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Finance Officer 300 000
Job Type: Full-Time , open to relocation


From 0 to 2004
Benue state Polytechnic, ugbokolo / ICAN
No added languages


Finance Assistant
September 2011 - Present Day (5 years 10 months)

 Preparing and posting of general Ledger in the accounting software.

 Records expenditures, income, and any other related transaction in the books of accounts.

 Prepares payment vouchers and corresponding checks.

 Prepares monthly bank reconciliation statement and balance sheet .

 Performs petty cash payments and periodically reconciles petty cash balances.

 Ensures that the books of accounts are up to dates at all times, orderly, well kept, and readily available for references and audit, when required.

 Ensures that government taxes are paid on time.

 Make all tax deductions from staff, consultants and vendors payments are carried out accordingly.

 Ensures that periodic inventory of fixed assets (property) of the company is conducted.

 Assists the Accountant and Administration Manager in the implementation of the internal control system and financial procedures manual of the company.

 Remittance of all statutory deductions to appropriate authorities.(FIRS)

 Timely payments' to all providers of products and services to PATHS2.

 -Financial arrangements for all project activities (including the Outreach team within and outside the states.

 Prepared cash forecast and cash request for the organization.

 Make photocopies of payment vouchers and other financial books at the end of the month to send to Bethesda for review.

Finance Officer
EU-INSIDE(European Union
January 2011 - September 2011 (9 months)

 Supervising and reviewing the field accountants financial reports for accuracy and timely submission to the project management unit(PMU) office.

 Regularly ensuring that the expenses of the project are on track towards achievement of the planned objectives.

 Ensuring that the project teams are complying with the donor regulations and meeting all reporting schedules and requirements.

 Recommends correctives and meeting the project requirements. .

 Produce monthly/quarterly/annual accounts for review by the accountant.

 Posting all financial transaction in to the accounting system.

 Preparation of all periodic returns for approval by the accountant on a timely schedule.

 Backstopping for the accountant in his absence.

 Preparation for the audit as required by the external auditors from time to time.

 Assist the Accountant and the Finance and Contracts Manager (FCM) to adopt the accounting software to the exact needs of the programme.

 Preparing the Bank reconciliation statement of the organization.

Make all the adjustments to the accounts as instructed by the accountant and authorized by FCM, and supported adequately.

Review of all the financial returns from CSOs, for accuracy and adequacy of the supporting documentation.

Updating PMU assets register and making sure that all assets are adequately and correctly marked.

 Work closely with Monitoring and Evaluation Manager (MEM) and FCM in compiling Programme Management Unit (PMU) reports as may be required from day to day.

 Perform tasks assigned by the Team Leader (TL), MEM, and FCM from time to time, relating to the financial management of the programme generally.

 Closes the finance department of EU-INSIDE at the end of the project.

Field assistant/Admin
EU-INSIDE (Eueopean Union)
April 2009 - December 2010 (1 year 9 months)

Field Accountant (Bauchi state field office)

 Submission of timely and accurate returns and adequate supporting documentation for the expenditure for all activities with the zone.

 Supporting the programme mentor with all logistics and accounting details of the programme with the zone.

 Prepare, code, and summarize all accounting transactions for all expenditure originating from the zonal office.

 Review returns from the Civil Society Organizations(CSOs) in the zone with a view to ensuring that all and necessary supporting documentation are attached to the vourchers..

 Preparing payrolls and Benefits to staff.

 Preparing the Bank reconciliation statement for the field office at the end of every month.

 Accounting returns before submission to the PMU.

 Balance and retire all advances given within a particular accounting period, and submit all the

 Supporting documentation to the PMU programme Accountant in agreed timelines.

 Code all expenditure for posting into the accounting system.

 Ensuring that all expenses are according to budget lines;

Prepare regular accounting reports for timely review.

 Make all approved adjustments to the accounts as instructed by the programme Accountant.

 Ensure adequate and acceptable supporting documentation for all accounting transactions are attached before they are submitted to the PMU.

 Ensure that the updating of the zonal office assets register and assets marking are adequately and correctly done.

 Be part of the team in actual review of financial returns from the funded organizations, and clearing of questioned expenditure.

 Perform tasks assigned by the mentor from time to time, relating to the financial management of the programme generally.

 Prepare budget for the geopolitical zone operations and support staff salary and advances.

 Evaluation of EU-INSIDE training and monitoring interventions in North East Geo-political Zone(GPZ).

 Single headedly Found EU-INSIDE field office Bauchi(North East GPZ).



 Review vouchers, invoices and other financial documents according to prescribed procedures in order to verify the accuracy and completeness of information record on them;

 Check for accuracy of computations;

 Instruct and assist the departmental accounts payable personnel in the accurate completeness financial documents;

 Verify vouchers for contractual payments;

 Assist in the performance of departmental or procedural audits

through supervision of compilation of information and thorough and fair review of specific accounts or accounting processes to identify and/or reconcile discrepancies;

 Checking the bank reconciliation statement;

 Carry out the stock count as well as engage in stock verification exercise from time to time;

 Process, sort, index, record, copy and file documents, records and reports;