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Adekunle Jonathan
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Human resources manager
Job Type: Full-Time


From 0 to 2009
University of Lagos
No added languages


Group HR Manager
Saro AgroSciences Limited
April 2012 - April 2011 (10 months)


 Align and ensure adaptation of the company’s management style, culture and core values.

 Proposing policies and controls on Company’s Operations to the Executive Management for approval and adoption

 Guide management in managing and enhancing the company’s welfare conditions of employees to improve staff retention and commitment activities across the group and international businesses

 Provide mechanisms, systems and programs that ensure the precise alignment of employees’ objectives with that of the company’s.

Capacity Development

 Identify critical capacity gaps in the company and provide solutions and systems for closing these identified gaps

 Develop annual capacity improvement plans that are measurable for each year.

 Work with Capacity Development Manager to coordinate learning, performance measurement programs and other strategic initiatives that aim at improving the capacity needs of the company.

 Develop work – life balance initiatives for employees to enhance committed and motivated work force.

Policy Management

 Develop all Human Resources policies across the group.

 Ensure implementation of these policies across the group.

 Develop the HR procedure manual.

 Review HR processes to reflect practice.

 Generate feedbacks on the effectiveness of the company’s policies.

General Administration

 Coordinate general administration and associated support services to the entire group.

 Ensure cost efficient processes and expenses while proffering services.

 Develop strategy and ensure compliance on all general admin activities

Human Resources Manager
DN Meyer Plc
July 2011 - Present Day (6 years 1 month)

 Develop HR strategy to address identified capacity gap in the company.

 Develop policies and strategies for workforce planning; staff attraction and retention; and reward and recognition.

 Develop, implement and review senior management succession plan and advice on strategies to overcome identified gaps.

 Design learning and development programms across the organisation that will embrace a learning organisation philosophy and the investor in People standard.

 Ensure integrity and consistency of HR transactions across the business by providing exceptional professional excellence in operational and transactional activities to line managers.

 Develop tools to track important HR metrics attrition, recruitment, diversity etc in line with HR strategy.

 Review and suggest process improvement to support the business

 Support departmental heads and teams in Business delivery through enhancing their capability to deliver business objectives, manage their people, implement change and build relations with key stakeholders(internal and external).

 Provide HR insight (including employee and industrial relations) to bear on all people related issues (people capabilities, organisation, leadership and culture.).

 Attend to all industrial relations issues.

Asst. HR Manager
SC Johnson Wax Nigeria Limited
April 2008 - March 2010 (2 years 1 month)

 Coordinate/administer the performance management process.

 Collate and analyse training needs

 Draw-up/facilitate in-house training programme.

 Implement approved training programmes for staff and evaluate training impact on performance after three months of training completion.

 Recruitment, selection and placement in staff position.

 Ensure new staffs are properly integrated through structured induction programme.

 Drive the S/H/E co-ordinating role for health and environment including implementation of approved routine medical surveillance programmes and general improvement.

 Liaise with ITF for training approvals and re-imbursements.

 Coordinate the monthly divisional meeting for all divisions.

 Maintain and update employee records including enlistment for statutory staff schemes.

 Implement approved staff benefits/welfare schemes.

 Implement project “NOW THANKS” staff recognition scheme.

 Employee counselling and coaching.

 Represent the company in the annual remuneration survey conducted by GRS.

 Assist the HR Director in budget implementation.

 Liaises with company contractors and consultants.

 Ensure smooth execution of company’s policy on corporate responsibility.

 Ensure a conducive office environment

 Maintain all company assets/facilities and attending to all administrative issues.


  • Part of the team that won the Zonal best kept industrial premises award.
  • Successfully coordinated the Management Principle training in Nigeria in 2008.
  • Coordinated/facilitated in-house training for the factory workforce in January 2009.
  • Designed Training curriculum for the Product Supply and Sales Department.
  • Coordinated/facilitated in-house training for team leaders in October 2009.
Human Resources Manager
Consolidated Franchises Limited
August 2007 - April 2008 (9 months)

 Design and implement a competitive pay structure for the company.

 Design and implement welfare & benefit package in line with statutory laws.

 Ensure availability of manpower in the right quantity and quality as requested by each outlet.

 Maintain personnel records and generate personnel statistics.

 Draw-up and implement annual training and development programme.

 Facilitate in-house training programme for all outlets.

 Attend to Personnel issues in all outlets.

 Ensure staff conformity and compliance to company policies.

 Attend to industrial relations issue in-line with Nigeria labour law

 Design and implement performance management process.

 Advice management on matters relating to labour issue and human resource implication of any decision made.

 Coordinate the human resource activities of offices nation wide

 Report to the Chairman on issues bordering on the human resource.


  • Developed the performance management process for the organization.
  • Developed the company handbook.
  • Put in place a health care scheme for local staff and expatriates.
  • Developed a recruitment process.
  • Established staff pension scheme.
Human Resources Manager
Dana Services Limited
August 2006 - July 2007 (1 year 1 month)

 Maintain recruitment database, staff selection and placement.

 Maintain personnel records and generate personnel statistics.

 Salary/benefit administration and other payroll activities.

 Pension Scheme Administration.

 Draw-up and implement annual training and development programme.

 Facilitate in-house training programme.

 Ensure staff conformity and compliance to company policies.

 Attend to industrial relations issue in-line with Nigeria labour law

 Induction of new personnel.

 Staff performance management.

 Confirmation of staff when due.

 Advice management on matters relating to labour issue and human resource implication of any decision made.

 Coordinate payroll activities of all the outstation offices.

 Coordinate the human resources activities of all the outstation offices.


  • Developed the human resources manual for a new subsidiary (i.e. Dana Air)
Human Resources Officer
Overland Airways Limited
April 2004 - August 2006 (2 years 5 months)

 Maintain recruitment database/staff selection.

 Maintain personnel records and generate personnel statistics.

 Draw-up annual/periodic training programme and forward to management for review and approval.

 Ensure staff conformity and compliance with company policies.

 Regular update of personnel files and staff list

 Staff performance management.

 Confirm appointment of staff when due.

 Supervise timely dispatch of correspondence.

 Advice management on matters relating to staff issues.

 Design various human resources forms.

 Stand as liaison officer between expatriates staff and management.

 Interface with corporate affairs department to facilitate logistics on issues that relates to expatriates recruitment, training and vacation.

 Supervise all human resources activities.


  • Sets up a recruitment database
Personnel/Admin. Officer
Literamed Publications Limited
March 2003 - March 2004 (1 year 2 months)

 Maintain recruitment database

 Maintain personnel records and generate personnel statistics.

 Recruitment of factory operatives.

 Regular update of personnel files and staff list

 Supervise timely dispatch of correspondence