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Head customer accounts /supply chain manager 200 000
Job Type: Full-Time , open to relocation


From 0 to 2008
The Certified Institute of Shipping, Abuja


Head Customer Accounts/Supply Chain Manager
LogistiQ Xpeditors Ltd(Nigeria Agent to Expeditors International)
February 2009 - Present Day (8 years 6 months)

Role: Procurement

  • Receiving request for tenders from clients and prepare quotes based on the tender request.
  • Receiving Purchase Orders(P.O)from clients based on approved quote sent.
  • Processing the P.O with suppliers and making sure it is delivered within given time frame to end user.
  • Sourcing of new and alternative material suppliers
  • Creating and enforcing a short turn-around time for processing of Requisition and Purchasing orders.
  • Ensuring that delivered products are inspected to conform with the specifications of the order


Role: Expediting

  • Expediting the delivery of shipments from point of origin to destination
  • Liaising with other departments on Upcoming Shipment include: Managing Expeditors DDU and DDP accounts.
  • Monitoring of the clearance of shipment with operations team till same is delivered to the final consignee with Proof of delivery (POD)..
  • Producing management and account performance reports to an agreed schedule or upon request.
  • Liaising with documentation units for the processing of FORM M and ensuring shipper is informed of relevant documentation requirement before shipment is forwarded to Nigeria.
  • Pre-shipment planning and advisory services to ensure that clients have all required import permits and the actual clearing and documentation processes.
  • Proactively identifying and resolving issues that may affect the agreed delivery schedule.
  • Successful implementation of supply management principles such as reduction in lead times.
  • Recommending optimal transportation modes, routing, equipment

Role: Service Delivery

  • Monitoring and supervising the activities of the service delivery department, taking strategic decisions on issues as on or before they arise
  • Developing and presenting periodical customer reviews to LX Global senior management.
  • Notifing Consignee and Follow-up with Clearing Details and Delivery.
  • Meeting with Customers and Transporters Regularly for Service Improvement.
  • Effectively monitoring the service delivery process, ensuring systems, methodologies and procedures are followed by other Service Delivery Managers.
  • Build and maintain client relationships by planned frequent visits to client sites for service delivery reviews, addressing issues of performance, quality of services, etc.
  • Ensuring customer specific policies and procedures are documented and available to the Operations & Finance team to allow for correct customer experience delivery.
Logistic/Customer Service Officer
Panalpina World Transport Nig. Ltd.
September 2002 - October 2008 (6 years 2 months)
  • Ensuring proper documentation and procedures were maintained in accordance with prevailing standards:

Prepared and reviewed Import Proforma Invoices for form M processing

Made sure the right tariffs were used for imports.

Prepared and reviewed form C-16 for import shipments.

Made sure document and shipment for export meets importing country’s regulations

  • Maintaining compliance measurements for import operation:

Processing Permits with appropriate agencies on behalf of Client: Standard Organization of Nigeria Conformity

Assessment Programme (SONCAP), National Agency for food drug administration and control (NAFDAC)

  • Auditing Import/Export files prior to mailing invoices to Customers.
  • Making sure all documents were logged:

Verifying all documents were in the appropriate files before archiving

Making sure electronic copy of documents were made to enable easy access

  • Ensuring cargo is processed through Customs timely and accurately:

Establishing and maintaining overall shipment delivery status report, highlighting any potential delays to Customer and proffering solution

Risk assessment Report (RAR) follow up and calculating duties based on RAR and payment with appropriate bank

  • Providing support for field Operations.
  • Booking necessary vessels for the export of shipment.
  • Providing best haulage for cargo within and outside city limits.
  • Assisting and answering customer inquiries and other related customer service functions.
  • Identifying possible delays and proffering solution and also resolving known problems/issues.
  • Providing shipping instructions to customer’s origin station before cargo was shipped.
  • Making sure appropriate tariffs were used in third party bills (SAFMARINE, MAERSKLINE, ETC) before processing for payment.
  • Ensuring computation and validation of Customs duties on all imports.