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September 2009 - Present Day (7 years 11 months)

> Pre-commission and commissioning of 31 KM Street light, installation of 500/415KVA transformer (800A feeder pillar), 800KVA generator, transmission line testing, earthing and transformer testing. (Sept. 2009 – Dec, 2009) Duste, JigawaState.

>Installation of motor control center (MCC) panel starter, star delta type starter for centrifugal pumps 2900r/m 4” suction 3” outlet. Pabe Oil and gas. Agara Lagos State. (Jan. 2010 – June 2010)

> Commissioning and Installation of solar cells to energize traffic light operation. (Sept.,2010 - Nov., 2010) Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

> Pre-commission and commissioning/installation of LPG storage tank 50 tones 75,000 KG, construction of 3” pipe lines from storage tank to pump house, installation of 3”suction 3” outlet LPG pump and motor with MCC direct on line (DOL), 200KVA generator. Earthing of pumps, generator, and plant platform. (Nov. 2010 – May, 2011) Natcom gas, Mugboba Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

> Hybrid connection of power (grid) and solar power on UPS (synchronization) to energize traffic light operation. (Feb. 2011, - March 2011).BJ oil services Trans Amadi, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

> Design of 26.9KM street light, AutoCAD (April. 2011 – June 2011). Ubima project. Ikwerre LGA. Rivers State.

> Installation and Electrification of hydrant fire pump and bladder, calibration of positive displace meter liquid control 4” M40 450GPM 1700L/M, Installation, alignment, and coupling centrifuge pumps, pressure test of 6” pipe lines from vessel to tank farm, 4” pipe lines tank farm to pump house to gantry (Nov., 2011 – April, 2012) Mettle Oil and Gas depot, Calabar, Cross River State.

> Calibration of liquid control (LC) flow meters (6 numbers) 4” M40 450GPM 1700L/M, Cleaning, sand blasting and calibration of four tanks (22 million liters, (3) 12 million liters), Installation and replacement of 4” gate valves (gantry), 6” ball valves (Tank farm) – Oando depot Onne, Rivers State. (July – Sept., 2012).

> Construction of 3” pipe using reducer from 4” pipe to enable Installation of 3” suction and 3” outlet centrifugal self prime Johnson pumps with 2900r/m 10HP motor. Taraba Deport, Borokiri, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. (October 2012 – Nov., 2012)

> Supervision replacement of 2 numbers 2” gate valves and reconstruction of suction pipe line from storage tank to pump. Modak gas, Uyo Alkwa Ibom State. (Dec., 2012).