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Fleet manager
Job Type: Full-Time


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October 2011 - Present Day (5 years 10 months)
  • Day to day coordination of the entire fleet, schedule drivers in order to meet up with organizations demand to achieve even distribution in all areas of business nationwide.
  • Monitor and direct the activities of mechanics and oversee the purchase of spare parts in order to achieve time efficiency and to ensure that only original parts are used during servicing and repairs at the best price.
  • Liaise with government officials such as Vehicle inspection officers (VIO), Police, FRSC and LASTMA to achieve good working relationship.
  • Manage the distribution network of Company’s sales vehicles in order to ensure there are no excesses or shortages in any of the branches nationwide.
  • Control and maintain company’s fleet data in order to ensure that renewal of vehicle documents such as vehicle license, road worthiness, insurance covers, Hackney permits, local government certificates and stickers are carried out at the appropriate time.
  • Organize and direct vehicle purchase and disposal to ensure that the right vehicles are purchased, and disposal are carried out at the right time to reduce cost of maintenance.
  • Monitor the activities of drivers nationwide, in terms of making good evaluation and assessment to be able to make recommendations for promotion, disciplinary actions and termination if necessary.
  • Conduct drivers training in areas of vehicle maintenance, traffic codes, safety, protocol and courtesy.
  • In-charge of recruiting drivers when needed.
  • Preparation of quarterly fleet budget and monthly presentation of fleet activities to the company’s Managing Director.
  • Coordinate the installation of safety and communication equipment such as Auto tracking devices, Speed and reverse alarms, Anti theft security locks and alarms.
  • In-charge of issuing drivers identity cards, uniforms and vehicle signs.
  • Monitor the distribution of goods nationwide in order to achieve even and timely distribution of goods putting into consideration the demand, roads and security provisions in all regions.
  • Management of Logbook for all company vehicles.
  • Management of company’s vehicle fuelling system by introducing Fuel Debit Cards and Fuel Vouchers as a better fuelling option which reduced company’s expenditure on fuel by over 35 percent.


  • Introduction of company identity with respect to Drivers’ uniforms and Identity cards.
  • Introduction of cashless vehicle fuelling system.
  • Introduction of Drivers’ waiting room. As such, controlling drivers’ excesses such as smoking and consumption of Alcoholic beverages and local gin.
  • Introduction of a system whereby garages/workshops owned by company’s vehicle sellers are responsible for servicing and repair of company vehicles in order to ensure prompt and quality services.
  • Actualization of credit facilities with Honda Place, Dana Motors, Hyundai Motors and Tata African Services in order to achieve time efficiency in vehicle repairs.
  • Introduction and effective management of Vehicle Tracking Devices. Thus, monitoring effectively drivers movement and fuel consumption and movement of company vehicles.
November 2006 - September 2011 (4 years 11 months)
  • Provide communication system by identifying needs, evaluating options, maintaining equipment and approving invoices.
  • Maintaining a safe and secure work environment and developing personal growth opportunities.
  • Accomplishing drivers result by communicating job expectations, planning, monitoring and appraising job results. Coaching, counseling and disciplining employees. Initiating, coordinating and enforcing system policies and procedures.
  • Successfully introduce, manage and actualize a car lease contract for the company with SPDC, a contract that increased the company’s annual profit by 350% between 2008 -2009.
  • Plan, organize and direct functions and activities related to the procurement of Company vehicles, servicing, maintenance, repairs, operations and depreciation in order to achieve cost effectiveness and operational efficiency.
  • Supervise, coordinate and manage a fleet of over 1200 cars and mini-truck on contract to SPDC in Port-Harcourt and Warri for over 3years, a contract covering over six stations.
  • Providing of historical references by developing filing and retrieval systems.
  • Achieves financial objectives by anticipating requirements, submitting information for budget preparation, scheduling expenditures and monitoring costs.
  • Ensure and organize Health, Safety and Environmental trainings for fleet drivers in order to achieve and meet up HSE requirements standard.
  • Assess and update Vehicle and personnel requirements such as Vehicle licenses, Driver’s license, Insurance, Certificates of road worthy, Radio license, Reverse alarm system, Automated Tracking Devices, anti-theft security system all meet up with vehicle demands in order to achieve efficiency.
