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Information technology manager 12 000 000
Job Type: Full-Time


From 0 to 2009
Arizona State University, Tempe Arizona
From 0 to 2001
California State University
No added languages


Information Technology Manager
Dicta Health Services Inc
June 2006 - September 2013 (7 years 3 months)

Responsible for the day-to-day operation of the IT Department.

Represent the department at all levels.

Analyze user requirements and advise developers on users need

Streamline processes for organizational effectiveness.

Align business and Information technology strategies.

Serve as a bridge between the technology department and all other departments.

Serve as Business Relationship Manager (BRM), interfacing with business units to identify needs

Translate business requirements into both functional and technical specification

Communicate business requirement effectively to technology department for proper development of new product or enhancing the existing.

Serve as internal consultant on technology matters.

Perform Business Process Outsourcing BPO when need be.

Follow up with postproduction support issues, and make sure end-users are satisfied.

Analyze and design computer systems to improve transaction process.

Conduct studies, document findings, and make recommendations.

Evaluate new software, and identify infrastructure needs to improve efficiency.

Recruit, supervise, and assist staff and volunteers in the delivery of services.

Consult with outside vendors for IT acquisitions.

Responsible for the application, administration, and coordination of all project grants.

Responsible for all collaborative activities to seek advice and counsel of other organizations working for common goals.

Responsible for compliance with local, state and federal regulations.

Develop, implement, and maintain National and Regional compliance policies and procedures

Perform risk assessment and mitigation activities and audits as related to compliance;

Monitor and keep board members abreast of regulatory issues, deficiencies, and potential problems that may have financial impact, communicate regulatory issues, deficiencies, and potential problems as they relate to possible financial impacts.

Facilitates multidisciplinary team conferences

Quality Assurance Manager
Salcare Services Inc
April 1996 - May 2006 (10 years 2 months)

Managed a team of 27 people providing guidance and assistance to keep the business running.

Responsible for the resolution of disputes and irregularities between Salcare, insurance organizations and the United States Medicare and Medicaid Program.

Conduct studies, document findings, and make recommendations.

Generate activity reports to help with infrastructure planning and staffing

Responsible for document management and monitor activities for compliance purposes.

Developed Corrective Action Plan CAP as requested by State Auditors, evaluating performance related to standards and ensure compliance with standards

Analyze and design computer systems to improve transaction processes

Train and provide end user support on various application packages

In charge of the Information Technology Department.

Provided input regarding proposed hardware and software additions and changes

Evaluate potential vendors and negotiate new contracts. Prepare RFP and receive invitation for bids, evaluate bids and make awards.