Internal Controls Manager

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Dragnet is currently looking for an Internal Controls Manager, who will be responsible for the identification, monitoring and management of risks associated with its business activities. The individual will be expected to set up Dragnet’s risk management policies and procedures that will cover regulatory compliance, business processes/operations, legal, property, financial reporting and internal controls. The individual will guide each department in implementing procedures and controls to manage risks within its business.

The Internal Controls Manager works as a member of the Support Services Team, under the supervision of COO.

Primary Job Responsibilities:

  • To provide an independent, objective assessment of risk and evaluation of the effectiveness of internal operating and financial controls within the Company
  • To establish formal operating and strategic planning processes for Dragnet
  • To ensure annual budgeting and periodic reporting systems are in place for all Departments in a manner that allows the monitoring of progress against financial and operational performance targets and metrics
  • Provide guidelines and limits for approval of expenditures
  • Institute policies and procedures for the management of all financial risk
  • Ensure that adequate insurance cover is taken to mitigate risks that can’t be covered by internal policies

Other Tasks:

  • Obtain an understanding of the business operations through discussions with management and key members in all departments throughout the organization as a general work flow / process map.
  • Document each key process and sub-process in detail within accounting & financial reporting which includes but is not limited to revenue, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and the overall controls environment. Detailed process documentation should include flow charts as well as written narratives.
  • Document each key process and sub-process in detail within every department in the organization.
  • Develop process risk assessments based on discussions and understanding of overall operations.
  • Create and execute test plans quarterly that are designed to evaluate the design and effectiveness of internal controls as well as compliance with client policies and government regulations.
  • Test all internal controls processes and internal policies & procedures under Omnicom grant of authority and Interbrand employee handbooks applicable to each office/market.
  • Document the results of internal controls tests and evaluate whether controls are working as intended.
  • Process and analyze testing data and communicate all exceptions to management.
  • Where control deficiencies exist, develop risk mitigation and remediation plans and communicate the remediation plan with the responsible process owners. Work with local staff for implementation and training.
  • Identify any potential fraud, risks of fraud, or non-compliance of internal policies & procedures while performing assignments in all respective areas mentioned above

Required Skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, CIA (certified internal auditor) or CPA preferred but not required.
  • Minimum of 5+ years of accounting or auditing experience
  • Strong background with internal or external audit of internal controls
  • Proficient in the use of word processing and spreadsheet software
  • Good analytical skills and attention to detail
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Self-starter with ability to prioritize and organize work load
  • Ability to work independently with limited supervisory intervention on day to day basis
  • Ability to communicate with all levels of management.
  • Ability to maintain the highest standards of confidentiality
  • Relevant industry experience within technology sector is a plus
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