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Field operations engineer 360 000
Job Type: Full-Time


From 0 to 2012
University Of Benin, Benin City
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Field Operations Engineer
Chesroc Nigeria Ltd, Port Harcourt
April 2004 - Present Day (13 years 3 months)

Company 1


Company: Chesroc Nigeria Limited, Port Harcourt

Position: Field Operations Engineer


Plan, Control and Supervise the safe and efficient operation and execution of all field activities as assigned. This includes;

  • Preparation of daily crude oil production and Gas injection /compressor report.
  • Prepare and ensure that team budgets and training objectives are set, communicated and achieved, including specific objective performance (S.O.P)
  • Assist in the preparation of department budget and its control
  • Collate and review the Field Operations Month End Report to client (i.e. the Executive Summary Report
  • Planning and controlling the safe and efficient operation of the process plant to meet the requirements and criteria set out in the Policies and procedures of our client; AMNI International Petroleum Development Company.
  • Administering of Chesroc Nigeria Limited procurement system i.e. the sound use of the following; (a). Job Control Forms (JCF’s) by the user department, (b). Requisition Purchase Order (RPO’s) and Purchase Authorization Request (PAR’s) for client’s approval to facilitate the quick purchase and delivery of the service materials
  • Ensure proper documentation of all certificates of re-certification of all certified safety equipment and vessels onboard Langley facility, in fulfilment of DPR requirement and in accordance to ISO stipulations
  • Safely meeting production and export targets as agreed by AMNI Petroleum Development Company within regulatory requirements.
  • The safe operations of the process plant in accordance with laid down design parameters (as built and modified)
  • Define template for key performance index (KPI) monitoring
  • Maintenance / servicing of Xmas tree, SSVs, and Process Control Valves
  • Piping/surface installations
  • Wellhead completion, inspection and integrity checks
  • Supervises the preparation of wells for well testing
  • Supervises well testing operations and ensures data is recorded and forwarded to concerned personnel.
  • Well testing, three phase separation and gathering of oil/gas/water
  • Ensure timely replenishment of items (Rig materials and consumables needed in offshore location) to avoid downtime via the Chesroc Nigeria Limited procurement system in conjunction with the field CAMMS system
  • Coordinating production to minimize downtime arising from planned maintenance and shutdown requirements
  • Maintaining / analyzing reports of production performance.
  • Gas injection monitoring /coordination on wells.
  • Performing regular inspection of production plant to ensure that clients standards are maintained, and also routinely inspecting operational activities within the process plant, to ensure compliance with safe working procedures and practices
  • Ensuring that personnel, including contractors, have adequate information to perform task and that control measures and safety requirements are strictly adhered to
  • Investigating and properly reporting any accident/ incident and non conformmities, and ensure that formal corrective measures are taken
  • Develop training matrix for all Langley personnel and follow through to a successful completion
  • Develop and communicate In-house training for offshore personnel
  • Ensure proper grooming of subordinates for a possible succession, this includes making sure that subordinates meets safety and emergency training requirements and are competent enough to carry out their duties
  • Maintenance of well control panels, Setting of PSH/L for automatic master valves (SSV) and wing actuator (SDV) for well production platform.
  • As an experience maintenance chief in the use of computer aided maintenance management (CAMM) in generating job control forms (JCF), ordering of parts and preparation of month End report. I have a good knowledge of surface production operations, i.e, 2-phase and 3-phase separations, water treatment system (Hydro cyclone and degasser) and in house training in process plant operation for sub-ordinates.
  • Process plant start-up and controlled shutdown procedures.
  • Lining up wells to process plant
  • General plant maintenance/ good house keeping

