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Date of publication: 24 October 2014

HSE manager (700 000 naira per month)

Relocation: No
Chief Medic/QHSSE
  • Carry out assigned duties in a safe manner according to Company policies and procedures
  • Demonstrate commitment to Company QHSE policies through leadership and guidance
  • Coordinate the weekly safety meetings and attend pre-tour meetings as required. Organize records of weekly attendance for safety meetings
  • Perform weekly hygiene and safety inspections of all accommodation, toilets, public bathrooms, cabins, storerooms, etc. Report deficiencies to supervisor
  • Conduct regular inspection and servicing of eye wash stations and first aid kits
  • Participate in all emergency drills and respond to emergency situations as designated on station bill
  • Assist, participate in and conduct safety and medical training as assigned by the OIM
  • Closely monitor all aspects of health and hygiene in catering facilities including freezers and refrigerated food storage
  • Advise supervisors on occupational health, hygiene, nutrition and other related matters

Advise supervisors of the need for a medical emergency evacuation of injured/sick crewmember

  • Maintain strict confidentiality of all medical and clerical/administrative records under his/her care. Ensure that the data such as wages, employee addresses and telephone numbers are not released to unauthorized personnel
  • Liaise with local or international shore-based medical facilities as and when required
  • Incorporate the THINK planning process into all tasks, whether working alone or as part of a team
  • Participate in START Process
  • Call a Time Out for Safety (TOFS) whenever an unplanned hazard or a change in the expected results is observed

Operate and maintain the rig’ssic bay and other medically related equipment

  • Present and coordinate medical clearance health orientation session for all persons arriving on the rig for the first time
  • Provide trauma and medical care to injured and sick crew members
  • Maintain accurate medical records of personnel onboard; i.e. blood group, allergies, medical history, etc. Ensure that records accompany personnel in the event of a medical evacuation
  • Ensure serviceability of all hospital and emergency medical equipment and take immediate steps to rectify any deficiencies
  • Ensure good record keeping of medication and materials; check expiry dates and prepare requisition when required
  • Maintain accurate records of controlled/dangerous drugs; ensure the security of these drugs and submit updated record to the OIM on a monthly basis
  • Ensure cleanliness and housekeeping of hospital and associated areas
  • Advise supervisors and department heads on injuries and sicknesses involving members of their departments

Plan, coordinate and implement issues and directives within the organization. Ensuring safe environmental working conditions for all employees.

Working to prevent accidents, infections, injuries and property loss due to natural causes or

daily life circumstances.


The accountabilities of this role include, but are not limited to:

- Act as a change agent in the transition to a Zero Injury/Occupational Illness culture.

- Provide leadership and mentorship to Safety Advisors and Environmental Specialists.

- Regularly travel to project sites to monitor compliance with Company and Client HS&E requirements.

- Conduct audits at project sites to assist Workers, Supervisors, Managers and Leadership in performing hazard assessments, workplace inspections, incident investigations, safe work plans and competency assessments.

- Development of HSE management systems, performance measures, and implementing the Forbes Bros. Ltd. HSE Business Plan.

- Collaborate with Workers, Supervisors, Managers and Subcontractors in identifying continual improvement opportunities.

- Lead or support: Health and Safety meetings, HSE training and orientations, root cause analysis, inspection, audits and corrective action initiatives.

- Working with our clients to comply with: Project Safety Plans, Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP), Corrective Actions, Hazard/Risk Registries, Corporate Protocols, and HSE Audits.

- Prepare HS&E performance reports based on leading and lagging indicators.

- Support WCB Ability Management processes.

2010 Petroleum Training Instititue,Effurun(,Environmental Engineering Technology.)
2002 Petroleum Training Institute(Industrial Safety and Environmental Engineering Technology)
1994 State School of Nursing Warri (Registered Nurse R.N)
2004 Institue of Occupational Health,Ibadan
2011 Institute of Safety Officer London
Additional Information

I am Udogwu Felix an HSE practitioner who has the Triangle qualification of HSE and hold a certificate of Quality Assurance and Quality Control. I have been working in the oil field for 17 years, during this period I have worked my way through a medical background and then into more HSE related roles including.

I have learnt my trade from the bottom up and can easily put myself in situations that the HSSEQ crew and upper management crisis and offer solutions and guidance where required and certainly know how to run a good efficient safety management in my department.

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