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Logistician 300 000
Job Type: Full-Time , open to relocation


• To develop a highly efficient management system for human and non human resources. • To enhance established knowledge based on resource management principles. • To boost productivity through self motivation, result oriented team playing, dynamic innovations etc • To enhance efficient administration through computerized data operations ( Windows 2000, Ms Word 2000, Ms Excel 2000, Ms access 2000) • To maximize efficiency in resource management via economic analytical tools. • To skillfully promote productivity through values gained from below listed on-the-job training, seminars, workshops and manpower development: I. Logistics Processes: Request processess and management, financial rules and logistics services task management II. Field Supply System (FSS); Introductory and advanced: Supply Chain, item management and technical and practical issues III. Communication Trainings: Internal and Operational Communications Techniques IV. First Aid Training V. Land Cruiser user training VI. Staff Integration training VII. Service/Future Edge: A Strategic Corporate Retreat For Management Personnel VIII. Sustaining Hospital Business through Excellent Customer Service Management.


From 1996 to 2000
University of Port Harcourt
Economics (Hons)
From 1987 to 1993
Ibedeni Secondary School
High School (S.S.C.E.)
From 1990 to 1996
Edeni Primary School
First School Leaving
English Fluently


International Committee of the Red Cross
May 2011 - Present Day (6 years 3 months)
Port Harcourt
Fleet Management:- • Manages over 10 drivers, 20 security guards, 2 boat captain(s) and mechanics daily administration, overtime and holidays on set guidelines • Manages and monitors vehicles, generating sets and ambulance boat technical conditions, maintenance/repairs. • Management, control and accountability of fuel supplies. Planning contingencies. Test fuel product quality assurance on density and water contamination checks. Systematic and periodic refueling of vehicles, generating sets and ambulance boat with fuel station register. • Documentation and filing of log books, checklists, report forms in vehicles, generating sets and boat files. • Vehicle accident administration via accident reporting. • Vehicles, generating sets and boat service maintenance via mileages/ running hours. • Faults maintenance and repairs via faults report form, weekly and monthly checklist administration. Procurement/Supply Chain/Field Supply System (FSS):- • Sourcing of quality products to meet the needs of requested departments. • Evaluates, selects and registers suppliers with fair selection process. Including artisans and professionals. • Stock management: Requisition Orders, Stock Requisitions, Purchasing Orders, Packing list, Waybill, Claim report, Entry form etc according to established criteria. Initiates, processes, validates and procures orders. • Collaborative planning with logistics customers (assistance departments) • Purchasing in accordance with set standards, auditable and fully transparent to the satisfaction of the requester/department.. • Execute good negotiations on purchasing and contractual matters with external interlocutors without compromising standard and quality. • Adherence to financial rules on contracts and order management. Liaises with Administration on financial issues. • Organizes trainings on FSS to both new and existing staff. Conducts briefings. • Initiates and implements procurement management policies. • Conducts markets surveys on products availability and prices Statistics/Data Reporting to Head of Structure and Log Coordinator:- • Fleet and assistance stock inventory management and control via stock and bin cards. • Updates, closure and filling of internal requisition orders and FSS ROs, POs, SRs, PLs, Waybills, Claim reports, Entry forms, • Reports on Monthly Stock Position (MSP), Key Logistics Indicators (KLI). Documentation of Requisition Orders, Stock Requisitions, Purchasing Orders, Packing list, Waybill, Claim report, Entry form etc. for donor audit requirement • Reports on fuel supply, fuel consumptions, mileages/running hours, repairs and maintenance. • Conducts End of year Stocks and Assets inventory. • Field trips assessment reports to both head of structure and LogCo Warehouses (Medical, Food and Non Food) and Transport Management:- • Stocks reception and dispatching with entry form, waybills, packing lists, claim reports. • Manages loading and off-loading of warehouse items to ensure proper handling and accountability. • Manages storage of stocks/items with pallets, shelves and cold chain according to PO number etc • Manages warehouse temperature. Monitoring and chart of temperature sheet for medical stocks. Sufficient opening for ventilation for non-medical stocks. • Ensured clean warehouse always, daily, weekly and monthly. Spraying of warehouse, treatment of surroundings and fumigation. • Ensured good warehouses key regulation for security reasons. • Manages both internal and external transport request and contract arrangements • Monitors all dispatched items, diplomatic pouch and personal effects to their final destinations. Support Activities: Security • Monitor visitors and vehicles movement log books with the security guards • Fire extinguishers always at serviceable status. • Security fence always functional • Security contracts closely monitored Administration • Periodic fumigation of premises • Visitors hotels bookings, pickups and drop offs • Conducts field trips to IDPs distribution sites • Conducts field trips of periodic assessment of rented boat for hard-to-reach riverine creeks operations
Logistics, Admin/Finance Manager.
Sonabel Medical Centre and International Committee of the Red Cross(ICRC)
August 2006 - May 2011 (4 years 10 months)
Port Harcourt
• Manages and procures request for drugs in collaboration with the Pharmacist to standards and set guidelines • Monitors drugs stock level to plan for replenishment. • Manages efficient storages of drugs under standard temperature. • Procures and take deliveries of fuel. Monitors fuel consumption to plan for contingencies. • Collaborates and plans for requisitions from other departments. (Pharmacy, Lab., Radiology and Canteen) • Coordination and mobilization of medical personnel to survey crews ( Foremen, Safety Officers, Surveyors etc). • Coordination and mobilization of medical personnel to site and mobile clinics at work places. • Coordination of managed health care services with Health Maintenance Organizations- Agents to National Health Insurance Scheme. • Coordination of utility workers for effective daily operations and administration. • Preparation of medical Tariff using the prevailing market rates. • Preparation of Proposal for Medical Retainership. • Collation of prescription/bill sheets and computerized computation of medical bills. • Submission of companies’ monthly medical bills. • Lodgments of Cash and Cheques into Bank accounts. • Updating corporate account sheets. • Supervision of corporate accounts to ensure prompt and accurate payment of bills. • Administration of in-coming and out-going mails. • Supervision to maintain clean and healthy working environment. • Manages and monitors vehicles, generating sets, ambulances and medical equipment to ensure continuous working condition via prompt repairs and maintenances. • Administration of staff welfare: Facilitate payment of allowances and emoluments for optimum productivity. • Enhanced and encouraged productivity through motivation to hard work, man power development and quality customer services through on-the-job staff training and orientations.

Additional information

1 Mr Oyan Michael Field Officer, ICRC 4b Ayaminima Lane, GRA Phase 2, PH 07038631817 2 SIR ENGR. C.O. ORUOSAH Roconi Company, No. 9 Danchi Obinna Close, Off Ohiamini Crescent, Off Psychiatric Hospital Road, Port Harcourt. 08076475954 3 IBIBI TIENABESO ESQ The Riviera Homes, 15 Ernest Ikoli Street, Old GRA,Port Harcourt. 080558556183 4 DR. MATHEW Daniels. Director Sight Care Consult, Agip Estate, Port Harcourt. 08033393730
Certificates, Courses, Trainings
1.FSLC 2. WAEC 3. Bsc(Hons) Economics 4. Diploma in Desktop Applications. On-The-Job Trainings with Certificates are: I. Logistics Processes Certificate by International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) II. Field Supply System (FSS) Certificate by International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) III. Communication Trainings Certificate by International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) IV. First Aid Training Certificate by International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) V. Land Cruiser user training Certificate by International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) VI. Staff Integration training Certificate by International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
About Me
Multi-task managerial skills. Proactive planning. Result oriented team player. Complex emergencies with high work pressure. Efficient managerial skills. Procedural approaches with organisation set rules.