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April 2010 - Present Day (7 years 4 months)

Mud logging & MWD unit designing and building to zone 1 division 1 standard

  • Designing and installing of standard data acquisition system with intrinsic barrier Protection (16 to 32 analogue channels and 5 to 10 digital channels).
  • Designing of pressurization and purge circuits.
  • Internet networking cabling and hard ware installation on both LAN and WAN, Satellite dish installation and configuration.
  • Computer hardware and software installation and trouble shooting.
  • Electronic circuit designs and troubleshooting.
  • Design and construction of Depth Encoder (16-20 pulses per revolution) and signal interface.
  • Design of Interface circuit for proximity sensors used for stroke counters.
  • Electrical circuit installation and maintenance, domestic and industrial wiring on Hazardous worksite including electric motors installation, configurations, high volts transformer configuration and installation.
  • Rewinding of transformers and electric motors.
  • Process instrumentation designs and installation on Flow stations, refinery, oil rigs platforms and waste managements platforms
  • Installation of high pressure transducers, and all process instrumentation sensors, such as: flow sensors, tank volume sensors of various types and calibrations.
  • Design and manufactures of explosion proof monitoring station and other mechanical designs.
  • Installation and maintenance of both FID and TCD gas detection systems, calibration and analysis interpretation
  • Rig site formation sample analysis
  • Examination of drill cuttings for hydrocarbons.
  • Drill data monitoring and interpretation
  • Drill data acquisition sensor calibration
  • Interpretation of gammer ray resistivity log.
  • Consistently led a five- man logging crew in the rigging up of mud logging units to operational standards in both critical exploration and development wells.
May 2004 - March 2010 (5 years 11 months)

Consistently led a five- man logging crew in the rigging up of mud logging units to operational standards in both critical exploration and development wells

  • Supervised a team that developed standard operation procedure (SOP) for Sensor and gas system calibration.
  • Building of explosion proof rig floor monitor (computer) that is both internet and Serial based.
  • Actively participates in pre spud meetings making technical inputs with respect to rig site data transmission and third party data sharing and transmission in WITS formats
  • The use of i – direct software for V sat internet installation
  • Designing and installation of depth interface circuit and stroke counter de – counter digital circuit
  • Knowledge on measurement computerizing for engineering hardware and software installation configuration.
  • Good in gas detection system calibration especially SRI GAS SYSTEM, HYDROGEN FLAME CHROMOTOGRAPH SYSTEM
  • Design and installation of purge, smoke and combustible gas detection/automatic shut down system.
  • Good mud logging skills on well surveillance, format cuttings analysis and formation evaluation