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Electrical / instrumentation technician 150 000
Job Type: Full-Time , open to relocation


From 0 to 2010
Don bosco traing institute
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Electrical, Instrument & Control Engineer
Netcodietsmann Oil & Gas Servicing Company Limited
December 2012 - Present Day (4 years 8 months)

  • Full daily F.L.M. Observation in Plant.
  • Daily Routine checks on Running & Standby Units across the Plant.
  • Maintenance of Instrument Air-Compressor.
  • Calibration of Pressure Gauges, Temperature Gauges, Control Valves and Smart Transmitters.
  • Calibration and Troubleshooting of Level Switches, Pressure Switches, Temperature Switches, Pressure safety Valves, Pressure relief valves, Safety relief Valves and Portable Gas Detectors (Multi Gas Detectors)
  • .Installation, Maintenance, Calibration, of Hydro Carbon Gas Sensors.
  • Reading Ladder Logic programs, Cause and effect diagrams, P&I Diagrams.
  • Instrument maintenance and repair (Valves, Transmitters e.t.c).
  • Plan and direct the regular checking and recording of various Flows, Levels, and Pressures & Temperatures to ensure they are within specified Operating limits, review abnormal readings and take corrective maintenance.
  • Carry out maintenance on all Electric Motors across Plant.
  • Co-ordinate Subcontracted discipline Engineering activities and controls subcontracted discipline Engineering.
  • Delta-V Software for Utility in DCS.
  • Proper Interpretation of P&ID.
  • Deploying DDT for logical faults troubleshooting on Generating sets.
  • Utilising Megger Device Tool.
  • Giving Training to Trainees on MCC.
  • Monthly facility inspection of IM Training Equipment.
  • Prepare Instrumentation Training Team performance reports.
  • IM Trainee Attendance, requested absence and Medical absence record.
  • Managing the IM Reference Library, CBT Training Library and any other Training Reference material, including recording item issuance and recovering non-returned items.
  • Full Observation of Operating Integrity (OI).
  • Liaised with Operations Team for smooth running of the Plant at all time on duty.
  • Carry out Preventive, Corrective & Opportunity Maintenances on Electric Circuit Breakers, Contactors & Switches on field & MCC.
  • Take charge of Operations in case emergency and contact emergency Team as soon as possible. (Give immense support in any case OSD)
  • Participate in major overhaul & shutdown by observing production and maintenance periods for system shutdown. Also ensure that Plants are safe for maintenance to be carried out.
  • Raising and validating PTWs in an effective manner that enhances proper Operations.
  • Good Knowledge of other Discipline functions e.g Operations, Inspection & Process e.t.c
  • Serve as a Technical Key role on ESD, DCS & PLC System Project design and provide support during Implementations.
  • Monitor and ensure proper functioning of ESD & Fire Systems. Initiate and ensure that Overrides to the Systems are properly implemented during PMs & CMs accompanished with appropriate PTW. Overrides are disabled by normalising the Systems on completion of work.
  • Work with EPCs (engineering, procurement and construction contractors) in the development of all engineering deliverables, related to instrumentation
  • Provide technical assistance during construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up
  • Supervise a safe and efficient Start-up, running & shutdown of various Process plant & equipments. Process Monitoring and report abnormalities.
  • Supervise and coordinate the efforts of the Contractors within instrumentation, ensuring that the Contractor performs diligently all his obligations under the contract.

HVAC /Assistance electrician
sterling oil exploration and energy production company limited
May 2011 - April 2012 (1 year )

· Putting of thunder Arrestor at the light Towers of the site

· Laying of three phase Cables from the control room to the high pressure pump motor

· fixing of search light around the tank farm area of the site

· checking the generator battery gravity and quantity of acid weekly

· changing of bad florescent bulbs and choke around the site

· Checking the condition and temperature of some induction motors

· Preparing motor control panel and making of direct online starter panel

· Maintenance of all the air conditional by cleaning the filters and covers of the A.C and refilling of the compressor with gas.

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To be highly versatile, innovative, skillful member and attain peak professional competence and excellent at the job designation through team work as well as individualized and committed services of a well-structured organization striving with the existing staff towards the actualization of the cooperate goals.