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Maintenance/ quality engineer 297 000
Job Type: Full-Time


From 0 to 2002
Rivers State Polytechnic , Bori
No added languages


Instrumentation/Maintenance Supervisor
Engineering Automation Tech Ltd
January 2008 - Present Day (9 years 6 months)

1. Develop and deploy Calibration procedures for the calibration and Testing of all equipments in line with ISO 17025 and other international approved and recognized standards.

2. Maintain physical asset inventory and ensure integrity and validation of all instruments in the Instrument Laboratory.

3. Professionally managed all calibration and other related work interface inline with global team work practice.

4. Develop and forward for approval all EA Tech calibrations certificate format, tags and Labels.

5. Ensure that all instruments sent to EA Tech Instrument Laboratory are tested and calibrated to the required specifications and standard.

6. Ensure that project team has a clear understanding of contracts and applicable obligations

7. Ensure that all fluid delivered at site met the required standard and specifications.

8. Coordinate and preparation of project close out report.

9. Check all instrumentation works in order to maintain an acceptable quality level

10. Ensure that all maintenance work is carried out successfully with the approved procedures and Standard.

11. Analysis job Safety requirements and job hazard.

12. Carry Instruments/Eeuipment audits in line with quality management System

13. Perform job trainings and guidance for trainees/helpers.

14. Provide technical input to assist in development and project planning.

15. Provides technical support for the maintenance, operation, and troubleshooting of the plant's instrumentation systems and equipment, including low voltage electrical systems

16. Investigates instrumentation /Mechanical equipment failures and recommends actions to enhance system and equipment reliability.

17. Provides technical support for front-end development, cost estimation, design, construction, and startup for projects and change packages

18. Assists in the development of maintenance and operating procedures for equipments.

19. Serves as a technical resource to maintenance technicians

20. Maintains instrument networks/linkages with other plants and central engineering resources

21. Liaison with drilling fluids contractor

22. Preparing of daily, weekly and monthly reports

23. Perform additional responsibilities as my be requested by the Technical Services Manager