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Head of programmes 600 000
Job Type: Full-Time


From 0 to 2003
Benue State University, Makurdi
From 0 to 2000
University of Maiduguri
From 0 to 1992
School of Health Information Management, Maiduguri
From 0 to 1986
Government Seceondary School, Ushongo
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M&E/HMIS Consultant
Health Information System Programme, Nigeria
January 2013 - Present Day (4 years 7 months)
  • Providing technical input, oversight and capacity building to enable M&E organizations and individuals to generate relevant quality data, analyze them, and then use these data to improve program planning and decision making.
  • Providing expertise in data warehouse design, and integration of national and sub-national data sets, including efficient inventory management systems for health care delivery system.
  • Ensure high level of communication and close working relationships with the project team, project implementers, and other key stakeholders operating in the health care arena.
  • Providing field-based TA to strengthen capacity of national and sub-national organizations responsible for M&E.
  • Participation in working groups which seek to harmonize capacity
HMIS Advisor
Management Systems International
November 2012 - December 2012 (2 months)

The primary responsibilities of this position are aimed at providing technical input and oversight to the integration and use of data management information systems.

Specific duties are:

a). Provide HMIS technical assistance in primary health system requirements, analysis, design, specifications, supervision of development, piloting/testing, implementation and evaluation.

b). provide expertise in data warehouse design, and integration of primary health care and general health data sets, including, including efficient inventory management system for primary health care.

c). Evaluate and recommend selection and procurement of hardware and software in consultation with the provincial and district-level governmental entities in coordination with other project advisors such as the ICT Systems/Networking Specialist, Health Commodities Specialist, & Procurement Officer.

d). Supervise regional project ICT/HMIS Specialists to ensure high quality work plan implementation.

e). Ensure high level of communication and close working relationships with the project team, project implementers, and other key stakeholders operating in the primary health care IT arena.

f). Travel to the field to provide management oversight, capacity building and training, and on-going technical assistance.

Management Capacity Building Officer
Health Partners International
June 2012 - November 2012 (5 months)

General task:

Working with state and LGA level health authorities and partners in the state to strengthen management capacity in effective malaria prevention and control.

Specific tasks:

1. Working with the Country Office and State MAPS team to ensure the achievement of the key program outputs.

2. Establishment and maintenance of effective working relationships with:

a. All other members of the MAPS team at state level and specifically the capacity building team in the Country office;

b. Relevant officials in the State Ministry of Health, State PHCDA, SMCP, other parastatals and other key individuals in the government, particularly regarding management related capacity building initiatives in malaria control;

c. Relevant officials at LGA level, particularly regarding management and coordination related capacity building initiatives in malaria control;

d. Relevant representatives of other agencies at the state level (WHO, UNICEF etc), the private sector and civil society groups, NGOs and other malaria partners.

e. Relevant technical staff of other donor-funded projects in the state.

3. Implementation of management capacity-building activities in Kogi state related to malaria prevention and control, and ensuring:

a. Effective engagement of all stakeholders at state and local government levels

b. Facilitative process of drawing up, agreeing and reviewing program work-plans and budgets;

c. That the funding framework for program activities is set up;

d. Effective and efficient implementation agreed plans and activities with stakeholders as specified in workplans;

e. That terms of reference for short-term consultancy inputs are drawn and monitor all inputs that will guarantee adherence to the TORs; and

f. Proper co-ordination of activities and ensure that lessons learned are shared between the various program components and geographical areas.

4. Provision of support to state and LGA stakeholders and organizations to enable them play lead roles in planning and conducting supervision using hands-on, integrated and strategic targeting approaches.

5. Participation with state MAPS team in assessment of gaps in the malaria prevention and control at State level, and for health facilities which MAPS will support.

6. Building of the capacity of the State MoH in the planning and management of malaria program.

7. Provision of technical expertise at state level to the program regarding all issues related to capacity building for malaria prevention and control, and ensuring that work is co-ordinated, lessons are shared across the program and delivery is timely.

8. Ensuring that local procurement arrangements for MAPS program management capacity building activities meet USAID accounting requirements.

9. Coordination of all MAPS supported trainings; ensuring they meet standard (type & number of participants, modules used, facilitation methods, etc), attendance accurately reported and training report accurately written. Liaising with the MAPS’ Implementation Officer, BCC Officer and the M&E Officer to ensure training targets are met and figure trained accurately reported.

