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IT/Network Admin
Job Type: Full-Time , open to relocation


From 0 to 2010


January 2015 - Present Day (2 years 6 months)

 Network management and troubleshooting for both LAN/WAN which includes managing wireless access points and cabled system, security intrusion management, firewall and access-list application, Device sharing.
 Planning, configuration, implementation and support for network infrastructure both in-house and branch offices across the world.
 Managing shared resources over VPN for company branches spread across the world.
 Manage IT Service help desk, providing alternative solutions and educating staff on computing methods.
 Managing VOIP/IP Telephony.
 Server Administration and database management using Windows server and Ubuntu Server, Microsoft SQL Server.
 Responsible for managing users on domain, passwords, setting up emails, designing and updating website and intranet, backup both locally and on cloud backup and also automated backup.
 Responsible for all centralized servers including Active Directory server, ERP server, Anti-Virus enterprise Server.
 Manage security systems like CCTV, Access door control, internet policing.
 Work in-line with the Business Technical Analyst & team to advice on IT related matters, communicate with relevant vendor, request for and compare quotes, negotiate to get pricing and make recommendations.
 Training of all staff on new procedures and relevant computing subject that broadens their knowledge.

December 2011 - December 2014 (3 years 1 month)

 Network management and backhaul troubleshooting.
 IP addresses management and assignment.
 Routing back holes to ensure network stability.
 Facilitate solution provision for network failures.
 Configuration of hardware devices (such as firewalls and routers, switches)
 Provide support for field engineers at BTS; test links to ensure no packet loss, maximum speed and no duplex mismatch, test radio frequency.
 Provide support for Installation and commissioning of new BTS also test new links to ensure no packet loss.
 Provisioning of links (p2p or fiber) for new enterprise customers including bandwidth and policy control, VPN configuration, assignment of public and private IP addresses, physical interfaces and Vlans etc.
 Setting up virtual servers for NMS, syslog, NTP, mail servers etc.
 Using software network monitoring tools like M2000, U2000, Zenoss, Cacti, PRTG, Nagios etc.
 Setting up NMS like Nagios, Cacti, PRTG, Google map API.
 Opening of CRM tickets to track and document resolution of faults.
 Communication with different management level of Colocation vendors and upstream providers. Backbone providers like (GLO, MainOne, MTN, VISAFONE), Fiber contractors, Huawei, CISCO; to ensure Internet backbone availability, power at BTS, optimized microwave performance, equipment servicing etc.
 Communicating with colo companies (HTN, HIS, Interkel, Mainone, SWAP,Swift managed site landlords) to ensure outages are resolved within SLA.
 Preparing daily analytical report on state of BTS/eNodeB.
 Managing databases and creating applications for supervising and monitoring network performance and operations.
 Designed and Developed program to analyze congested state of sectors in each BTS using PHPMYSQL