DDR, drills, inspections.

 Rig Building & Commissioning with third party certification. Also carried out up-gradation including installations of latest equipments

 Supervise/Manage preventive Maintenance system and ensure procedures and documentation.

 Monitor JSA and permit to work for all tasks.

 Close out daily work orders.

 Establish and maintain at all-time an “Electronic Handover Book” relief can quickly Get aware with the present situation and solution about faults.