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Head- Procurement and Supply Chain 400 000
Job Type: Full-Time , open to relocation


From 2013 to 2015
University of SouthWales
MSc.Supply Chain and Logistics Mgt
From 2009 to 2010
PGD.Logistics and Supply Mgt
From 1997 to 2002
English Fluently


Head- Supply Chain
Afrobeverages and Distillers Limited
February 2014 - Present Day (3 years 6 months)
• Establish and implement the Company’s procurement policies and lead setups that ensure right structures, process and systems in other to deliver business objectives. • Buying competitively (by keeping abreast of the forces of supply and demand that regulate prices and availability of materials) and wisely (constant search for better values that yield the best combination of price, quality and service. • Establish procurement strategy and sourcing strategy for different spend categories -capital goods, raw and packaging materials & engineering spares parts, consumables, IT hardware as well as all Service Contracts with the different third-parties providers such as Marketing agencies, Logistics TPL, Maintenance companies etc. • Design and Implement a material planning and replenishment model for procurement of raw and packaging materials, Maintenance, Repair and Operating Materials (MRO) and Spare parts ordering. • Ensure all Stock levels are maintained at minimum agreed/contractual volumes • Proactively identify opportunities to increase sales effectiveness. Support continuous improvement of sales processes. • Work closely with sales management to inspect the quality of sales processes and priorities opportunities for improvement. • Assist sales management in understanding process bottlenecks and inconsistencies. • Analyze performance to budget, sales performance to target and investigate and highlight deviations from expected performance levels. • Develop and manage the Demand Planning function to generate accurate forecasts and ensure coordination between the Planning, Sales and the Distribution teams to ensure prompt adequate stocks and deliveries. • In charge for the achievement of key performance indicators in the field of supply chain costs, delivery dates and quality. • National distribution of company finished goods at company depots, High street, Supermarkets • Manage transport operations for the Group, tracking performance of 3PL service providers, • Transport/Route planning delivering optimum customer service at a cheap cost without impacting quality. • Review all existing SOP and implementing best practices with emphasis on quality, service and cost efficiency improvement. • Ensure that all SH&E standards are strictly adhered to as per GMP best practices. • Oversees the Import & Clearance activities and ensure efficient customs clearance including proper shipping documentation and scrutiny of service providers and freight forwarders for effective cost control.
August 2012 - Present Day (5 years 1 month)
Establish, implement and manage logistics strategies that move finished goods from contract producing companies and manufacturing LEXCEL member companies to Area offices and depots PAN Nigeria Manage the efficient receipt and dispatch of a wide range of Wines and Spirits. Organize all activities and assign jobs accordinglyto logistics and distribution staff Monitor the quality, quantity, cost and efficiency of transferring finished goods Maintain optimum product availabilityensuring no stock outs and no excess inventoryPAN Nigeria Manage space allocation from 3rd party Warehouse facilities ( MDS Logistics) ensuring optimum useof pallet space agreed. Relate with freight forwarders,Customs clearing agents,Government agents for efficient and prompt delivery of Import products. Oversee and manage transport infrastructure for the LEXCEL GROUP Take full responsibility for profit and loss with regards to the unit’s distribution and transport operations. Develop and manage systems to tracktrucks carrying finished goods and other materials in transit with a view of ensuring that these are delivered on time Sourcing, evaluating and developing 3PL transport providers according to company guidelines. Monitoring transporters’ performance in delivering efficient service. Develop annual Distribution budget and manage a system of controls to ensure that service levels and operational performance goals are met within prescribed cost, revenue and profit parameters. Develop Transport carriage budget and ensuring that operational cost is within forecast. Participate in Departmental Sales/Marketing review meetings.Reviewing dispatch( pack fill rate/order fill rate) and Supply issues Lead and manage the site logistics team, the company fleet and 3rd party providers to deliver safe, responsive, cost effective and reliable transport and stock control operations. Develop strategic and tactical plans and drive alignment of people, common processes, operational efficiencies, adequate controls, and systems leading to step change transformation .

January 2009 - December 2011 (3 years 1 month)
  • Manage and oversee operations in a distribution facility that holds on the average 1.6 billion Naira (₤ 6.2 million) worth of finished goods.
  • Manage the efficient receipt, storage and dispatch of a wide range of personal care, homecare and electrical electronics home appliances.
  • Organize all activities and assign jobs accordingly to staff
  • Setup layout and space management; work organization chart; procedures such as SOP, 5S
  • Manage stock control:receipt,storage,retrieval and timely delivery of goods; shipment loading and transferring; document recording and data entry into system
  • Planning, organizing and controlling of Warehouse overall operations
  • Constantly plan out all warehouse resources and activities in relation to company objectives and set targets
  • Make plans to develop staffs of warehouse by internal/on-job training
  • Ensure that workplace health and safety requirements are met and take responsibility for the security of building and stock
  • Maintain housekeeping of warehouse and surrounding area.
  • Issue inventory report, In/Out status report, dead stock report(goods with dying sales and/or no sales activity report), goods age report, manpower status report to Head of DC Operations.
  • Manage 3PL service provider activities with a view of ensuring that service agreements are adhered to.
  • Ensuring optimum use of trucks.
  • Develop annual DC forecast budget and manage a system of controls to ensure that service levels and operational performance goals are met within prescribed cost, revenue and profit parameters.
  • Develop Transport carriage budget and ensuring that operational cost is within forecast.
  • High level manpower and resource planning
  • Strategic performance management of overall warehouse /transport activity using a balanced score card.
  • Participate in Customer Supply process planning meetings. Reviewing critical supply constraints / problems ( distribution input
February 2007 - October 2009 (2 years 9 months)

