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HSE site REP. with 13+years experience 150 000
Job Type: Full-Time , open to relocation


From 1995 to 2001
Mechanical Engineering


August 2009 - Present Day (7 years 11 months)
  • Supervise pep-talk/Monthly HSE meeting
  • Write safety reports
  • Record incident on site
  • Conduct investigation on site and write report
  • Supervise drills on site
  • Conduct HSE audit and inspection on site
  • Supervise HSE statistics on site
  • Supervise premob activity
  • HIR Reporting
  • HSE Support service for Awoba AGG plant project
  • Ensure that HSE Site anomalies are identified, reported and followed
  • Ensure PTW is in place for all activities and control implementation of mitigation measures
  • PTW Administrator Duties which includes

1. Maintain list of all planned and active work sites

2. Request duly completed (PA and AHS) PTW, HOT and COLD (complimentary certificates include GAS TEST) from Port Harcourt 2-4 working days in advance

3. Complete the PTW with site specific information plus additional safety precautions

4. Ensure required attachments are complete, accurate and upto date.

5. Insert all required reference numbers : preceding PTW no, EXCV permit No, RAD permit No,

Gas Test forms, etc.

6. Ensure Blue and Yellow copies are filed correctly and not in error.

7. Obtain signatures of authorized AHSS, PH and Contractor Rep.

8. Ensure timely and proper handover between in-coming and out-going PHs

9. Retire and file PTW correctly

  • Liaise with Contractor HSE Personnel on Site
  • Ensure that mitigation measures from job Safety Analysis (JSA) are implemented and discussed prior start of activities
  • Provide HSE advices to construction supervisors and workers
  • Ensure Fire watch are present for all Hot works
  • Ensure that Daily Tool Box Talks are performed at Site by Contractor
  • Ensure that any activities on Site is covered by a Permit To Work
  • Ensure that all safety equipment on Site are available
  • Assist HSE superintendent during Emergencies
  • Ensure that requirements of JHA/JSA are fully implemented
  • Ensure that PPE rules are fully implemented on Site

Achievement: Successive completion of the following projects:

i. i. Nembe – Cawthorne Channel Trunk Line Replacement (NCTL)

ii. a. Construction of New Nembe Manifold

iii. b. Construction of New San Barth Manifold

iv. c. 44KM X 24” New Nembe MFD Pipeline - New San Barth MFD Pipeline

v. d. 4KM X 12” Nembe II MFD Pipeline – New Nembe MFD Pipeline

ii. Flushing, De-Oiling, Salvaging and Replacement of 12KM X 8” Belema Delivering Line

iii. Make-up Gas to Awoba AGG Plant

iv. Old NCTL Completion – De-oiling, Flushing / Demolition of Surface Facilities.

( Nembe to Tora, Tora to San Bartholomew, San Bartholomew to Krakrama, Krakrama to Cawthorne Channel)

a. De-oiling, Flushing of 24’’ Pipeline from Nembe – Tora and decommissioning

b. Demolition / Decommissioning of Nembe Main Manifold

c. Demolition / Decommissioning of Nembe Junction Manifold

d. Demolition / Decommissioning of Brass Creek Block Valve / Raiser

iii. Soku – New San Barth MFD Liquid Pipeline: (Ongoing)

a. 4.5KM X 10” Soku GP – New San Barth MFD Pipeline

b. 22KM X 12” Soku GP – New San Barth MFD Pipeline

c. Ekulama II & I Tie in to above (b) Pipeline

iv. Ekulama II – Soku GP AG Pipeline: (Ongoing)

a. 16.5KM X 18” Soku GP – Ekulama II Pipeline

vii. Soku FS – Soku GP AG Pipeline: (Ongoing)

a. 4.5KM X 10” Soku F/S – Soku GP Pipeline

Viii. 36” Forcados Terminal Water Disposal Line (WDL) Rehabilitation Project

a. Pre-Mob of Deep Sea going Vessels, Survey Equipment, Diving Equipment, Deep Sea going Derrick Lay barge and Dive Support Vessel (DSV) – Completed

