Tartor Titus
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Marketing and administrative 180 500
Job Type: Full-Time


From 0 to 2005
Benue State University Makurdi,Benue State.
No added languages


Branch Manager
FBN Microfinance Bank LTD (A Subsidiary of FirstBank PLC )
June 2010 - Present Day (7 years 2 months)

FBN Microfinance Bank Ltd (A Subsidiary of First Bank PLC) 2013 Till Date

Grade Banking Officer III

Position Credit/ Senior Field Officer

Sector Banking

Functions 1. Develop and recommend for approval zonal development strategy.

2. Ensure implementation of approved business development strategy for the branch

3. Develop business plan (tactical and operational) for the various catchment areas / zones within the branch’s jurisdiction covering deposits, risk assets and profitability and submit same to the Branch Manager.

4. Implement the approved targets of the senior field and field officers and ensure that they are achieved (loan, deposit and profitability).

5. Supervise and motivate field officers for effective performance

6. Take necessary corrective measures to address adverse variance

in achievement of zonal targets

7. Ensure that the zone’s risk assets, loss ratios are within the approved threshold of the zone.

8. Ensure prompt resolution of external/internal exceptions for the zone.

9. Develop marketing plans for the zone and implement same upon approval by the Branch Manager.

10. Ensure customer retention within prescribed threshold.

11. Ensure that all loans booked by the zone are monitored and repaid on time / due date.

12. Ensure compliance with statutory regulations and internal policies.

13. Ensure that the branch does not incur statutory sanction.

14. Maintain consistent and quality customer service including turnaround time.

15. Ensure prompt rendition of returns to relevant stakeholders (internal).

16. Ensure that all accounts opened comply with KYC and KYB (Know Your customers’ Business).

17. Ensure regularization of documentation waivers (credit or operational

18. Ensure compliance with loan draw down conditions precedent as prescribed in the approval documents.

19. Ensure compliance to conditions subsequent to loan draw down where applicable.

20. Monitor past due credits and ensure recovery within time line stipulated.

21. Review all operative accounts attached to loans, to ensure prompt detection of the following anomalies:

- Diversion of sales proceeds

- Frequent cases of returned cheques

- Cases of Cheque kiting / account window dressing

- Non – compliance with agreed pricing terms

22. Develop close rapport with customers and other relevant parties in order to ensure customer retention and prompt detection of delinquency symptoms.

Key performance

Indicators *100% achievement of set targets –customer base

* Quality of loan portfolio

* Zero cases of regulatory infraction

Key attributes

· Attention to details.

· Performance under pressure

· Problem solving

· Leadership capabilities

· Interpersonal relationship

· Multi Disciplinary disposition

· High retentive memory

· Multi tasking disposition

· Satisfactory Customer Service Disposition

Key Competences

· Analytical Skills

· Accounting Skills

· Oral and written Communication Skills

· Conceptual Skills

1. Ensure Implementation of approved business development strategy

for the branch.

2. Ensure compliance with the marketing timetable as approved by the

Branch Manager.

3.Ensure resolution of credit documentation deficiency.

4.Recovery of all loans initiated by field officer.

5.Implement the approved targets for deposits and risk assets

and ensure that they are achieved.

6.Take necessary corrective measures to address adverse variance

In achievement of zonal targets

7.Ensure that the risk assets, loss ratios are within the approved

threshold of the zone.

8.Ensure customer retention within prescribed threshold.

9.Ensure that all loans booked are monitored and repaid on time/

due date.

Sales Representative
Nigeria Army Small Scale Drug Manaufacturing Unit (NASDMU LTD.)
September 2009 - June 2010 (10 months)

1.Company’s Sales Representatives

2.Reporting customer’s complaints to the management

3.Selling of company’s products (drugs) to wholesalers and Retailers.