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IT security engineer 150 000
Job Type: Full-Time


From 0 to 2006
Yaba College of Technology
From 0 to 2011
From 0 to 2009
Trius Computer Institute
No added languages


IT Engineer
First Exploration & Petroleum Development Company Limited.
July 2012 - Present Day (5 years 1 month)

WORK EXPERIENCE: Intercellular Communication Company: 2003-2004

Installation of Max Cables and Antenna,

Configuring of Systems Manually.

BGEPNL: British Gas Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited

Supervisor Security / Risk and Transport (Control Room) 2008- 2012

Task Complexity within AOR:

General Security Operations

  • Follow and log daily BGN security operations nationwide
  • Provide crisis management support to the security Manager
  • Preparing of all Employees, Contractors, Visitors and Industrial Attaché’s Identity card
  • Supervise a Team of security personnel in my department, a team of eight Guards supervisors in all BGN locations and a Team of over 40 Guards.
  • Facilitate Control of Induction and procedure form for expert-rates and local staff who are just recruited into the organization
  • Liaising with Government Agencies during Crises/Investigation to enhance smooth operations between the company and Government bodies

Control Rooms

  • Ensure that Control Room staff and processes provide the security department with the highest standard of 24/7 coordination
  • Act as radio operator and Control Room computer operator
  • Take local, national and international travel information and distil into drivers & escort daily details
  • Provision of Transport Logistics to all employees both Expatriates and none expatriates during weekends
  • Supervise and facilitate Armed escort team in Lagos, Port-Harcourt and Abuja for the escorting of all BGN travelers
  • Supervise journey management and Travel tracking
  • Ensure that the correct Control Room communications equipment and software is installed, managed and maintained properly
  • Ensure that the control processes (such as log books, records, maps, files, databases and archives) are maintained to the BGN National template
  • Supervise surveillance operations (CCTV, alarms & Access Control)
  • Ensure that all Control Rooms are secure, restricted, neat, clean and present a professional image

Threat Information Management

  • Ensure that threat/vulnerability information (according to BGN guidelines) is collected, collated, analyzed and reported in a timely and effective manner.
  • Tracking of Vessels by getting daily and periodic report from the vessel captain and ascertain if there is security threat.
  • Collate and put up daily incident report which must be submitted to the Head of Security and Risk, Security Advisor and Security Coordinator
  • Conducting a weekly routine spot check within the whole company's assets both Offices and Residences and putting up a report.
  • Ensure that the management of such information enhances BGN’s operational security and is done in a way that is transparent, legal and acceptable to the national security institutions.
  • Organising of the Incident management team during incidents or crises posing as threat to the company’s asset.
  • Management of Distress, Emergencies, Crises and Incidents.
  • Gathering information within the state and country posing as threat or risk to the assets and pass out same information to all the assets via MessengeX SMS alert through the internet
  • Compile facts and conduct interviews in the investigation of all incidents/security breaches and threats.
  • Management of all employees contact details update which must be kept confidential to be used in times of crises.
  • Assisting the security coordinator in Implementing Emergency response and plan (ERP)

Capital Equipment Husbandry

  • Ensure that all fixed and mobile communications equipment is managed and maintained according to BGN directives

Ensure that all capital equipment received by the region is properly received, recorded, stored, secured, issued and maintained.

Management and Supervisory Complexity:

  • Supervise the security Control Room teams (staff and sub-contractors) in such a way as to build competencies, esprit de corps and loyalty.
  • Work in effective cooperation with professional colleagues, the other BGN units and departments
  • Ensure all security team members conform to standard working procedures


(SH&E) Safety Health and Environment, Access control, emergency preparedness, visitor identification soft ware,(OIMS) Operation Integrity Management System, Terrorism and Bomb Detection, CCTV Operation, General Security Control Room Management, Public Relations, Fire Safety Procedure, Radio Communication, Surveillance, Messengex, Corel Draw ID Cards Design, Security Investigation and Report Writing, Full First Aid Training,( AVRS ) Accident Victim Rescue Services, Operations and

Dawn Raid Procedures. Information Protection Security Management, PIDS Perimeter Intruder Device Security, Information Security Management, Confined Space Safety and Fleet Manager Soft ware User .