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HSE supervisor/ coordinator 250 000
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From 0 to 2004
Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka
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HSE Engineer
Alstom Nigeria Limited
May 2012 - Present Day (5 years 3 months)

Project: Major C- Inspection GT11 Afam VI Power Plant, Rivers State Nigeria.

Client: Shell Nigeria (SPDC)

· Supervises PTW application, Revalidation, Audit, and Execution as required by the client

· Conduct Training, Induction, and prepared daily Toolbox, LFI and disseminate SHELL 12 Life Saving Rules to the work force both foreign and locals

· General assessment of personnel, Materials, Equipment and Working environment

· Ensure compliance to client and Alstom HSE procedure and policy

· Ensure safety during Hot works, Confined space work, Rigging operation, Mechanical and Electrical work, Chemical cleaning, High Voltage test, and all other activities of the turbine C-Inspection (Major Maintenance)

· Ensure all Checklist are properly used, Track and Audited

· Report daily Hazard Identification Report (HIR) to the HSE Manager

· Inspect stores and equipments (lifting gears, machines, power tools, hand tools and electrical equipment and materials) for compliance to client and Alstom standard.

· Participate in all safety meetings both with client and contractors

· Coordinates drill exercise and ensure emergency plans are in place

· Advice management on onsite safety concerns

· Inspect and audit all safety devices on the site (plant and area of work)

· Ensuring that fire prevention/ protection and detection system are maintained and tested and proper records are kept

HSE Coordinator
Danahriq Group
March 2012 - May 2013 (1 year 3 months)

· Management of Houseboats, Barges and Boats for Chevron at RBK site

  • Development, implementation and continuing improvement of systems of work required by legislation, company Group standard and as dictated by client work scopes. E.g. Chevron CHESM, HSE Plan.
  • Conduct Safety Audit and submit analysis report to management and monitor adherence to Client and Group Standards.
  • Coordinate CASHES meetings and attend contractor HSE meetings as required by client.
  • Conduct HSE management site inspections, walkabout and management presence
  • Conduct investigation of incidents/accidents including near misses.
  • Implementation of clients and company programs Chevron Tenets of Operation and Shell 12 Life Saving Rules etc;
  • Collate BBS, UA/UC and HIR reports from sites and analyze and track.
  • Designed emergency responses procedure organizes drills
  • Participate in facilities inspection by the client and close out point out concerns.
  • Responsible to give daily, weekly, monthly safety reports and advice to the management.
  • Designed and developed good maintenance policies and program for the company facilities.
  • Monitor and ensure compliance both offshore and onshore through BBS, UA/UC,HIR reports, visits and general response etc.

· Advice management on offshore and onshore safety concerns

  • Conduct monthly emergency drills and inspection of safety equipments.
  • Training of the workforce, in house and outside training

n syst$r d and tested and proper records are kept

HSE Advisor
Point General Services Nigeria Limited
February 2011 - December 2011 (11 months)

· Responsible for development, implementation and maintaining effective safety program and ensure compliance to satisfy the requirement of clients and legislations.

· Prepare materials for safety training, re-training and Toolbox Talks, Safety Awareness Campaigns Exercise and Orientation (Induction) of employees.

· Investigate root causes of accidents and advice on proper corrective and preventive measure and report to the management.

· Collate and track all compliance checklist and site UA/UC reports.

· Co-ordinate monthly safety meeting with clients, contractor and internal

· Ensuring compliance to permit to work (PTW) system and methodology including revalidation and auditing, JHA, MS and other necessary document within the permit system.

· Initiates inspection and pre-mob of machines, equipment vehicles, tools and materials ensuring they are in good conditions prior to use.

· Communicate safety messages to the work force.

· Participate in consultative structure to promote usefulness and achieve no lost time injury. (LTI).

· Ensure project personnel are conversant with the specific HS&E Plan for the project.

· Co-ordinate drill exercises and Assist with the formulation of emergency procedures.

Advices on best work practice to ensure safety during activities ranging from: Chemical handling, Height work, Lifting operation, Hot works, Confined space work, NDT etc.

HSE Officer
Daewoo Engineering and Construction Ltd Project: Combined Circle Power Plant Project (CCPPP) Afam VI
April 2008 - December 2010 (2 years 9 months)

· Participated actively in the process of ensuring and enforcing general compliance to HSE policies, procedures, rules and regulations of the project that later become a model HSE site for Shell (SPDC) in Nigeria.

· Ensure strict safety compliance during Construction, Commissioning and Operation stages of combined circle power plant by Daewoo before hand over.

· Supervise and monitor the compliance to permit to work system and methodology from the permit application stage to the work execution stage through strict checks, audit reviews.

· Promote and ensure safe practices during operations / works ranging from: Hot Work, Height Work, Scaffolding, Fabrication Work, Rigging Operation, Excavation, Confined space work, Electrical and Mechanical Installation, Blasting And Painting, Cable Pulling, Erection And Installation Of Turbine Component etc

· Pre-mob and inspect machines and equipments.

· Involved in incident/accident investigation, evaluation, reporting and recording.

· Regularly inspection of safety devices and fire fighting equipment.

· Recognize/ identify hazard in a work place through HIR, UA/UC and close-out.

· Ensure safe work practices and compliance to safety standards and procedures

· Instruct during Safety Training, and conduct Safety Briefing, Tool Box Talk and Induction Exercise

· Co-ordinate and carried out drills, evacuation exercise and educates work force on emergency procedures.

· Monitor and ensure compliance during high risk operation e.g. confined space work, scaffold erection and dismantling, electrical live panel operation, NDT test, Hot works, Deep excavations, Rigging, Voltage test, Erection and Installation of large turbine components, Installation and test running of machines and chemical cleaning etc.

· Conduct gas test before and during confined space work

· Filling and inspection of all checklist for equipments, stores, work environment, safety and management walkabout and other facilities

HSE Officer
Corrosion Engineering Services Ltd - Post EIA Sea bed survey for Mobil Producing Nig.
September 2006 - February 2008 (1 year 5 months)

· Ensure safety during Sea Bed Survey Exercise (offshore) for Post Environmental Impact Assessment (Post EIA) in MPN offshore locations (e.g. Edop C, Oso, Assa, Awawa etc) in line with the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) and Federal Environmental Protection Agency (FEPA) with strict compliance to environmental laws and regulations.

· Ensuring the use of appropriate PPE’S, also to ensure equipment, instrument, safety devices and working tools are in good condition.

· Assess and evaluate work procedures, unsafe act and condition to identify potential hazards and eliminate them or ensure that adequate control measures are in place

· Conduct induction, safety briefing and toolbox prior to commencement of work.

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