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Eapen V.
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G. M. projects (TGI group of companies)
Job Type: Full-Time


From 0 to 1991
Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, India.
From 0 to 2014
University of Wales Project Management MBA (Distance Learning)
No added languages


General Manager Projects
CHI Ltd.
June 2006 - Present Day (11 years 1 month)

As GM Projects, I am involved with the Group’s Infrastructural Projects.

I am responsible for all Construction Projects (Budgets/Work programs/ Approvals/Contracts/Payments/Execution / and Handover). In all projects, I also act as a liaison between Business Units.

Companies within the group are:

1. CHI Ltd – manufacture Juices/Milk drinks/Yogurt drinks.

2. CHI Snacks – manufacture Sausage bread rolls, Muffins, and Cakes.

3. CHI Farms Ltd – grows Chicken, slaughters and dresses for sales (6000

Birds per day), also prepares different types of sausages, and hamburgers.

Produce smoked Chicken and minced beef for retail consumption.

4. FMCG – TGI Ltd – manufacture various flavors of Tomato paste as well

as packaging of Herbs and Spices after value added blending for retail


5. Cormart Nig Ltd – blend chemicals and lubricants for conveying

equipment in the food industry. Manufacture & package detergents,

starch, and glue for retail consumption.

6. West African Cotton Co. Nig Ltd – Cotton ginning operations. Sesame

plant operations, Pesticides and Chemicals, as well as Fertilizer trading


7. ORC Food Processing Co. Ltd. – Trawler fishing, Shrimp Processing,

and Exports, Fish retail sales.

8. Master Marine Services Ltd. – Dry Dock repair facility and General

Welding and Fitting Workshop Operations.

9. Romson Oil Field Services Ltd. – Supplies and Engineering Services to

Oil Companies in the Oil Rich region of Nigeria.

10. Univision Nig Ltd. – An I.T. company selling Navision and Services to

companies in Nigeria. Provides MIS solutions for these companies. Also

gives its own group these services.

11. Engineering TGI – Provides the group with necessary Utilities(Steam,

Chilled water, Dry Air, Treated Water), Electricity, Automobile

maintenance support, Forklifts, Trucks, and Delivery van maintenance

support, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning maintenance support,

Electrical and Electronics maintenance support and Projects Engineering


Presently, reporting to the Technical Director who reports to the Group Managing Director. Major Projects completed so far in my 10 year run with the company are as follows:

1. Re-wiring of Group Head office.

2. Constructed New Utility Building and Transferred Utilities to make room

for Juice plant expansion.

3. Construction of New Building for Juice Concentration Plant, Meat

Processing Plant, and Concentrate / Chicken Cold room. (Including

equipment installation)

4. Construction of Production & Marketing Department’s offices (4 floors)

5. Addition of warehousing construction to enhance existing storage facilities.

6. Development of 3 hectares of virgin land into the following:

a. Modern Pharmaceutical Plant with WHO selection standard.

b. Modern Bakery with Tunnel Oven facility and GMP standards.

c. Gas Generator Power Plant for 6 megawatt plant capacity.

d. Meat Processing Plant with acid resistant floor tiling.

e. Cold Room Facilities for Increased Production needs.

f. Spice Factory where pre-blended spices are packed into retail sachets.

g. Custard Factory where pre- blended custard powder is packed.

h. Fuel Station including underground storage and dispensing unit.

i. Security offices, cloakroom, and toilets for all facilities above.

j. Office space with central air-conditioning and modern facilities for two

group companies.

k. Effluent Treatment Plant.

7. Construction of a Four storey Production Facility with Ground and First

Floor for production, and remaining top two floors for Offices for

remaining Group Companies. Facilities include:

a. Canteen & Kitchen.

b. Archive Room.

c. Toilets

d. Laboratories.

e. Technical Stores.

f. Shelf life room.

g. Production floors have acid resistant special tiling, stainless steel

drains etc.

h. Machine installation also done with Stainless Steel fittings and Tetra-

pak equipment including Process, Filling and Packaging Equipment.

Layout planning and utility installations for all production equipment.

i. Two Goods lifts and two passenger lifts installed.

8. Warehouse Facility of 3450 square meters with loading docks, security

houses, mezzanine office, one retail shop with cold room facility.

9. Development of 10 hectares of virgin land into the following:

a. Slaughter house suitable for processing 10,000 chickens per day.

b. Glue factory.

c. Storage warehousing for 12000 square meter area – with loading bays

and docks. Mezzanine offices to support storage facility.

d. Gates and security buildings including CCTV installations.

e. Toilets for common facilities.

f. Utility building and equipments to suit – Generators/Chillers/Air-

Compressors/Water Treatment Plant.

g. Weighbridge Installation.

h. Juice concentration plant.

i. Blast Freezer Installation and Cold room Construction for frozen goods


j. Effluent Treatment Plant.

10. Transfer of Complete Jetty Operations (Trawlers Operation) from one

part of the Jetty to another location.

11. Transfer of Complete Dry Dock Operations from one part of the Apapa

Port to another part of the Port where rented space was available.