10. Any other duties assigned.

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist
John Snow Incorporation (JSI) Research and Training
August 2010 - June 2012 (1 year 10 months)
  • Ensure accurate and timely data entry, management, and analysis;
  • Facilitate data management training related to TSHIP activities;
  • Identify and provide ongoing capacity building and M&E support to partner and TSHIP technical project staff;
  • Work with the M&E Director to ensure timely submission of data from partners and from TSHIP technical team leads;
  • Assist in preparation of project reports;
  • Participate as necessary in community and facility surveys, including survey design, implementation, data entry, analysis, and report writing;
  • Assist the SMOH to develop and implement a feedback mechanism that will be followed up by dialogue between the service providing units and the supervisor; and
  • Other activities as negotiated with supervisor
Country Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist
Pathfinder International, Nigeria
May 2009 - August 2010 (1 year 4 months)
  • Ensure that sound M&E plans are fully developed and implemented for all Pathfinder Nigeria projects, including providing guidance as needed to project M&E staff to:
  • Select appropriate project indicators and data sources, design feasible M&E plans, and implement data collection and reporting systems
  • Develop individual and M&E Team work plans and training plans for local implementing partners as appropriate
  • Develop or adapt tools for data collection and design and implement project surveys and other data collection tasks
  • Plan for and select qualified consultants and critically assess consultant reports and other deliverables
  • Lead the development and/or implementation of an appropriate system for collecting and synthesizing monitoring and evaluation data from each project to enable the Country Office to collect and report on data related to all projects.
  • Design or adapt project/country performance monitoring database to report National and global indicator and performance indicator data quarterly to project managers, Country Representatives, and to Pathfinder headquarters
  • Institute regular use of performance monitoring data among project managers, Country Offices, and other relevant Pathfinder staff
  • Ensure that all donor and Pathfinder requirements related to project M&E are fulfilled in a timely manner
  • Supervise country M&E team members to:
  • Review quarterly reports from projects prior to submission to donors and headquarters
  • Manage production of all reporting requirements including quarterly and annual reports, research, technical reports, presentations, etc.
  • Develop or adapt and implement M&E guidelines for the Country Office and ensure that each project has similar guidelines tailored to their work
  • Provide overall guidance and manage all the M&E related efforts, communicating as needed with headquarters M&E and other staff
  • Provide and/or support M&E training for Pathfinder staff and grantees as appropriate
  • Develop M&E plans for proposals for future projects and/or review project proposals from the programmatic M&E perspective
  • Design methods and scopes of work for and take an active role in project and program reviews
  • Support field M&E staff to comply with data requirements for internal and external program reviews
  • Disseminate Pathfinder International monitoring and evaluation policy and standard procedures, as appropriate, and collaborate with M&E Unit staff at headquarters in development of organization-wide monitoring and evaluation guidelines
  • Develop M&E resources and tools for Pathfinder staff as appropriate.
  • Disseminate information on Pathfinder project and program evaluations through written reports, conference presentations and publications and assist project staff to do so
  • Build capacity of PI staff especially Project Managers on the use of data for decision making and performance improvements.
  • Be part of the Knowledge Management team that will vigorously work on sharing project learning and other resources from within and without for enhanced organizational effectiveness.
  • Perform other duties, as assigned.
Technical Programme Accompanier, Health Management Information System (HMIS)
Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD)
May 2008 - May 2009 (1 year 1 month)

 Capacity Building and Accompaniment of Partners

  • Development and strengthening of partners’ health management information systems, including training of partners in the setting up and use of appropriate systems.
  • Ongoing technical support and accompaniment of partners.
  • Organisation of learning and sharing sessions on examples of best practice on health management information systems, especially the use of health management information for improved management of PHC facilities and services.

 Design Planning and Delivery of Training Courses

  • Design, planning and delivery of training workshops on health management information systems.

 Monitoring and Reporting

  • Conduct regular monitoring visits to partners and complete a partner contact sheet at the end of every visit.
  • Provide detailed financial and narrative reports on capacity building and technical accompaniment of partners in accordance with the reporting schedules.
  • Assist the Programme Manager and Provincial Accompaniers with the development of performance and impact indicators for the Programme, and with the collation of health data for measuring the progress of the Programme.
Chief HMIS Officer/HOD
Federal Medical Centre, Makurdi
September 1999 - May 2008 (8 years 9 months)

 Coordination and centralization of all systems of records and reports relating to care of patients.

 Establishing and maintaining the procedure for control, storage and retrieval of Health Records.

 Provisions of acceptable methods of health and related data classification.

 Collection, collation, analysis, presentation and interpretation of statistics for administration, strategic planning, and management

 Performance of all Personnel functions for the department and the Medical centre as a whole, including training, supervision, monitoring and evaluation, and appraisal of all subordinate staffs.

 Initiation as well as participation in Research and Consultancy assignments including community mobilization/empowerment.

 Performance of professional/technical duties pertaining to Management Information Systems (MIS) including liaison with other relevant bodies and International