b. Survey Verification of 36” Forcados Terminal Disposal Line(FWDL) – Completed

c. Diving Inspection of 36” Forcados Terminal Disposal Line(FWDL) - Completed

Jeph Kebbi International Limited (Oilfield Services, Dredging and Marine)
February 2009 - July 2009 (6 months)
  • Plan pep-talk/Bi-weekly HSE meeting
  • Write safety reports
  • Record incident on site
  • Conduct investigation on site and write report
  • Plan drills
  • Participate in access control management
  • Log in movement on site i.e. boat or personnel movement
  • Supervise the first aid unit
  • Conduct HSE audit on site
  • Prepare HSE statistics
Mawe services Limited
January 2008 - December 2008 (1 year 1 month)
  • Preparation of HSE-MS, Review of HSE policy
  • Quality control and HSE manual
  • Completion of HSE Requirements in Tender Bidding
  • Organize HSE Trainings and meetings for all staff
  • Audits and Inspection
  • Accident Investigation and Documentation
  • Provision of Proper Work Procedure and safe handling of Chemical (SHOC)
  • Adviser to the company on all HSE issues.
July 2006 - December 2007 (1 year 6 months)
  • Advise Management and Supervisor on HSE matters as necessary to the job being executed.
  • Give Pep – Talk or briefing to workers before any day job begins, highlight hazards associate with each job and necessary precautions required to curb them.
  • Ensure that workers wear necessary personal protective equipment.
  • Ensure that appropriate work permits are obtained from the client and all the precautions stipulated strictly observed.
  • Attend clients safety meetings and implement all related action points as they affect company’s operations. Update site HSE records viz incident, medical, visitors, unsafe acts condition and near misses.
  • Conduct fire drills on regular basis
  • Monthly report / weekly report
Tredin Technologies Limited (Engineering & Contracts).
February 2003 - June 2006 (3 years 5 months)
  • Ensuring prompt Execution of Work Orders as Related to site supervision on of project and Secretariat duties Related to the Job.
  • Supervise HSE-MS Activities
  • HSE Auditing & Training.
  • Attending HSE meetings and forum.
  • Supervising HSE projects.
  • Monitoring and Inspection of all work procedures to assess their level of conformance to HSE.
  • Surveillance visits of all work sites to ascertain their level of compliance.
  • Community Relations.

Additional information

1. Engr. Walter Egemba Project Manager Shell Petroleum Development Company, Nigeria Limited. Eastern Division,Port Harcourt Email: Mobile: +2348035201327 2. Engr. Akin Akerele Senior Project Engineer Shell Petroleum Development Company, Nigeria Limited. Eastern Division, Port Harcourt Email: Mobile: +2348037402820
Certificates, Courses, Trainings
1. NEBOSH (IGC) 2. IOSH MS December, 2011 3. Helicopter Under Water Escape Training (HUET) 4. HSE Inspector’s Training 5. HSE Inspector Refresher’s Training 6.OSHA Certificate in: 1.Introduction to Safety Management 2. Hazard Analysis and Control 3. Conducting a Job Hazard Analysis 4. Introduction to Ergonomics 5. Ergonomics Program Management 6. Personal Protective Equipment 7. Effective Accident Investigation 8. Hazard Communication Program 9. Effective Safety Committee Meetings 10. Safety Supervision And Leadership 11. Effective Safety Committee Operations 12. OSHA 300 Recordkeeping 13. Preventing Workplace Violence 14. Safety Management System Evaluation 15. Train The Safety Trainer 16. Electrical Safety Basics 17. Fall Protection Program 18. Confine Space Entry Program 19. Introduction to Occupational Safety and Health Training 20. Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout)
About Me
§ Organized, honest and experienced HSE Site Representative with thirteen years (13+ years) of experience working in a multi-skilled pipeline construction development environment (Oil and Gas) § An experienced proactive planner with a strong passion for meeting deadlines in delivery of tasks and targets § Works well under pressure and able to learn while on the job § Excellent team player capable of dealing with problems and situations with integrity and diplomacy utilizing active listening skills, decision making and sound judgement § Proficient use of Outlook and Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint § NEBOSH, IOSH And OSHA Certified. § Motivational HSE Trainer / Instructor