Company 2


Company: Chesroc Nigeria Limited, Port Harcourt 2004-2008

Position: Lead Production Operator


  • Assist the production team in the corrective and preventive maintenance of production facilities (Diaphragm pumps, Hydro-cyclones, valves, orifice meters, Barton’s recorders, 1st and 2nd stage separators, electrostatic heater treater, surge tank, stability tower, degasser, fuel gas scrubber etc.)
  • Laboratory analysis of production samples (API, BS&W, RVP, Pour point, Oil in water, Sand check, Salinity, Chloride, etc).
  • Ensure that export Oil and gas production targets are achieved at the required specifications by monitoring all process parameters and adjusting the relevant parameters as at when required.
  • Liaise with Process Shift Supervisor to start-up and shutdown equipment to meet Production targets.
  • Ensure proper recording of all relevant events, process data, changes to operating parameters, equipment data etc.
  • Communicate issues concerning production figures, downtime, and any other business having impacts on operations.
  • Monitor crude oil export pipeline via DCS and report significant changes to the Central Production Coordination Centre
  • Provide the Daily Production Report for Management.
  • Co-ordinate and execute well testing with respect to the proposed Test program
  • Monitor and record production Data; Initiates and ensures that overrides to the system are approved and appropriate work permits are issued.
  • Interpretation of P&ID and SAFE chart for effective plant maintenance
  • Conversant with ASME,API,ANSI and ASTM codes in process plant design
  • Ensures inspection and corrosion protection programs are implemented.
  • Pigging operations and liaises with pipeline maintenance personnel on pig launching, determines and controls pig speed and flow rate.
  • Supervises the collection of reliability data for various plants and participates in plant and equipment evaluation.
  • Ensures that equipment preparation and start up procedures are strictly followed.

Monitors the running of such equipment and reports anomalies as detected

  • Liaise with Production Operators on plant start-up /short-down, as well as individual equipment in a safe way and ensure that these are operated within the design limits.
  • Prior to any job execution, ensure that all equipment is safe to work on and that equipment isolation is in accordance with the stipulations in the Permit to Work (PTW) within area of responsibility.
  • Monitor equipment performance and initiate Work Requests (WR) for the appropriate maintenance discipline when necessary.
  • In association with instrument section carry out alarm and trip tests (ASD/ESD testing).

Ensure the ASD/ESD tests being performed on the target dates.

  • Gas injection monitoring /coordination on wells.
  • E-permit system and CAMMS administration for process plant maintenance.
  • Interpretation of P&ID and SAFE chart for effective plant maintenance.
  • Assist in the installation, commissioning and decommissioning of process plant and plant equipment.
  • Be aware of expenditure and costs (both in man-hours and materials) in order to identify opportunities for cost reductions, and bring them to supervisor’s attention in writing, giving details of scope for improvement
  • Maintain a daily handover log of significant events in area of responsibility and give a verbal handover to the on-coming production personnel at the end of each shift to ensure safe operation and continuity
  • Complete a detailed trip handover document and give a verbal handover to the oncoming production personnel at the end of each offshore trip.
  • Ensuring accurate data recording and reporting any deficiency
  • Maintain a high level of housekeeping.
  • Develop Operating Procedure guides (OPG) and keep it updated regularly, and always as the need arises
  • Groom subordinates, guide and motivate them in order to ensure the safe and efficient execution of the production operations and also to promote and enhance the company’s personnel succession plan.
  • Prepares a variety of daily and other periodic operations and activity reports, such as daily operations report, monthly environment and oil movement reports.
  • Participates in the analysis, design and planning for plant modifications.
  • Participates in the installation of new equipment and commissioning of projects
  • Monitoring of chemical injection such as Emulsion breaker, Corrosion inhibitors, Scale inhibitor, Water Clarifier etc into process stream
  • Take part in emergency and fire fighting exercise
  • Conduct regular operation and safety inspection / audits
  • Documentation of procedures
  • Mobile equipment utilization.

Company 3


National youth Services Corps (NYSC)


  • Assist the head of inspection and integrity Engineer in all documentation
  • Follow up material procurement
  • Monitor and supervise the flow of documents
  • Computerization and document retrieval and indexing systems as obtainable in the Oil and Gas facilities.
  • Document management
  • Ensures availability of required materials, tools and equipment.
  • Supervises and report work progress.
  • Prepares daily, weekly and progress/status reports

Company 4


Department: (PCW - PLN) Tunu Flow Station

Position: Trainee Engineer (Industrial Training)

  • Well head inspection
  • Taking Samples of flowing strings
  • Testing of wells
  • Bean up/down wells
  • Flushing / Pressure Testing of flow lines
  • Changing Daniel Orifice Plate as Required
  • Close and open strings as required
  • General maintenance of production facilities