12. Construction of Sesame Processing (De-hulling, and Sorting for exports)

along with Boiler, Generator house and supporting Warehouses, Car

park and External Works including Effluent Treatment Plant.

13. Construction and handover of a 3000 square meter warehouse, fully equipped with

loading docks and dock levelers. Electrical shutter doors for warehouse. Set of offices

and a retail shop within the developed premises with standard corporate finishes.

14. Construction of an automated racking system for finished products. Material imported

– Structure consists of a steel frame of 22 meters height and having 11 levels of

storage. The electrical installations and lift installations for the storage system are

presently under “work in progress” status.

Chief Engineer
CHI Ltd.
March 2003 - June 2006 (3 years 4 months)

Day to day running of an engineering department which caters to the needs of the following:

1. Main office complex with about 160 persons.

2. Juice producing facility including TBA3, TBA8, TBA19, A-one, and Capri - sonne fruit drink’s packing machine. (Supportive engineering functions of utility, general engineering and project work for this facility)

3. Catfish farm breeding about 16000 fish per week. (Maintenance of water treatment plant, pumps and engineering support for the unit)

4. Chicken Poultry farm (Support engineering including projects and utility support for the farm premises located 100 km from urban factory location)

5. Chicken Slaughter House slaughtering about 4000 chicken per day in a 5 day week (Maintenance of machines, utility, project, and general engineering support for the unit, including blast freezer and cold room maintenance)

6. Bread Roll Bakery (Engineering support including utility, project and general engineering support)

7. Milk packaging unit (Maintenance of machines , utility and general engineering support for the unit – MICO-BOSCH packaging equipment)

8. Shrimp processing plant – Export quality shrimp grading machine maintenance and subsequent engineering support in blast freezer and cold room.

9. Administration and Control of a 50 person engineering department which comprises of the following departments:

a. General Workshop with welding, carpentry, plumbing, and general fitting / mechanic functions.

b. Refrigeration and Air-conditioning department.

c. Electrical department.

d. Electronics department.

e. Utility department.

f. Automobile & Vehicles department.

g. Projects department.

Factory Manager
Sunseed Nig. Plc
June 1996 - March 2003 (6 years 9 months)

Trained subordinate to take over ginnery to establish a second ginnery at different location in Nigeria.

Promoted to Factory Manager. Reporting to the Executive Director.

Was involved in purchase, refurbishing, shipping out from location bought (USA) of a complete ginning factory. Received on work site and erected and commissioned the ginnery in a period of five months.

The ginnery on arrival at Nigeria, was de-containerized, building prepared, and machinery erected under my sole supervision in a period of 5 months. The erection was done with local Nigerian contractors. The plant is a 424 saw plant, and is successfully running at 160 tones of seed cotton per day achieved.

Handled maintenance support functions in 1998, in our Oil mill. Support maintenance included setting up of Soya processing line, expansion of the preparatory section from 200 MT per day capacity to 300 MT per day capacity, and streamlining of engineering department.

Other support areas include vehicle maintenance, staff recruitments, engineering workshop, and stores at the Oil mill unit at Zaria. In charge of the maintenance of all weighing scales and bridges at Zaria as well as Yola.

Factory Manager for the Zaria ginnery with support functions for the Yola ginnery. Handling, Public relations, administration, and industrial relations for the unit also.

Gin Manager
Afcott Nig Plc.
February 1994 - June 1996 (2 years 4 months)

Promoted to Gin manager and taken over technical and operational administration of the ginnery. Budget preparations. Quality and material handling responsibilities included. Engineering stores. Residential utility services control.

As gin manager, responsibility increased from a production orientation, to overall management role, directly reporting to the general manager. Preparation of budget for the unit was my responsibility and monitoring of expenses with proper explanations for any deviations in expenditure were given on monthly basis. The portfolio included all quality parameters control, coordination with the market and team to ensure proper specifications of finished goods are met. Entire material ownership from time material reaches till it is delivered to customer lies with the gin manager. Codification and conversion of stores to new computerized package was done effectively. Coordination and ordering of industrial spare parts required for the ginnery and negotiating with the overseas suppliers. Arranging for finished goods to be dispatched and tracking until confirmation of receipt by the customer.

Utility services included making of a road to facilitate easy access to the base camp of the unit, developing gardens, hedges and trees for the camp at Yola , Adamawa State of Nigeria. The maintenance of two boreholes supplying industrial water for the Oil-mill plant, and residential areas. Ensuring that all problems like plumbing, electrical faults, roof repairs etc is carried out as required. Generator set maintenance for the factories and residential areas.

Supportive roles in the tractor maintenance of the Afcott farm tractor fleet, covering an area of about 4000 hectares. Movement and logistics of fuel, and maintenance crews for the same.

Gin Engineer
Afcott Nig Plc.
September 1991 - February 1994 (2 years 6 months)

Shop floor experience in ginning. Headed one shift of ginning for a period of two years. Responsible for one shift production, and assisted the Gin manager with documentation, stores, and engineering.

Responsibilities included all shop floor controls of labor and staff. Planning of maintenance activities and execution. Ensuring that proper documentation is carried out for all raw material receipts, storage documentation and stock level monitoring. All engineering stores codification, receipts, issues, and stock monitoring.