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Manager, risk management & OHS
Job Type: Full-Time


From 0 to 2010
University of New South Wales
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Manager, Risk Management & OHS
RichmondPRA Australia
September 2010 - Present Day (6 years 10 months)

Achievements in current role:

  • Development and Implementation of a comprehensive strategic and systematic Risk & OHS management framework for my company which is also branded “Safe People, Safe Systems and Safe Environments”; a framework which takes into cognisance the unique hazard profile of the workplace and uses this as a template for customising the generic risk and HSE management systems according to AS/NZS standards in order to deliver pragmatic health and safety solutions not just to our staff members but also to our clients. This involves doing a thorough and detailed process analysis, proffering controls to the perceived risks and monitoring the outcomes through objective audits whilst having a consistent root cause approach in order to achieve holistic management. (please refer to publications section further down);
  • Coordination of the staged implementation of the RichmondPRA Risk Management and OHS Strategies (using the systematic framework mentioned above) thereby ensuring the integration of risk and compliance obligations into existing practices, policies and procedures in order to meet the Australian standards, AS/NZS 4801:2001, AS/NZS 4804:2001, AS/NZS 31000:2010 and HB 266:2010
  • OHSMS Audits and ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Audits of all RichmondPRA factories and businesses.
  • Safety Site Inspections, Risk management and Safety Audits at over 22 RichmondPRA Residential Services.
  • The provision and continuous update of the RichmondPRA Strategic Risk Register;
  • The provision of customized Risk Matrices designed specifically for use as decision making tools allowing staff members to take timely and appropriate action in managing both hazards and incidents;
  • Development and implementation of a comprehensive Risk and OHS management assessment tool which is made up of measurable indices allowing for tracking and improvement of performance in these areas of management;
  • Risk & OHS management training and retraining of all Managers, Health and Safety representatives and staff members
  • Incident & Injury Management, Rehabilitation and Workers Compensation in cooperation with the Human Resources Coordination.
  • The facilitation of feedback systems such as the RichmondPRA electronic suggestion box in addition to feedback created via the interactive assessment processes;
  • The design, implementation and facilitation of usage of the new RichmondPRA Electronic Incident Reporting System and Database based on staff feedback thereby encouraging robust and seamless incident reporting. This electronic reporting system has become an effective tool for picking up trends, allowing for greater mitigation of risks and the development of a culture of vigilance;
  • The development and implementation of RichmondPRA Business Continuity Management framework and Disaster Recovery Plan using Australian Standards AS/NZS 5050:2010 and HB 221:2004;
  • The implementation, coordination and integration of the RichmondPRA Wellness Program into the Risk Management Framework, thereby creating buy-in from executive management and ultimately fostering an organizational culture of Wellness as opposed to just a wellness program. This was applauded as an innovative approach to Workplace Wellness at the Sydney Workplace Health Promotion Network Forum, July 2011 where I was a Member speaker;
  • Provision of consistent and regular training such as OHS Inductions, Risk management training and organising Fire Safety training for all Staff members;
  • Legislative updates of all relevant policies as well as procedural updates of all related processes;
  • Preparation of monthly Risk and OHS management reports for the Audit committee of the Board of Directors;

  • Convening the monthly Risk Management Committee meeting; a meeting which has now become a focal interactive forum for senior management to proactively come up with solutions to problems in various areas of operations as risk management spans across the entire organisation; this has engendered collaborative participation in problem solving at that level of the organisation; and
  • Finally, all these cumulating in a culture of collective mindfulness of safety and risks and the collaborative participation of staff members, clients, contractors and volunteers in risk mitigation.