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Lloyd’s Register is unique. At its heart a charity, Lloyd’s Register Foundation, with a mission to protect life and property and advance transport and engineering education and research. And funding this is its operating arm, Lloyd’s Register Group Limited, a successful, profit-making business which relies on the skills, knowledge and experience of its employees.Our work helps to ensure that our clients’ assets and processes are safe, responsible and sustainable. We provide independent assurance and expert advice to companies operating high-risk, capital-intensive assets in the energy and transport sectors. Our business assurance services help companies manage their systems and risks across a wide range of areas from food safety to energy management.Our experts apply technical judgement and experience to ensure that relevant standards are met and that risks are recognised. They understand our clients’ businesses and the challenges they face so we can offer a service tailored to our clients’ needs. And the priority we place on research and development means we can lead and work on the latest innovations.