  • Plan and manage preliminary budgets for repairs, maintenance and operation of vehicle fleet in order to achieve cost effectiveness.
  • Liaise with law enforcement officers such as the Police, Road safety officers, and Vehicle inspection officers in cases of accidents and prompt response in terms of repairs, recovery and movement of goods in cases of road-side breakdown.
  • Plan, coordinate and manage a vehicle repair chat in order to prevent breakdowns, reduce cost and achieve efficiency.
June 2005 - October 2006 (1 year 5 months)
  • Coordinates daily activities of the unit. Determines which information requires immediate attention of the executive, and delegates or refers other matters to various staff and departments. Attends meetings in the executive’s absence.
  • Brief supervisors regularly on matters related to the safety of the working environment and problems encountered and alert him/her to matters that may require his/her attention.
  • Prepare and control all invoices and receivables for signing.
  • Supervises, recruits and trains specialized and administrative support personnel; and assigns, reviews and evaluates their work.
  • Direct the employment and Assessment of company drivers.
  • Organize and direct drivers training in liaison with Training officers, Nigerian Police and FRSC.
  • Direct the procurement and delivery process of company vehicles.
  • Demonstrated the efficient skills and quality customer care to customers during business transactions.
  • Responsible for the procurement of supplies, maintenance of company equipment, inventory records including supervision of staff performing these functions.
  • Maintenance of company vehicles and equipment, procurement of spare parts and supervision of repair works by mechanics in order to ensure the use of original parts and to achieve time efficiency.
  • Engage In constructive relationship management with all levels of staff with a view to resolving critical operational issues
  • Coordinate travel logistics (including hotel reservations, booking airfare, and arranging local travel and transport) for staff, consultants, visitors and others.
  • Ensure a safe and clean working environment, for all staff through appropriate reporting of issues observed to maintenance or utility personnel.
  • Prepare Business and Accounting Procedure Manuals.
  • Direct the procurement of vehicle documents and control of data for the renewal of such documents as Vehicle License, Insurance covers, Road Worthiness certificates, Hackney permits, LGA papers and stickers etc.
  • Coordinate the installation and control of safety and security gadgets such as Auto tracking devices, Security alarms and demobilizers, Speed alarms, Reverse alarms, Communication radios etc.
  • Liaise with Banks & other statutory bodies for remittances.
  • Keep records and safeguard company’s asset & Cost Control.
  • Liaise with Human Resources in the selecting process of new employees
  • Annual Budget Plan, Cost Cutting & Control on overheads
February 2003 - May 2005 (2 years 4 months)
  • Assist with travel Logistics (including hotel reservations, booking airfare, and arranging local travel and transport) for staff, consultants, visitors and others.
  • Attend all Meetings with Clients.
  • Preparation of Bid Documents.
  • Responsible for the procurement of supplies, maintenance of company equipment, inventory records including supervision of staff performing these functions.
  • Engage in constructive relationship management with all levels of staff with a view to resolving critical operational issues.
  • Distribution and follow up on Mails, Materials and Documents etc.
  • Preparation of Bid Technical.
  • Preparation of Equipments for Pre-mobilization.
  • Participate in team initiatives and activities.
  • Supervision of Jobs with Client Companies such as SPDC.
  • Generate relevant reports promptly.
  • Follow-up on Payments.
  • Opening of new frontiers.
  • Public and Community Relations.
  • Ensure work schedules adherence by sub-contractors.
  • Participate in the implementation of all jobs.
  • Ensure prompt generation and compilation of relevant reports.
  • Act as a change agent in the implementation of new initiatives both within the business unit and companywide.
  • Ensure compliance with service standards.
  • Co-ordinate and monitor the activities at work sites.
  • Co-ordinate team meetings and feedback sessions.
February 2002 - January 2003 (1 year 1 month)
  • Participation in team activities.
  • Issuance of Receipts for all Payments made to the company.
  • Preparation of daily reports.
  • Update of Customers File.
  • Keeping records of Expenditure
  • Filing of all cabinet documents.