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Field Engineer 400 000
Job Type: Part-Time


From 0 to 2008
University Of Benin
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Field Engineer
Profluid Well Services
October 2009 - Present Day (7 years 9 months)
  • Presentation on completion work on paper (CWOP) for Total E&P USAN PROJECT (West Capella rig & Pacific Scirocco Rig).
  • Integration & Commissioning of filtration Unit on WEST CAPELLA RIG.
  • Integration &Commissioning of filtration Unit on PACIFIC SCIROCCO RIG.
  • Snr.Project Engineer on Total E&P operation in Pacific & West Capella Rigs (Usan project) for Profluid Well Services.
  • Snr. Project Engineer on Agip rigs (swamp & land rigs).
  • Coordinator of piping installation on Pacific Scirocco rig, for fluid flow.
  • Coordinator piping installation on West Capella rig, for fluid flow.
  • Technical presentation on all operational activities.
  • Completion fluid engineer & filtration on different oil rigs location, using KCL, CaCL2, NaCL, inhibited H2O, NaBr, ZnBr2, CaBr2, on completion phase.
  • Operation and repairing of VPL/DE 600 filter press, cartridge pod, and M-15 wooden pump of filtration unit.
  • Prepare end of well reports (EOWR) and operational cost estimate for each well.
  • Sound experience in open & cased hole completions.
  • Sound experience in work over Completion.
  • Experience in oil well drilling and completion fluid.
  • Operation of all twin filter filtration equipment.
  • Mechanical maintenance on all twin filter brine filtration equipments & wilden.
  • Mechanical maintenance on all wilden pumps of different sizes.
  • Knowledge of pre-qualification job bidding.
  • Experienced in completion program/procedure preparation.
  • Experienced in Completions operations, Sand control systems and applications.
  • Experienced in expandable screens, blanks and Hangers installations.
  • Experienced in stand alone screens installations.
  • Experienced in Gravel pack and Frac Pack tools installations.
  • Experienced in Gravel Pack and Frac Pack design and execution.
  • Experienced in well completions operations in deep offshore on a drill ship.
  • Experience in oil well Production, artificial lifting equipments, pump & SPC Cable.
Field Engineer
Sowsco Well Services
September 2007 - September 2009 (2 years 1 month)

Oil well cementing job on 13 3/8 surface casing, 9 5/8 intermediate casing and squeeze Cementing job.

  • Filtration Engineer on SHELL & CHEVRON locations.
  • Pressure Testing activity using cement triplex pump, for high pressure pump.
  • Knowledge on Wellhead maintenance.
  • Installation of Cameroon Control Unit (CCU) & the removal of flow line safety valve to maintain stable pressure on Wellhead maintenance job.
  • Installation & maintenance of Beam-box to regulate pressure on wellhead.
  • Installation of NRV to secures a flowing well, using lubricator.etc.
  • Maintenance job on a swivel joint, treating line and pop joint of high pressure line.
  • Knowledge of well completions and down hole tools.