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Electrical &instrumentation construction team lead 450 000
Job Type: Full-Time


From 0 to 1997
university of Ilorin
No added languages


Electrical and instrument construction team lead
igpes Power and gas ltd
September 2011 - Present Day (5 years 11 months)


 Construction project work - Mechanical completion, Pre-commissioning to handover in the area of Power Generation, Generators, transformer ,Cable Tray Installations/fabrication, cable termination/splicing, lightning protection, small power outlet, cable laying Termination HV/LV Switchboards, Earthing installation, inspections ,Heat tracing, Catholic Protection, Electrical Testing, Indoor and Outdoor lighting and substation Panel Installation.

Flare Ignition panel and JB installation, heater Panels, AC UPS DB installations


Installation of Fire and Gas Systems like Point gas detectors, Beacon(R&B),

MCPs, Sounders & Horns, ESD, flame &smoke detectors,

Instrument cable laying & termination from field JB to PAS Panel, SIS&

Marshaling cabinet and from Equipment to field JB

Instrument Junction Box support fabrication and installation.

 Secondary cable termination from Equipment to Junction box

Instrument Calibration both in the field and workshop

 Instrument tubing and fabrication

 Fabrication of instrument support for instrument mounting.

 Installation of instrument like transmitters,pressure Gauges,controllers,Indicators

Project management /control

Ability to use project Design Work pack to prepare project work schedule for Electrical and Instrumentation construction work to completion

 Ability to carry out construction work activities as a team leader

 Trouble Shooting / Fault Detection in Electrical and Instrumentation installations

 Materials inspections for construction and Receiving

 QA/QC Documentation

 E&I construction Procedures preparation

 Ability to prepare Material take off from a design work packet of a project

 Ability to prepare Electrical &Instrumentation work method statement and Job Hazard Analysis of a given Project for Permit to work

 E&I Construction Material inspection and also to prepare MTO from design work pack of a project.

Vendor /subcontractor Activities inspection (Ability to monitor, inspects & Reporting)

Electrical construction manager
Desicon Engineering ltd
February 2007 - September 2011 (4 years 7 months)

 Report to the Technical Manager and prepare work schedule for the project.

 Provide leadership to all construction personal, including Subcontractors, to ensure execution of the project scope of work and implementation of the Project HSE Plan and Quality Plan.

 Plan and coordinate the placement of key personnel and main equipment to meet the project requirements;

 Direct all operations and maintain discipline of labor force, ensuring that all work is undertaken in a safe and correct manner;

 Coordinate and control the erection activities of Subcontractor assigned;

 Prepare and update the detailed weekly schedules.

 Advise on the need for the mobilization and demobilization of personnel to meet project requirements.

 Review all direct and active indirect labor time-sheets;

 Maintain a close liaison with the Site QC Manager and the Site Safety Manager to prevent all safety and quality problems.

 Ensure the heath welfare and safety of all construction personal including Subcontractors working on the site.

 Ensure that all construction site safety rules and regulations are in place, particularly taking into account the controls and recovery actions required to reduce the risk and the effects of known hazards.

 Ensure that non-conformances identified during the construction of the works are kept under control and solved in accordance with the applicable procedure and to ensure the implementation of all necessary actions to prevent re-occurrence.

 Ensure that all machinery & equipment used on site comply with statutory and site regulations.

 Perform internal / external audits. Part with team to motivate others to achieve a common goal.

 Responsible for job evaluation.

 Interpretation of Construction Drawings and as built Production.

 Ensure that Construction Work are as to Specification of the Project.

 Co-ordination of QA/Qc Activities through the QA/QC Manager

 Involved in Project variation in Construction activities.

Electrical &Instrument QA/QC inspector
December 2005 - February 2007 (1 year 2 months)

 Supervision of Electrical& Instrument Work Activities

 Installations of Lightning Protection, Smoke, Fire and Gas Detectors System inspections

 Testing Of Electrical Installations like Cables, Switchgears, Panel, Electric Motors, Transformer , CT and VT etc

 Co-Ordination of HV Installation, Testing of Electrical Panel, Pre-commissioning and Commissioning.

 Also Responsible for Testing Of Lighting Installation Cables etc

 Interpretation of Instrument/ Electrical drawings for Construction worker as might be required

 Auditing of QA/QC Relevant Project Document like CTQ, ITP, QCP and Revision of Construction drawing with document control Dept. also Current/Voltage Injection test, ELCB tripping test, Lux test and Earthing Installation Test.

 Schedule Inspection of Installation with Client and Sign off Relevant Quality Control Document also with Client after the Inspection.

 Prepare Electric Circuit Folder and Instrument Loop Folder of the Project for the Company and also making sure that all relevant document like test result, As Built and Punch listing to Project Specification.

 Follow up Construction work also to make sure Installation are done Accordance with the Project Design. .

 Provides technical input to support Work Packs / Tie-Ins turnaround for live plant works.

 Review and Provides Technical response of Construction / Commissioning Query including determination of requirements for Client approval.

 Permit to work and Isolation Activities.

 Field Inspection of Electrical / Instrumentation Facilities.

 Testing and Commissioning Safety checks

 Energization and Ready for Start up.

 Oversee the timely availability and accuracy of as built documentation and Turn over systems