using Distribution Requirement Planning model.(DRP)

  • Constantly improving Customer service levels by ensuring a demand driven replenishment while managing networking capital by keeping minimum required stocks at company depots.
  • Generate required confirmed delivery dates, progress chase/pursuit and ensure that stock is maintained at agreed levels required to buffer against sales/depot variability.
  • Calculation of Service Fill Rates (PFR/OFR) with reason analysis for meeting the company targets on a monthly basis
  • Monitor in transit customer orders with a view of ensuring that all orders are delivered in full and on time.
  • Monitor forecast accuracy , advising sales team significant changes in actual sales figures Vs forecasted figures .
  • Participate in Customer weekly production meeting advising critical FG stock outs, Business planning meeting ,reviewing forecast VS actual operation- Distribution inputs.
  • Generating weekly product distribution plans and transport plans for Distribution Center.
  • Co ordinate with Suppliers to meet all truck requirements .
  • Plan distribution for circa 1.8 million units of white goods and circa 1.5 million units brown goods annually while managing 300SKUs to supply appropriate product to over 26 different locations and 3 shopping Plazas.
  • Ensure efficient inventory control i.e. the flow of finished goods in line with requirements at depots, without excessive stock or stock outs in depots to maximize availability of working capital.
  • Analyze and update the planning parameters and related data within the planning systems.-MFG pro
  • Pioneered during implementation the planning function for Distribution resource planning (DRP) introduced in PZ in 2007.
  • Planned, scheduled and monitored the movement of customer orders from order creation to final delivery destination.
  • Serve as liaison between sales and operations teams to develop concepts and coordinate product knowledge; provides data analysis for production planning and volume studies; and participates in process/rating improvement efforts. Assists in developing logistics plans and procedures.
April 2004 - January 2007 (2 years 10 months)

  • Develop and maintain a rolling unit forecast at the SKU level and drive the entire forecastprocess for a strategic brand;
  • Define and establish monthly Inventory replenishment levels ( cycle stock plus safety stock) for all products at all company depots.
  • Protect the financial performance of the strategic business unit by identifying potential supply chain issues;
  • Lead monthly forecast review meetings with executives;
  • Advise sales and marketing of variances between existing forecasts, plans and actuals.
  • Designing and generating weekly and monthly statistical forecast reports
  • Continuously improving forecasting techniques, method, and approach
  • Relating and measuring the impact of forecast accuracy
  • Conduct current and future forecasting analysis, insuring forecasting processes and methods are followed.
  • Assemble and analyze all data pertinent to creating the sales forecast (historical sales, market trends, seasonality, promotions, and inventory levels).
  • Establish and utilize best methods (statistical models and software tools) in creating forecasts and respective inventory targets.
  • Make recommended adjustments to forecast and inventory targets based on changes in demand and market trends.
  • Lead forecast and inventory planning meetings with Marketing Managers, reviewing recommended sales forecasts and inventory goals (emphasis on brand transitions, new product introduction, and promotions).
  • Prepare, report, and communicate forecast and inventory measurements to management (forecast accuracy, inventory plan vs. actual).
  • Manage the planning process that includes generating a replenishment plan through MRP run to generate requisitions for purchasing department
  • Analyze raw material demand based on MRP messages and release purchase orders based on need
  • Establish correct re-orders points for raw materials and follow up with suppliers on late orders to determine issues and identify solutions.Expediting and relating with procurement department and suppliers for on time delivery of material.
  • Analyze action messages to optimize raw material and minimize freight charges
  • Provide procurement functions including issuing purchase orders, contracts, .

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Certification in Distribution and Logistics Mgt Certification in Project Mgt Certification in Advanced Excel Member, Chartered institute of Logistics and Transport(UK) Member, Chartered institute of Procurement and Supply(UK)
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An experienced and skilled professional offering solution in areas of strategic logistics and supply chain management with focus on delivering superior customer service, assuring competitive edge, process optimization and reduced cost of operation which impact organization's bottom line. I am an assertive Manager with outstanding interpersonal, communication, negotiation and people management skills.