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The New LeadwayDirect (LD) approach is a distinct way of direct insurance branding with the aim of making valuable direct contact and connections with carefully targeted customers to both obtain immediate response and also build a lasting customer relationship in order to generate greater sales and raise awareness about brand name.For many businesses it’s by far the most cost effective form of marketing. It allows communication with customers on a one-on-one interactive basis, thereby allowing customers to be serviced with greater accuracy than any other method. It is an investment in additional channels to drive business growth from the hugely untapped retail market segment. It is a concept that allows isolation of prospects and customers as individuals and building a continuing relationship with them to their greater benefit and our greater profit. Its main advantages are : It is flexible and fast Creates good opportunities for easy feedback to be achieved Relatively cheap to operate compared to traditional models It ensures flexibility in obtaining quotes and easy completion of contracts and transactions (inclusive of claims and documentation). Building a long term relationship with targeted audience. Acquiring and retaining customer without use of intermediaries.